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  1. Hmm, I don't think we posted how much! Doh! It's $260 per team nomination, for entire weekend. Fri-Sun. Each team will run as a 2 man on Saturday and a 3or 4 man Sunday.
  2. Hey all, thought I'd ping this list again in case someone is watching! :-) See: http://ausmcr.com/forum/index.php?/topic/162-endurance-event-sa-thunderbird-raceway/&page=2
  3. Thanks guys, I'll add to Australian Model Car Racers Forum.
  4. Hi All, SA Slotcars and Thunderbird Raceway are planning an event for the long weekend in June, 8-10th. We would love see this as a National Event with as much interstate Interest as possible. Since the event is "mostly" Slotworx Classes I thought this might be the best place to announce it. As proposed, the event is: 3 x 2 hour enduros on Saturday, Slotworx v8, GT3 Lexan, LMP OPAR 1 x 4 hour enduro on Sunday, Slotworx GT Cup Cars Racing is on the Brabham 6 lane track. Being the long weekend, most of us should have Monday to relax or catch up on chores! We still have some flexibility on the format and duration of the races. So, if you're interested and if you have some constructive suggestions, please let me know. We don't have final pricing yet but the intent is to be consistent with recent events elsewhere. Once we have a better idea on the interstate interest and numbers we will finalise the pricing. Regards,
  5. I didn't provide Werner with the lap counts as they get converted to points and added to concourse. I'll collate this info and provide it to Werner. I can say that Cameron had the most laps overall at 168, followed by Andrew S in Group B and Simon in Group A with 163. Peter, you got 160 laps which placed you third in group B _before_ concourse points. Mitch pipped you with concourse! So you get bragging rights on performance! :-)
  6. Good to see the site is back up! I've been posting APC results and photos on Facebook! I will put the full results up as well.
  7. Hi Rodney. You will be switching your motor leads. Regards
  8. To date we have seen 13 nominations. I thought the Mawson Lakes hotel had more bookings than that.... Guess it might be a short weekend...
  9. Hope everyone gets their entries in soon. At the moment we are wondering how many hand out motors we need!
  10. Cheers guys. Guess I'll have to look forward to the next one to have a drive. Any assistance welcome. I think we are ok generally, with local guys stepping up to help as well. I'm expecting at least 10 SA drivers, but not in all events. Please keep the positive chat going, and comment on the event in facebook if you haven't already.
  11. Hi All, glad a couple of people are talking about this event! It appears it has fallen to me be Race Director in lieu of Gary. Everyone else took one step back and I said "what?". Gary has agreed to provide what help he can, but wont be at the event. Unfortunately this means I can't race. I believe preparations are on schedule. Last I heard we don't have many "official" entries. I hope this doesn't mean having to apply late fees. Not a cheery way to greet people as they come through the door! It also makes it harder to prepare. It's 43 days till the Thursday practice that kicks off the event. Hope to see as many familiar faces (and new) as possible.
  12. So Werner, are you saying European racing has dropped the height to 1.1mm? I found the rules for the Nordic Championships this year and this chassis (8003) is excluded. However, their ground clearance rules are lot different! "The ground clearance at the start of every race is never less than 1.2 mm." However, I'm not sure why we need to do this unless we are hell bent on the car being RTR, which they aren't, because you have to change the wheels at least (not to mention the blue-printing!) I would like to see the new chassis being used. We aren't seeing substantially faster lap times but it makes sense they could go faster. They may allow the other bodies beside Viper to become competitive. It seems to me that maintaining 1.8mm is achievable. But it looks like 1.2 will align us with Overseas? However I have not seen evidence that they will use the 8003 chassis, so that seems a moot point. Why do we currently run 1.8mm when Overseas the cars are lower? I'd need the reason for why the rule exists to understand why we should change it. The 8003 can be set at 1.8 if that's where we want to stay.
  13. Further to this, I went on to take further measurements. The bearing holders on teh new chassis are indeed taller 13.48 mm. Whereas the trusty old ones are 12mm. So I swapped them. Guess what? Legal height, 1.8mm. "Ta-DA!"
  14. Jan has asked me to comment regarding the new Scaleauto chassis (am I cannon fodder?). I bought one of these to try quite a while ago and I posted a few photos on facebook. I'm happy to post them here, but to be honest I've not seen how to place an attachment in this forum. Perhaps I don't have permission? The Facebook item is here https://www.facebook.com/SASlotcarRacing/posts/1823713111240672 Jan has made mentioned issues with clearances and with adjusting for other bodies. The adjustment is in steps, whereas the old chassis can slide, so I can see the potential for issues. However does anyone run anything but a viper these days? That's an issue in itself... Initially I didn't see an issue with clearances till I measured.. - BA-BOW, thanks for playing. So yes, even with 26.4mm front tyres on my new chassis, the front of the chassis does not clear 1mm with the guide out of play. DOH! (Jan, you set me up! I am cannon fodder! ) So yes, that's a problem! Are we ready to workshop solutions yet? 1) Alternate bearing holders? 2) Larger tyres or rims will cause other issues 3) Back to 1), I'm out As for the chassis touching the track, a number of the other brands do this now under the right conditions, but this will go away when harder springs go in, and they will, IMHO. Certainly on the 2 Adelaide tracks soft suspension doesn't generally work. As we know this class has a starting height of 1.8 minimum but every other model we race, Slotworx, Plafit, OPAR are all 1 mm. If this were extended to ScaleAuto the problem "almost" goes away? What is happening with these chassis in their place of origin? Do they not care about ground clearance in Europe?
  15. Hi All, I gather a "bunch of people" have got together to play an April fools joke on us saying the "cost per race" is $30! As if anyone would say that without downloading the nomination form and reading it! That's just hilarious! Even going to the trouble of ringing Shane (who has nothing to do with the APC)! The nomination form says to contact me or the Raceway. The nomination fee is $30 for the entire 4 day event and includes all practice! The prices for each individual and team race are the same as last year. Nice one guys. You cheeky pranksters you - you know who you are! I need someone to put my ribs back together!
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