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  1. Thanks all involved for a fun weekend, it was very well organised and there were heaps of great people there, nice to meet you all For us it was a big learning experience, as I have not raced much in the past seven years, and Esther has hardly driven at all since early 2008. On the few occasions I have raced lately I've been fortunate to be a Joker, with Jan and Tim building great cars, that have been a true pleasure to drive. This time I was in charge of building the car and I clearly didn't do a great job at that We were a few tenths of the pace during most of the Saturday practice with the Scaleautos, but thanks to Greg giving us a few handy hints we found a bit of pace just before the scrutineering and the car felt reasonable. All things considered I was very happy to qualify 5th in a true quality field with pretty minimal preparation and car knowledge. The car ran well in the race for about half the first bracket, then the demise started with one screw after another coming lose in the chassis. The performance then slowly went out the window as the normally aligned axels went more and more crooked, and pretty much nothing on the chassis was straight by the end. Already in the second bracket we noticed that both rear pillow blocks had come loose, so they were quickly re-tightened, but the gears had taken a real beating. In bracket four I noticed that three screws were missing from the guide tongue, and the last one was just hanging on by a few threads We were pretty disorganised in the pits too as we managed to put on an old set of tires when we swapped the gears out, we had zero grip on them so we had to pit to get the ones we started on back on again. By the end of the race we had spent about 25 minutes in the pits, due to the many repairs. Another huge thing I had completely missed was the ride height, I had not really thought about this for some reason. I have not played with these cars very much and just assumed that starting with relatively new tires and no spacers under the pillow blocks we would be pretty right. I measured the clearance last night after unpacking the car and we still had 2.0mm clearance!!! I called Lars straight away and we had a big laugh That means we must have started with about 2.5mm clearance... No wonder we struggled a bit Also the rear axle was visibly misaligned and the rear pillow blocks were both bent, and none of the four pillow blocks were sitting straight anymore, with the front ball bearings badly binding from the misalignment. Needless to say the Audi body is not in great shape either... Next time we'll focus on Loctite and ride height, and I think we should manage a few hundred more laps Huge thanks to Shane for lending us an LMP, so that we could race on the Saturday. Anyway, a great weekend was had nonetheless and thanks to all who came along to play! Cheers Tobias
  2. Hi guys, Thanks everyone involved for getting this race weekend together, I really look forward to it. I've finally arranged for some parts coming from Jan so that we can set up Esthers car as well for some much needed practice running she has not raced since 2008! Mind you she won that race (Eurosport 24 against the whole Swedish elite field on a super technical twisty track)... If any of the Melbourne guys are keen to go to Mobile raceways sometime next week for a bit of driving we'll be happy with a bit of company. Thursday night maybe if that works. On another note: I might be blind, but I cant seem to find any times for when the races will be held next weekend. I'm just trying to book flights and hotels, and sort of need to know when to arrive and leave. -yes I know it's all a bit last minute, but that's how I roll
  3. I'm very happy with that result! How could I not Thanks for hosting the latest two rounds too! Can you give us any info on what the tracks were like, or have I missed that somewhere? Would be nice to know what caused the slight shakeup of the field. Also nice to hear that you found my car so well balanced Terry, that was my aim when building it, keeping it simple really. A brief comment on the, -without all the "extras" comment, I do have a lightweight interior apart from the offset sidewinder pod and lightweight gears, also low profile tyres at the front, but that's about it as far as I remember. I like to avoid adding weight to any car that doesn't need it, the lighter the better is my motto. Let's see what happends in the next few rounds, there are several cars that have performed very well this far so it'll be interesting to see who'll come out on top.
