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    Win-Em Slot Car Centre

    A great turn out for the first race night, the Track Mate System is working great and with only 1 track call all night, we had some great close racing and a lot of fun. Next Meeting. Is on Saturday – April 18, with practice from 13:00 and racing from 15:00. This will be at Wynnum SlotCar Centre (110 Andrew Street at Wynnum 4178) with the following arrangements; Entry is $10 per person and can provide a sausage sizzle as part of the entry fee. There will be free coffee and tea, and a choice of three different canned drinks at $2.00 per can. The plan is to run the following classes... 1) Gp1 Ninco GT1's Group 1/ NC1 / NO magnets 2) Historic Trans AM Group 2 / magnets 3) Can AM Group 2 / magnets This track is a Magnabraid 6 lane board track. As always, any questions to me please or Phil for Wynnum by return message to me. We look forward to seeing you.
  2. PerryV

    Win-Em Slot Car Centre

    The first race meeting will on Saturday the 21st March for Slot It Group C Le Mans style sports cars and any brand LMP with an 18,000 RPM motor. There will be free track time before hand and time to test out your cars before racing.
  3. Win-em Slot Car Centre The Track has re-opened with the Magnet Braid Track from Pappas but with a New Trackmate Computer System and correct Queensland wiring and plugs. We are looking for people with 1/32 scale magnet cars and we can have fun racing and experienced. We hope to be selling all popular brands of 1/32 scale cars.
  4. PerryV

    Eagleby Raceway

    You are very welcome to come and Race, We have a web page with contact details to talk to Chris if you want to come and race. Ealgeby Racway
  5. This Track will be re-opening soon at 110 Andrew Street, Wynnum. They are looking for guys to run magnet cars and see how things go for start with no glue/goo in the track. It have 35A Transformer Power and will be having a New Trackmate System.
  6. When do Queenslander's get a chance to set a time for the Scalextric World Championships ?
  7. Awesome Glue it is very good stuff.
  8. PerryV

    Eagleby Raceway

    Eagleby Raceway is looking for more racer's for our LeMans race this year, I can add details as the dates are set. This is one awesome 4 lane Carrera Track, for 1/32 scale magnet cars, slot it 21.5k motors and most brands Le Mans and GT cars with up to 19k motors. Slot It Cars are Great to Race on this Track. pm me for details please
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