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  1. Thanks Guys. You can email entry forms to sales@redracer.com.au I have had internet problems and the phone is included as digital system. Got a new Modem last week and still on and off. Please leave a message with number so I can return any calls. Payment can be made over the phone or once arrive for MCN. The entry forms are more important.
  2. 2 weeks and 2 days until Track will be prepared ready for MCN 2016. Our scene and shop has been struggling this year, apologies for being so absent. We have always wanted an MCN in QLD, and a venue to host. The track and shop will provide a great weekend of racing. Garry Johnson will keep the race program solid with his skills. Werner Wittsack will knock out the tech checks. Bare in mind though we are very low on stock for racing needs. Please think ahead for parts and bring with We can cover Plafit supplies locally. Armchair Racer for Slot.it and Sideways, Thunderbird Raceway for NSR and both these guys can help with Scalextric etc. If in Melbourne Mobile Raceways can help you out too. And if I may ask for a role call, estimate number's would be a great help.
  3. FEBRUARY Great day was had today on the big 8 lane track with some of the guys the Gold Coast and Narangba joining the Red Racer locals in a Porsche Cup and Modern GT Battle. Porsche Cup Newly reformatted GT3 class is proving a bit hit with all the club members, this class is a basic ready to run class with everybody running identical equipment. Plafit 1700SR chassis with Scaleauto Porsche Body with original interior and glass. They look the part and create the closest racing available in model car racing. Proof of this was Pete buying his car on the morning of the race and winning with it an hour later. Qualifying saw lap times across the entire field only separated by 0.6 sec and the racing was no different. Pete and Simon battled it out for the win with consistency winning out, Pete drove a flawless race managing to beat Simon by only a few car lengths. Final spot on the podium was fought hard by Dean and Steve, Steve had managed to throw many a podium away in the past. Today was different he absorbed the pressure stayed in the slot for a well-deserved third overall only 2 laps off the lead and a lap clear of Dean. Gerald and the other racers did a good job of keeping the podium getters honest. Modern GT Qualifying showed the whole field meant business with their thoroughbred race cars. There was a great mix of exotic cars, some with carbon fibre bodies some with plastic. Great variety in chassis were also present. Qualifying was extremely close with the top 5 within 0.3sec and all under the magic 8sec mark. Jason set a blistering pole of 7.73 with his new Plafit 1900s chassis running a Scaleauto Porsche Body. Racing saw Steve go out early with a crash into the wall knocking his motor box and axle assembly all out of whack, so he wouldn’t feature on the podium this time. Jason couldn’t turn his speed into a win, too many tangles in traffic saw Dean slip through with a near flawless run to take a well-deserved win. Simon drove a flawless race to take the final step on the podium. Special Mention go to Peter and Gerald who both ran as high as second at stages of the race. Gerald had a bad run on red which cost him a podium. Top 5 were only separated by 4 laps after 20 mins of racing. Our next Saturday Club Day will see Slotworx V8 and Porsche Cup run as support classes to the F1 Grand Prix. This is being run on the Saturday of the Australian GP with all the action from Melbourne being shown on the big screen during the day. Atmosphere will be amazing so come along and be apart of this great day. Our two other tracks will be available for general use as well.
  4. Every Friday night we spilt racing into A & B gives everybody the chance to race for a win in their ability range. Also gives our fast guys a chance to watch the new and upcoming guys, pit for them and suggest changes for their cars and controllers. Jason and Paul have been fantastic giving their time for time for free and have helped a few guys make the step up. We have been doing this for months and it has built a great atmosphere every Friday night. It also means we now have a pair of regular kids racing. Monthly Saturday Race meetings are also split, at the GT Masters last Year a new car was presented as a prize by Ace Hobbies to the winner of B grade.
  5. Stay in touch with Racing and new release anything to do with Slot at redracer.com.au and follow us on Red Racer Hobbies Facebook page.
  6. Red Racer is back with some club racing to suit all forms of Slot car fans. Watch this and simular space's for current and upcoming race event's. Friday Night Racing Sideways Dallara and Riley Championship The first installment of Double R Club Racing will commence Friday the 10th of August. Sideways are produced by Racer in conjunction with Slot.It drivetrains. The combination results in highly detailed replica's with performance to match their looks. They have 12 different liveries and have small design changes which made the car's appear the same but perform differently. We have closed the gap on performance by using Slot.it race magnets throughout the 12 cars which has given them the same amount of magnet down force. The cars will be raced in stock form other than the magnet exception for some close racing. Tyres as alway's will be a must to get adiquiet grip and ride height. CARS Sideways Riley and Dallara SW01 to SW12 REGULATIONS 1 Control Race Magnet Rear Tyre optional between Slot.It and MJK Magnet pull on tester must not exceed 400grams No other modifications to car are allowed Must retain factory parts and interior Double R and Red Racer presents Slot.It Race Series In the lead up to the Qld slot championships we will be running a 6 round club series with the choice of dropping your worst round. It will be run fortnightly starting Wednesday the 25/7/2012 -7pm sharp, aim for 6:30pm There will be two classes run in two separate series. You may enter in them both. 1st class GROUP 1 (stock)Rules *One Magnet, genuine standard only *Must have at least 1.5mm ground clearance at magnet to blank set up board *Replacement genuine slot it tyres maybe used *Gluing in motor, magnet and genuine parts back on is allowed *loosening of screws is allowed *White kits must be painted *no other modifications allowed *Wheels must stay within the guards. 2nd Class MOD Rules *Only Genuine replacement slot it parts allowed *One magnet only Race Magnet can be used *Must have at least .8mm ground clearance at magnet to blank set up board *Standard motor only *Gluing is allowed *No cutting or drilling allowed *Must have interior can be Lexan *White kits must be painted *Wheels must stay within the guards Slot.It performance parts are allowed and include Hollow axles, Mag Wheels, Race Guides, Gear ratio changes etc.
