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  1. it looks like once you find the limit, the car is good to drive, but still very slow in PB compare to some others.
  2. thanks for the video... great to see the clio in action. It looks very tail happy compare to when i used it on our local tracks. let see if it gets better over time. The car had a big off but then it was getting good laps i thought. any feedback from the drivers?
  3. to be honest, if you test the brm 23k on any magnet track, you do see that it is strong... like very very strong. I was worry about the NSR motor but even without any tool i thought the magnet traction was 1/4 of the brm. to be honest, i love more and more the use of one motor for a class with fix gearing and let the people tune their car. I know few of you are against it, but it helps to get very close racing and to have the driver experiencing similar speed from one car to the other. But this is a discussion for another day :), for now, let s race. Happy to see the race starting again, in fact in my club i got the opposite, we stopped for few weeks and because i am an intermittent to slotcar, my performance relative tot he other went up :). I hope you are all safe in Canbera and thanks for running it. still need to see the video to have a good laugh).
  4. So sad with my clio result... i thought i improved but it is going backward.
  5. oh yes, pressure is building up in the carburators, and we are ready to race... looking forward to some video footage... stay safe and race to the max any chance to put the french cars together, i think we have few clio nsr.
  6. if his package is parked in a post office, it may be months to get to Oz!
  7. disappointed with the first test result... i was hoping to see the clio higher in the ranking but from 2.26 onward the cars look to be close enough. well, let see after the first run as i did build it to be easy to drive. The noise is coming from the from zero grip tires, no worry on my side.
  8. when do we expect to start? how many cars missing?
  9. well done guys... John was a legend in Adelaide. We had him on TV few years back and on newspaper slot car endurance race article 25y ago. I still miss my friend, i would not be Australian now without his amazing welcome 9y ago.
  10. happy to have my car dissected in this section now that you have it
  11. just because i made a comment about english language, it looks like i was not selected for the run down :)... all good, joking here.
  12. now, being french leaving in an English speaking country, this one is a first??? i do need a translation :).
  13. ok, now, let see if it is a better car than last year:), and more important, let see if i start with no penalties
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