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  1. Great night in the shed with the Living Legends. Boooyahhhhh!
  2. I can't make it Bingo. Have a good run and grab some more Gloat Bingo!
  3. Good going Roscoe. Keep up the good work. See you after Labour Weekend fellas. On the Big old jet areo liner tonight to the Father Land
  4. I won't make it Pedro. I've got a very big day at work today so I can get on the airplane next week
  5. I won't be there tonight for the Bing Ring. Have a good run fellas
  6. I can't make it this week boys. Have a good run Roscoe the track is looking sharp. Keep up the good work!
  7. I'll be there Mark, barring calamity.....
  8. I won't be able to make it this week Mark. Have a good run. And keep those young fellas off your roof....
  9. I won’t be there Mark. You’ll have to feed my churros to PieBone. He knows what to do with them. Have a good F1 festival you mongrels. ps You should run them at 14.5v That’s what Mitch Evans track is set to.
  10. On Such a winters day. Munter has seen it.
  11. I won't make it tomorrow Mark. Have a good run boys
  12. Yes to Muscle car changes and allow TS Mustang Yes to NSR F1 suggestion Yes to new roster and amalgamations etc On with the show
  13. Last run at Kennedy Road. Gotta be there!
  14. Yep. What a night! A Big Thank You to Da Bone and Mac as well as my Bash Brother. The victuals were very tasty and overflowing! Three hours of hard out racing. Who would ever complain? Chur Chur BTW Congratulations to The Victors! (maybe even that reptile?)
  15. Go Revo Slot Bone. I run a McLaren Elva. Crazy quick Bra. Booooyahhhh NSR F1's. Yep we have them.
  16. Back to the land of your forefathers Bone! There are 15 classes and if you are here for 5 weeks you will see them all. You can find them listed here and I can see that you already follow that page so you should be able to find it again. Bring your "legal Az" cars (Whatever Trevor) and give us a display of your psychosis inducing driving skills! I won't speak for the group but I know I am looking forward to banging doors with you, you mongrel. BOOYAH!
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