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  1. Zero

    Lightning Ridge

    Very nice work Looks Awesome well done
  2. Zero

    Gulf Raceway

    thanks shadow im working on it now, oh and its Zero not kart mate think i might add the old dining table to 1 end adding around 1.8m x 0.9m, just want the bathroom renos finished so i can get the garage back off my father in law and start building. All in good time i guess
  3. Zero

    Gulf Raceway

    Very Nice Shadow can i ask what is the area it takes in the shed i have 5.2m x 2.6m available in a rectangle.
  4. WOW i am so lost for words never seen anything even close to that pursuit for prefection even my wife who has no interest in dioramas or slots saw your work and was speechless, think i may fly you to newcastle and get you to do some up here it would be worth the added cost of accomodation and airfairs. Very Very impressed
  5. well Capri-corn7 your wish came true she had pole at DAYTONA 2013 gratz
  6. thanks for resizing the black text is hard on the Blackstream theme but i can manage it shame its so far away. is there any pics of the track by any chance must look great
  7. yep sorry print is to small for me to read
  8. hey how often do you guys meet up i would love to come and check out a race night and get some ideas
  9. wow thank you so much ill get to building it in the morning and ill let you know how it goes
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