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  1. Some neat work there MD, looks great on the wall too
  2. They need it up at Bathurst to keep all those prictorians under control who invade the Mountain! S'pose if you are having a sporting event of any kind, and it draws a big crowd my guess is 80 - 90% would be from Victoria. We just love sports of all sorts, look at the Rugby Prelim crowds......more in Melb than in Sydney, & its a distraction sport down here! SR
  3. Shed Racer

    Slot It Cars

    Yep, I'd have to agree also. Thats one of the reasons I only have 2 Slot Its. Find most of the liveries a little bland, :( but this one (I think anyway) looks pretty good. SR
  4. I have bought cars from the UK, US & Europe & never had a problem with any of them. Pendle & MRC in the UK like Eno, & have found both to be of the highest integrity & usually pretty good price wise. In the US I have used Hotslots, GT Scale Models & Canada (Ebay) a fella that goes by the ebay name kerryvanderz. Picked up some rarities from a bloke in Holland, cant seem to find his shop link, but he also sells on ebay (roerslot) can be a bit pricey at times, just depends on how bad ya gotta have "that" car, but once you get to know him he offers some pretty good discounts. Mark (Slots NZ) put me on to him for some hard to find Vanquish Can Ams & I ended up picking up some other stuff as well (thanks Mark). Like the others, have only had 1 tragic experience on ebay & once again not slot related. Seems the slot community have a higher level of integrity than some of the other unscrupulous ebay vendors out there. SR
  5. Very dissappointed, pre ordered a jimmy myself. I will still take the Jeldwen, but think the JB #17 looked pretty damned good. When is the HRT VE supposed to be coming out, does anybody have their ear to the ground? SR
  6. Thanks for that Bathurst, your right with the cool stuff. Really liked the look of some of those bodies & the prices seem reasonable. Haven't been into building up cars from scratch, but there are some cars there I would like to have a shot at. Will contact them & see if I can get some of those Sprinters though, they look great. SR.
  7. Hey Bathurst, do this startline mob have a website? Been searching for em & cant find the place. :bday: Would love to get me some o them sprinters, they look cool. SR.
  8. Hey guys, haven't been around for a little while due to various reasons, but back I am. I'm the same as DE38, few lazy laps to check on where the cars at. Then depending on its purpose will pull it down for a quick oil, T & G etc. If its a planned racer (V32) will run it in on a little test box I've made, then mag out and run some more laps to work out where best to place some lead. If its gonna live on the shelf, just oil it up & run a few more slow laps, then back in the box she goes. SR.
  9. Hey Shodan, reckon I've had 3 or so Scaley Stangs with dud front wheels, either oval, or the axle hole is off centre in the rim. Under full noise, the things hop skip & jump themselves outta the slot.
  10. Mate I'd bring the boys along, think the missus would be happy with them knocking around with their dad. I may be late if I make it at all, gotta be at a photo studio in Waverly rd for family pics @ 11:30 so could be a struggle. Gonna prep some cars anyway. Gref, hope your missus is ok & nothin too serious. SR
  11. Definately the Capri for me, think it looks great, & as Phil said it has the nicer wheels. SR
  12. Hell, I thought we were running stock tyres Will have to rubber up before the next meet I reckon. SR
  13. betcha it's been hidden! (on purpose) 1pm is start time 1PM it is then, doesn't leave me much time to get the dogs stiches pulled out but will do my best, will have the lad with me & one of his mates. Kurts a better racer than me anyhow. C'mon Eno you gotta come so we can talk of our hatred for Vanquish Can Ams, I guess I could talk to myself, but it wouldn't be the same. SR
  14. Ooooh, them's fightin words!!! You're on!! Sounds like things are spicin' up. Should be a good day. Just wanna check guys, Freddy, whats the start time?
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