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  1. curef99

    mclaren gtr

    mr slot found... now need to get my hand on scalex models...
  2. curef99

    mclaren gtr

    the cars you have are not with the slot it motor, I will need to change it to fit to our local categories. about the email, i decided to keep my uk adress when i moved here 10y ago, sorry, it is confusing. just give me an idea of price per car with shipment and i will decide. do not worry about the pics as the goal is to have racing models.
  3. Any chance that alot it sell their latest light weight group c painted bodies ?
  4. curef99

    mclaren gtr

    nope, i am in Adelaide... how much do you want for them? do either come with the slot it motor?
  5. curef99

    mclaren gtr

    because i just bought the revoslot, i am wondering if people have the scalex and mrslot mclaren gtr for sale? cheap and used is ok, as it the goal to build the same car to race in multiple categories. i am also still after a spare seb loeb scalextric mclaren MP12C GT body. Again, looking for the cheap body as it is to race.
  6. i received my mc laren gtr white kit and i am slowly painting and building it. One point i want to confirm compare to the Toyota gt1 i bought few months back, the rear tyres llook and feel way softer... the toyota had obvious Shore 30 in the box, the mc laren are not. Anybody knows?
  7. i am confused by this video, the car look to be way faster than BAracer who is 19... what did i miss?
  8. i was looking at two new group C model from slot it, is it me or the body are way lighter than the previous editions? also, did anybody compare the new 23k motor to the older darker orange one?
  9. i do not get it, the clio was way faster than last year megane when i tested it and still: 23 curef99 59.81 5.640 5.633 i think i need to review my tuning skills! i am going backward i am going for the wooden spoon this year.
  10. i think i got a point for being the noisiest car around :). it is well known that french hatch back are full of rattling noise
  11. best config for magnet traction:).
  12. should i read 2022 on this post now?
  13. i still dream of slot it completing their DTM classic with the btcc 1995 cars ...each brand was there at the time and the size of the car are equivalent to the DTM they picked!
  14. agree, i love these proxies as i have no track on my own. The club here are multiple (at least around 50 wood routed tracks in ADELAIDE!!!!) but the proxies allow me to work on car which are not part of the usual scenery here. the touring with a clio nsr is awesome as i love the 1:1 car and cannot race it in a proxy here (i found a way to have a megane r26 ninco body on a printed chassis with all slot it gears to compete in the slot it DTM, i almost had to sale a kidney for it!). I know the clio is not the most optimum car for the serie and want to offer my apology to the drivers, but at the same time, i feel that few of us are focusing in proxy to provide the car which is different. Note: i did the WRP and loved it with my SCX and Nico citroen Loeb, but the newest classic rally could not let me race a french car (the pug came inline and they restricted to sidewinder and scalextric) so i had to refuse to participate! But the track they raced on was amazing in Europe!!!! I remember an hill climb track with a full village scenery OMG! Almost as good as the white lake track i visited in Michigan.
  15. the ratlting on my car is due to the type of front tyres i used... very noisy.
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