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  1. still thanks for the repair. next year with transparent window light weight, bigger pinion and legal front wheel, it may be a good car, unless i try the same type of motor in the clio NSR and we can have a sub competition of clio:).
  2. no way... i gave the wooden spoon to someone else.
  3. any news about the alpine LMP2?
  4. i love the series and with more french car that cannot race in any other local race competitively, it is a great concept... i think we should go on with it and with the penalties. At the end of the day, i have the wooden spoon but as long as the car is nice to drive, i know that you will have fun in Canberra.
  5. i still have the wooden spoon but it looks like everybody enjoy to drive my car... so, all in all, i am still happy. Next year, the same engine but in the clio.
  6. i cannot, it has to be french... sniff
  7. i know, and this is why i am not using it for the last two... but i think i will request an exemption next year again! Who knows, someone may say yes. i am even happy to reduce the wheel arch to make it look like an A110 instead of A110S as i did for our home Adelaide small touring race!
  8. let see and yes, we do a clio cup next year!!!!
  9. still the wooden spoon after 4 races.... but looking at the video, i am not one of the hard to drive car. Next year, let s find another french touring car...
  10. 3 off for the alpine... well, it is always an hard sale. Can we please accept the team slot next year???
  11. love the video, it looks like at least the megane is easy to drive with no off.
  12. motor is a piranha 23k.... but the chassis is way more limited than the nsr clio i used last year... i should have use this motor in the clio this year instead.
  13. love the video to see your car reaction on different tracks.
  14. nice video, any chance to get some driver feedback with the videos?
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