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  1. The latest track is built for speed. I hope the long straights on this track will result in a high rate of fuel burn, resulting in the need to apply some fuel strategies by the racers
  2. Here a short video showing the Homebush circuit in action. It also shows the digital slot features for those not familiar with digital. http://vid1056.photobucket.com/albums/t369/dtd2505/Scalextric%20example_zpswaltemdc.mp4
  3. My latest track is inspired by the Homebush street circuit in Sydney.
  4. I built a simple track for New Years 2017 as we had a party which catered for 7 year old and under, as well as parents. The track is a dual skill level (digital), with a small oval track for the kids and a loop that included a decent S-bend section. It was a lot of fun and provided opportunity for all ages and skill levels to have a race.
  5. Sweet, I have to go analog one day in SSDC
  6. You're right, car and controller combinations are always an issue. I have got around this in SSDC but adjusting fuel burn rates and fuel tank levels etc. I often give the bottom racers an extra 20 litres (120L vs 100L) from about mid race meet to give them a chance to be in the running. The guys I race with are great in that we all want everyone in the race to be competitive and in the running, and I find the better skilled racers enjoy the extra challenge that giving the lower skilled guys a leg up provides.
  7. I don't believe analog mode is an option, I have never used it that way in any case. You do need the special lead, which links to a computer/laptop. I have 2 screens (3 including the laptop) in the slot room so the computer set up works great for me and all racers get a good view of the race data.
  8. A great screen shot showing five different fuel strategies by five different racers. Awesome how the SSDC system adjusts fuel burn based on the throttle control via the hand controllers.
  9. Wow, that incline looks mad. Looking forward to seeing the finished result.
  10. Track 14 - to be raced on Tuesday night with the club. The double hairpin at the end of the main straight will keep the racer honest, but the tight R1 in the middle of the track seems to be the one every one comes undone on.
  11. Track 13 - First race to be held in a couple of days The use of hairpin corners enable me to squeeze a lot of track on the table. Tight S bends at the beginning of the main straight (racing clockwise) will increase the stakes during close racing. This track will be raced in both directions with two lane changes in each direction. I will also introduce double points for 2 of the 6 races this time, which may mix up the final outcome a little.
  12. Track 12 - A neat track with competitive racing. Featured dual pitting lanes for refueling (a few Torano's in this photo) I like placing tight cornering sections after the back straight to keep racers on their toes.
  13. Hey Macca, assuming you are building plastic tracks, my advice is to just go for it. I have made dozens of tracks, you can view a few of them on my site here on the Auslot forums. http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/topic/15410-kholo-digital-track/
  14. Another track build in preparation for the race on Wednesday night. Hi impact cars only on this track. Dual pit lanes make refueling easy. Dual crash zones make safe racing near impossible
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