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  1. NINCO LAUNCHES A NEW BRAND AND A NEW 1:28 SCALE FOR THE EXPERT SLOT CAR USER THE XL SIZE ALLOWS FOR THE GREATEST PERSONALISATION OF THE CAR AND A MORE REALISTIC DRIVING SENSATION ON A NINCO TRACK NINCO presents the new dimension of slot car racing: a new scale with larger vehicles, more possibilities of personalised mechanical adjustments and with a more realistic driving sensation. The new XLOT brand is born to satisfy the expert user who enjoys both the preparation of the car and the driving of it. Likewise, the replicas have more eye-catching detail because of their larger size. Thus, XLOT inaugurates an unheard-of scale in the world of slot cars, 1:28, which unites the virtues of the traditional scales. “A scale greater than the traditional 1:32 allows the user to have greater interaction with the car in its adjustments and preparations and a more realistic driving control making it more funâ€, argues David Cosculluela, Managing Director of NINCO, for whom the track handicap which scales like 1:24 suffer from will be overcome by the XLOT range. “The size of the XLOT car is perfectly compatible with the NINCO track. Having a more complicated car which afterwards doesn’t have anywhere to race except for on home-made tracks is contradictory. From now onwards a driver can have a professional car and race with it on their track at home or on the circuit of any of the thousands of clubs worldwide which have a NINCO trackâ€, continues Cosculluela. The XLOT project has been developed by an internal team at NINCO for two years with the aim of offering the expert slot car user a new range of products, with high involvement on their part in the personalisation of each car. “On a common base and a steel chassis, the user can manipulate tens of adjustment possibilities that affect the suspension, the front and rear wheel assembly, the transmission or the engineâ€, explains Eduard Nin, co-founder and Chairman of NINCO, who has been at the forefront of all of XLOT’s R+D process. With the possibilities that a standard model offers, plus the range of spare parts which will accompany the launch of the new brand and their ease of use, “those that enjoy their hobby not only on the road, but those with the curiosity to test different set ups and to be bang up-to-date with competition materials, in XLOT they have a whole world in which to go further than they have ever been able to do up to nowâ€, insists Nin. The versatility of XLOT is clear from the first models which will arrive on the market in the second quarter of 2009 and they will be the Ferrari 430 and the Porsche 997. The cars will be sold fully prepared to play (RTR) and will have a RRP of less than 100 €, to facilitate any user with their first experience of the new scale.
  2. Lav, I think it would be a case of: 1997 McLaren F1 GTR Longtail - Insurance - Campbeltown You can only pick two! Lee
  3. Lee

    V8 Dream Team Game

    I'm still following it, I just haven't swapped anyone yet. After last year everytime I swapped a driver or team they won the next round Lee
  4. Buy a decent one, I bought a cheap one for GT4, it could only turn 90 degrees off centre, so I could not complete some of the licence tests. Lee
  5. Mark, Welcome back. It looks like your layout has changed, can you post some pictures of it. Thanks
  6. I feel good reading the last couple of posts in here after writing the one up in the discussion area. Lee
  7. HiString - thats the only way it could run. If you started forcing changes it would fail badly. Each club/group has its own rules but should they race each other then the "national rules" take over. Basically the "national rules" are going to take the common bits of all the clubs rules and clean around the edges It could/should cover all scales and styles. The only stumbling block that could trip it up is digital, with each system being incompatable with each other. How hard is is to take out a scalie chip and add a ninco? The car stays the same but the chip and the track change. Can the track stay and the power supply's and controllers be changed? I'm not sure. Eno - the public officer is responsible to make sure the association is carrying out its responsibilities acceptable to whichever state government its registered in. You need a Treasurer to organise the payments, an association in the ACT cost $130 to set up and about $60 a year to run, add a website at about $14 a year for a .org.au and about $35-$100 for hosting. To cover costs things like sponsorship etc need to discussed. Membership could be a token $1 a year per person or club. As its not for profit do you need to charge for membership. Lots to think about...... Lee
  8. Are we looking a forming an official 1/32 slot car association or are we going to run one then apply to formalise it? I think to start off we need to form a committee to do the leg work, one person from each state and territory would probably be the easiest. They will have to look at the following: What is the name of the association? The committee structure: President: (after the first year, this person should be elected from last years committee) Secretary: Treasurer: Public Officer: Committee members: (I think this should be one from each state) So I guess we are looking for nominations for the organising committee. Lee
  9. OK as I live in the National capital (is OK to say that Rick) of Australia and drive past the GG's house, the Lodge (for those that don't know, the PM lives there) and Parliament House each day on the way to work, I hereby by degree that this years Nationals can be held in Melbourne this year. Should any other state want to run under the "national" banner they must send 6 packs of Strongbow (Original or Dry not Sweet) Cider. AS Strongbow is made in Campbelltown NSW, I will also accept bottled white wine from the best regions in your state The state with the most 6 packs or bottles wins. Lee PS I won't accept cask wine!
  10. Doesn't need to, go to his shop forumn all the details are on there. Your'e right it is the "N" word but it's got to start some where. Remember guys we are only racing toy cars not a full V8SC team costing millions of dollares Lee
  11. A National body would not work, there is too much interstate rivallry, look at the negative posts. A shop decides to organise an a large event then gets grief for doing it for profit. I'll bet the other shops will now sit back and not stick there hands up to run a "national" round as they won't want the negative comments. Lee
  12. Lee

    Twenty20 Ipl Cricket

    Brett Lee is not available for all the games, I'm not sure how many he is missing. Symonds seems to be burning bridges with Cricket Australia about the tour to Pakistan. I have lost a bit of interest in the Aust team at the moment, after complaining they play too much cricket, CA lowers the amount they need to play. Then the IPL is annouced....... Lee
  13. Lee

    Insanity On Wheels

    Lotta NUTS more like it.... Lee
  14. Lee

    V8 Dream Team Game

    If any one is interested I've opened a game at http://v8.virtualsports.com.au League Name - AUSLOT '08 League Number - 882334 Round 1 is locked from 2.30pm Friday Lee
  15. Safety, you guys are soft.... This picture was taken last year at Eno's after we had a run on his track! Lee
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