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  1. yes for the slot it orange belt... we all have slot it cars with them and it will make the racing closer for you guys! Also, there are plenty of 3d printed chassis for sloti it pod, which will make the tuning easier even for beginner (or hard head like me who always pick the wrong car:) )
  2. guys, thanks a lot for all the videos and report during the proxy and this last analysis! it was a blast to follow the progress and i am looking forward to the next one, i may have few friends in Adelaide interested to prep cars too! again, thanks a lot.
  3. could not get the wooden spoon this year, still it looks like you enjoy driving my car (except for the front tyre noise)... Guys, thanks a lot for running this event!, next year it will be another build.
  4. great serie guys... event if i am targeting the wooden spoon, i hope you enjoy driving it. Thanks a lot. Next trip to Canberra i am stopping by:).
  5. curef99

    mclaren gtr

    Still looking for scalex raced ueno and the ninco ueno
  6. curef99


    Any news on the alpine spec and schedule?
  7. Anynews aboutthe lmp2 alpine? Any chance to have the group c peugeot one day? Any chance to have the golden 90 btcc to complement the dtm?
  8. I have a mc laren harrods special edition limited to 500. This is the raced livery which never raced on a slot car track... pm for pics. Was sold for 350 on ebay but the buyer wasted my time, so, make me an offer.
  9. thanks a lot for running the event and providing us the video... looks like my car did not like one of the corner and is completely loose in exits. I need to get some yellow dog next year, or move to different rims with the MJK tyres.
  10. with the announcement of the livery last week end, i am wondering who will be the first slotcar maker to give us the new peugeot le mans race car. https://www.motorsportmagazine.com/articles/sports-cars/peugeot-hypercar-to-make-2022-wec-debut-at-monza note: i still dream of Slot it finishing their group C collection with the old peugeot.
  11. i was hoping that the guide failure was my silver bullet and i will top the ranking after... nope. Thanks a lot for the 100k drive to fix the frog.... I owe you one. In fact, i may buy you a drink if i make it to Canberra in July for my son state rugby competition! selection to come in 2 weeks.
  12. i still prefer the proxy with a predefined motor and fix ratio... we can then focus on picking cars we like and on car tuning.
  13. can we please have BTCC 1997 cars next.... pleaseeeeeeeeee
  14. even if the car sound bad, it looks like it is drivable and enjoyable... but missing lots of grip. I think i need to figure out a way to improve my proxy build skills before i join again.
  15. agree, but i consider the car is the right STL model X/Y/Z and i need to provide a scale to fit it on a riley or mercedes chassis. So, i am taking a reference distance between the front of the wheel and highlight the need to be a specific size which fit the chassis. am i doing it right? Next is the screw pod to add.
  16. yes i do... but one step at a time... with the STL in hand with few size, i can find the right chassis to fit it on, add the posts, and then find a 3d printer. I can also run a quote with few locals or with shapeways with the STL.
  17. this is awesome... i will order few and try. i see no size or thickness menu, hopefully when i order the maker will contact me.
  18. i have this good collection of french cars and i can race localy in almost every class. I have the resin high quality peugeot 905 le mans from le mans miniature. i am dreaming of someone doing a light weight body of the peugeot to place on a slot it chassis and be able to race it and be competitive. I did use the resin body on racer sideways riley chassis.... but it is too heavy on the top :), i know, obvious. I am looking at the 1:1 wheel base and track, the car is very similar to the mercedes group C or a daytona proto riley. So, if anybody has the skill in SA or Australia to scan the le mans miniature model i have and to add 2 posts to fit the printed model to a slot it mercedes chassis i am interested! a white filament for the printed and here we go.
  19. gear box? transmission? last engine check (chain or timing belt?)? to be honest, my friend knows them well and always advise me to go for the TDI 4motion and not the petrol one. I tested few and bought my wife a volvo
  20. curef99

    mclaren gtr

    mr slot found... now need to get my hand on scalex models...
  21. curef99

    mclaren gtr

    the cars you have are not with the slot it motor, I will need to change it to fit to our local categories. about the email, i decided to keep my uk adress when i moved here 10y ago, sorry, it is confusing. just give me an idea of price per car with shipment and i will decide. do not worry about the pics as the goal is to have racing models.
  22. Any chance that alot it sell their latest light weight group c painted bodies ?
  23. curef99

    mclaren gtr

    nope, i am in Adelaide... how much do you want for them? do either come with the slot it motor?
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