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  1. The lane spacing is 80mm Hope this helps Chesterdred
  2. Sadly my track must go I have a 4 lane routed track for sale Check out the link For any questions lpease contact me thru auslot forum http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Slot-Car-Track-4-lane-routed-/270977942419?pt=AU_Toys_Hobbies_Slot_Cars&hash=item3f178b4393 Cheers Chesterdred
  3. Fellow racers Firstly HATS off to Jim ,John and all that organised this GREAT event. The Sydney Model Car Group would like to thank all teams for a fantastic close and fair racing. Our teams Lancia LC2 raced without any problems at all.I think we started with a slight disadvantage as we used an ORANGE endbell motor in a sidewinder format(the only car setup this way) other teams used Boxer or Red endbell motors. Also we used F22 Tyres with NO TYRE CHANGE FOR THE WHOLE 4 HOURS In our club racing we do not use electronic brakes(a whole new setup to learn) and 2 of our drivers did not see the tracks or drive on them until practice Saturday night. A great effort I may say . Looking forward to the next event as all you are Again thanks to all Chesterdred (Sydney Model Car Group)
  4. Looking forward to youall Kiwis comming to race in Gods Country. Safe trip and a drisk walk through Customs. If you need any machinery post me, I may be of assistance. Will see your group so Saturday Cheers for now Chesterdred
  5. I wish to find out some finer points of rules for this event. 1) Do the Jaguar XJR9 and the XJR12 require wheel spats to be fitted? These cars did race with and without spats. 2) I understand that the ONLY non Slot It items that can be used on these cars are ; a)Washers b)Spacers c)Lead balast d)Braids Therefore ALL other parts MUST be Slot It. And will at least the first six places be impouned and measured to checked for complianceof these rules. Looking forward to this GREAT event. See you all on the 29th
  6. Happy Christmas to all you fellow racers I would like some assistance to prepare a car to run the enduro. Our team has not run or raced on the tracks at Jim's. Would any of the regular racers (as they race this class regularly) please advise us a ballpark idea on what gear ratios,tyer compound and motor configeration we may use with our Slot It Group C cars at this meet. This may also help other outsider teams narrow down a setup(As there will only be a short and I guess congested practice session before the race) Again a Happy Christmas and a winning New Year See you all next year at this Great Event Cheers Chesterdred
  7. Dale and all you slot racers out there If you have any Scaelauto tyres (front or rear) that you have no use , I will take them off your hands. Drop me a line Happy racing Chesterdred
  8. If you still wish to race Saturday night please call me on 0418 280313 .If you don't have a controler or if you may not think your cars are up to it (no offence) we can supply . Dinner and supper is provided at NO cost. All you habve to do is bring a snack to share.Our group has been racing for over 30 years and we all still enjoy the night.
  9. Perro Give me a call on 0418280313 .Iwill give you the location and some more info. Cheers Chesterdred
  10. Haven't got a handle on that just yet.Hpoe to have pics after Saturday meet. Chers Chesterdred
  11. Fellow racers I'am extending an invite to interested racers that would like to race at my track located at Kingsgrove Saturday night February 20th 2010. The track is 20.8 meters long ,4 lane routed ,using 13.5 volts. We start practice at 4.00 pm,Scrutinering at 6.15 ,Qualifing starts at 6.30pm,then heats and finals. The classes are 1) SCX SPORTS SEDANS 2) SCX 4 WHEEL DRIVE RALLY CARS 3) SCX RACING CARS 4) SCX SPORTS CARS ALL Classes are to run 1) Standard gearing 2) SCX PRO/PRO TURBO OR 42B MOTORS (NO PRO SPEED ) 3) Tyres are free rubber or MJK (NO SILICON) 4) Weight can be added (NO MAGNETS) 5) There is NO electronic braking conected to the track. There are 4 racing positions available. Please contact me (John ) on Mobile 0418280313. There is a sausage sizzle ,and supper supplied. All you need to do is bring some snacks to share. It's a great night to be had.
  12. A note to interested parties. I have driven the Oran Park Tribute track is GREAT,very smooth for a plastic track and it flows well. A challenge to all the racers out there Fellow racers should give it a try.YOU'LL come back. Hats off to Nulla Happy Racing Chesterdred
  13. Nulla Check under your front door.The regs are there Cheers Chesterdred
  14. Nulla I have our 2009 regs, I will deliver it to your premises today (Tuesday 24th) Hope this may give you some ideas. Happy Racing Chesterdred Ps. Our group have been racing for 36 years so we must be doing something right.
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