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  1. Need to change rule 4 for the rear tyres. It refers to Ninco tyres. Are you allowed to remove body posts/pillars and sand the chassis/body for float?? Is the positioning, brand and number of magnets free? cheers rick1776
  2. rick1776

    Lone Pine Raceway

    Super deluxe Triggy. Must get me around there. Almost made it there last Monday for drivers champ but middle child was studying for a maths test and I was helping out.
  3. Ive got 10 of these in my shed. make mean offer as soon as the paint has dried. cheers
  4. Hobby Habit on Daws Rd in Edwardstown has a range of 1/32, R/C cars, diecast and model kits.
  5. The horse has already bolted but here are some preproduction pics of the Camaro. Took three goes on the CAD to get them to this stage. The first two being thrown out as they didn't look "sexy" like a 67/68 Camaro should. Limited numbers being made for 3 of the 5 liveries. I'll go with the Al Green car please.
  6. Your power relay is causing a lot of electrical noise when it closes and opens. To confirm this just disconnect the power relay. If the problem goes away then ypu need to place some filtering across the relay. Do you run shileded cables from sensors to timing box and box to PC? I suspect not? cheers rick1776
  7. Little birdy told me late May. I may be wrong though.
  8. As best as I can remember without digging up all the tobacco legislation notes I have stuufed away in some filing cabinet, it is not illegal for an individual to purchase or sell items with tobacco advertising on it. It is illegal for retailers, wholesalers companies etc to sell or advertise though. This is in Australia. How do retailers sell slot cars with tobacco liveries? They are taking a risk and flying under the radar.
  9. I think group 7 guys now run 2mm axles, down from 3/32". I suspect that says something about the way you should be going. Down in diameter not up.
  10. Hi KK, Must admit I dont have any pics of the 68 Notchback. I do have a DVD of the 69 season with the fastbacks and its as clear as day that Horst has a "roo" on the door. I just assumed that it would have been there for the 68 season as well. But have no pics to confirm.
  11. KK, Shouldnt there be a small kangaroo on the door??
  12. Hi Shane, SCX NASCAR again. SCX make a variety of crown gears, can you use any of these or does it have to be the 27T one?
  13. Damn. Better cancel that order of 12 dozen then.
  14. Hi Shane, Rule clarification for SCX NASCAR. Are you allowed to glue tyres onto rims using CA or contact adhesive or aryldite etc?? It says no tyre conditioning, is this only at the track? If its a total ban how will you check that tyres have not had any treatment??
  15. Electric toothbrushes and vibrators probably account for 90% of consumer small electric motor sales. Yes dear Ive nearly finished swapping out that low torque scaly black stripe for the slotit orange endbell. Grabs his hat and coat and leaves the room quickly.
  16. Hi Shane, SCX rules. In one section it states 1mm min body clearance (off a tech block I assume)? Then in another section it says chassis and body minimum is 0.5mm?? Can you clarify please. Is minor grinding for body float and clearance allowed? A lot of the wheels on SCX cars stick out by 1mm or more OTB. So this is allowed?
  17. Hi Shane, Any progress on the motor homologation for the scale auto class? Out of interest what do the cars come with as standard and what motor are you considering if you end up changing? Dont really want to buy anything until the rules are locked in. Just found out that the chassis comes in two types. Fixed arm and drop arm type. Are both going to be allowed?
  18. rick1776

    Torana Question

    The 74 model was a LH. The common garden variety torrie and the slr5000 had square head lights. If you bought the optioned L34 package it came with round headlights. The LX came with round headlights regardless. The A9X optioned LX came with the yet to be released UC Torrie floorpan. This allowed the fitment of rear disk brakes on the LX.
  19. Dont listen to them Knoath. I'll buy the lot off ya for $100.
  20. Ive used sloting 6.5mm pinions with their anglewinder gears, no probs. The beauty with anglewinder stuff is that yiu can set the backlash by using spacers on the gears.
  21. Hi Shane, The scale auto class. Some clarification please. Min weight is 185g for Porsches only?? What if you run another car? There are quite a few cars coming out but rules only mention Porsche and BMW. Are these the only cars that can run? No mention of motor yet? Has this been decided yet? Pro comp 3 wheels?? What are these, are they sponge?? I thought that there were three different sponge tyres available. Will only one type be allowed??
  22. I think you may be right about the new adjustable chassis Steve. I do remember Ian mentioning something about it. Or maybe my old brain is playing tricks on me???? cheers rick1776
  23. Ive had a look around and there are about 4 million scaleauto motor to choose from!! Is there any indication at this stage what the motor specs will be? The Germans use rubber tyres and the US use foam (I think). Keep telling you to move up to 1/24 Trev.
  24. Any details about the 1/24 scaleauto class or is that still being written?? Who sells these so I can have a look at some of the cars. Or do they make lots of different classes of cars and a particular class has yet to be decided?
  25. I think that Ian was wanting to run Cheetahs in the classic Australian Tourers. Cant have those pesky TransAm cars being faster than the home grown stuff. Release date is late this year if all goes to plan Paul.
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