  7. We are staying open, and looking to continue providing an outlet for people to enjoy their hobbies. Thank's for the support, and continual support for the slot car scene in general.
  8. After 7 years, we have decided to shut the doors of Red Racer Hobbies. We have a massive inventory of slot cars, accessories, sets and track that we are clearing at 30% off. I hope all of those of you who have visited or talked with us will take the opportunity to grab a bargain and say hi before it's too late. I would like to say thanks to all the amazing friends that we have made during this time.
  9. Quick reminder. The worst discount on all stock shop in the shop on Saturday and Sunday is 10 percent off. Everything else, particularly the cars we have had in stock for a couple of years will be drastically reduced. There will be free food for everyone. Great rock and roll from local band and famed slothead Dennis Caddy and his new band "Road to Ruin". TV cameras are recording the Saturday enduro race and then crowd scenes on Sunday. There is a whisper a very famous V8 Supercar "rock star" may be dropping in. For the RC curious you can drive and fly RC from Traxxas, Losi Revell and Parkzone. A mini Rock Crawling comp will run throughout the day on our front garden bed. Those that don't know us, just drop by and say hello. It is definately not a day to miss. Adrian Red Racer Hobbies
  10. Wondered if anyone had noticed that misquote. Sure sounded good. On the other hand, what a legend getting this much air time for slot cars.
  11. Nearly forgot. We still have places available in both the Junior and Senior Grand Prix's but places are filling fast. Cost is $50 and this covers the racing, free sausage sizzle, entertainment, free use of our other two tracks. You will also get a brand new Scalextric Alain Prost Canon Williams Formula 1 car, a quality Australian GP T shirt and the limited edition tool pen. Please don't hesitate to call if you need more information on 07 3284 4888 or email to sales@redracer.com.au See you there. Red Racer Hobbies 23 Huntington Street Clontarf
  12. Hi again everyone. Final details available now. On Saturday 16th July we have an 18 man, 6 team, 3 hour enduro. This race is fully booked already (sorry) and isn't really part of the Scalextric Grand Prix but at least offers an extra event for the travellers. It has been sponsored by local coffee roaster and cafe owners, Neli Cofee and so has been named the Neli Coffee Cup (sorry, I hear the groans). Drivers will be using SCX Pro Nascars which will also include a set of the ever perfect MJK tyres. Thanks to Ian Goodland of MJK Engineering for backing us on this one too. There will be six 30 minute races with a minute break between each race. During these races drivers must change at the 10 and 20 minute mark and also within each drivers stint he must make a tyre change between the 2nd and 8th minute of his stint. We will have an eagle eyed grand marshall overseeing all teams do comply with this aggravation. Cars and T Shirts will be handed out at 11.30 and 30 minutes will be allowed to assemble the cars and get some practice in. At 12.00 midday the races begin. Trophies will be awarded for drivers in the winning team. All drivers get to keep their cars and entry is $50 per driver. We are happy to accept any reserve drivers, if you are interested. More importantly lots of cheering spectators will enhance the atmoshere as Channel 10's Totally Wild television show will be filming the race. On Sunday 17th July, the Australian Scalextric Grand Prix will be held. Starting at 10.00 am for the Juniors (under 14 year old). There will be a series of 6 heats for every driver and this will establish the best 6 kids. These 6 will race off in the Grand Prix proper to decide who this years champ will be. Points of 6 for 1st place, 5 for second and so on to 1 point for 6th place will be added to the number of the laps completed in each drivers race and the highest pointscorers will go to the GP. These points will be irrelevant during the GP as the best driver in this will be the winner. The cars to be raced will be the Scalextric Alain Prost Canon Williams. We will be adding splashes of colour to differentiate cars to assist with driver identification during races. First place in the Grand Prix will be the Australian Champion, as sanctioned by Hornby Hobbies UK and Southern Models Australia. The winner will receive a large gold cup, a Scalextric Thundering V8's slot car set, as well as the car he raced, a unique Scalextric Grand Prix T Shirt, and a limited edition anodised aluminium tool pen which is engraved with the event details. Only participants will receive these. Second place will be another gold cup and a Scalextric Start slot car set as well as car, shirt and tool. Third place will be 2 Scalextric slot cars and car, shirt and tool. We hope the Junior final is complete and decided by 12.30 as we have local band, Road to Ruin, playing a selection of their louder hits.Meantime you can grab some free food at our barbeque. Additionally we have demonstrations from Traxxas and Team Losi radio control companies. At these stands you will be able to drive the various RC cars that are currently available. During the course of the day we should also be conducting an RC Rock Crawling competition. Approximately, at 1.00pm we can commence the Senior Grand Prix. This will be a similar format to the Juniors just with longer races. Fingers crossed everything will be completed before dark. Keep in mind also, EVERYTHING, is on special on Saturday and Sunday. To enjoy these discounts you will have to attend. We will try to accomodate telephone enquiries for specials but if we get the same crowds as last year (600 plus) then accept our apologies now if we have trouble giving you perfect service. Our good friends from interstate should feel free to call and place orders and grab some bargains on Saturday to avoid any disappointment. Thanks for all of the support so far and I can't wait to meet everyone who shows up. Adrian Red Racer Hobbies
  13. This may be the car to be raced in the 3 Hour Enduro. Just think bigger motors, though.
  14. Here is a sniff of what the GP cars will be.
  15. Quick piccie of the new track not quite finished in this shot. Channel 10 came out to film this one.
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