  4. Congratulations Tony (bov) on building a very fast and smooth car, a pure pleasure to drive! The powerful motor and long gearing made it very fast at Ged's track, but the general smoothness overall was impressive. About Mivesons car, it has massive rear axle play like Chris mentioned, and it almost seems to be missing the bearings! After closer inspections it seems to have bearings in there but the massive axle play (at least 0.5mm)is a mystery to me. Regarding the tyres, I went for the 20x11, 22 shore ones, but my car has no added weight so hopefully they will last the hole series without too much balling up on the grippier tracks. I have only tried the car at Ged's and on my Carrera track at home, so that's all I've got to go on. Thanks Chris and Ged for arranging the rounds, we all had a great evening and it was interesting to see all the various setups. It'll be interesting to see how they handle the various tracks coming up. Cheers. Toby
  5. Big thanks to Thunderbird and Shane A for putting together the cars and also supplying T-shirts and various cars and bits given out after the race. And naturally a bit thanks to Peter at Mobile Raceway for hosting the race in a faultless way. The NSR Moslers are just awsome cars, and they handled very well on that track, and no NSR part on the cars broke during the race, only mechanical fault was a Slot.It wood guide like Steve said above...! It was pretty close from 2:nd to 5:th in the end, I think it was something like 15 laps. If anyone could post the results from the race and the individual heats that would be cool. Hopefully there will be another similar race next year too! They are also talking about a 24 hour race in May with slightly different and somewhat faster cars.
  6. Sweet!!! That has got to be one of the most awsome tracks around! It's HUGE!!! I look forward to meeting you guys, and to driving the beast when we move to Melbourne sometime around March next year :( .
  7. Nice to meet you all yesterday! I can check with Ged on Tuesday night if we can have a little get together there sometime soon too. Otherwise there are of course the regular Tuesday night meets where you could come down, but it does get a bit crowded at times. Details can be found here Racing at Ged's and others We're eagerly awaiting the pictures of your track progress gref! We'd all like to have a go at that one soon...
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Eno, we'll be going to Ged's tomorrow night, for some driving, so hopefully we'll meet there, or otherwise saterday in the dandenongs at the mobile raceways sounds good if it works for you too! Would be cool if more members could make it then too! Like Freddy said, I brought a few cars along, you'll see them when we meet up
  9. Hello fellow slotracers! I've been racing and bulding slotcars and tracks for a few years now. I started out posting on slotcarillustrated back in 2002 and later on moved on to slotforum. I haven't been a very active poster recently as I've just become a father, but I'm still racing and building cars though. I've also moved into the ISRA type of slotracing with 1:24 scale cars on large 8-lane tracks in Sweden since I live close to a great scale track there (Hjarup slotracingcenter). But my love for these small and very detailed cars will live on for a long time still . Here are some pics of my current home track in our flat in Sweden: Here's a picture of the first wooden track that I built whilst living in australia a few years ago when we left then I gave it to my wife's little brothers. One of them is Freddy (a member of this forum). We're now staying at their place for a while, so it'd be great to catch up to some Melbourne members on this forum in the next couple of weeks. Here are some cars I've built during the last few years: I'm happy to finally be a member of this great forum! I've been looking here right since you guys started out, but I was a bit too slack to become a member then. But now that I'm downunder again I thought it was about time to join...
  10. Hi Eno! Not sure about this whole being reffered to as a legend... , but it's great to back down under again! We must meet up at some stage whilst I'm here and have a few beers and race some cars etc. I've been a bit out of the whole 1:32 slot scene lately, having just become a father of little Agatha (3 months). But I brought a few cars along and I might get a few more whilst here... Anyway, like Fred said we had a little drive around yesterday and after having seen the impressive webpage of slotcarheaven we were a little dissapointed getting there since he sadly was out of a lot of the cars we'd drooled over on his webpage and fancied getting. We also mucked up a bit by accidentally getting the old address of his previous shop location, and promptly driving there in hope of finding a slotcar mecka! Three boys in the car gradually building up the excitement . Once we found the place George was a cool guy though and I like the fact that he had a wide variety of brands, we'll probably go back when he gets more stock back in. It was great catching up with Ged again and to have a little drive around his track. Sadly though we hadn't brought any cars with us so we only raced the new ones we got there. I was happy about the new lower prices he has now . I'm in general very impressed with the prices on SCX cars here in Australia compared to Europe, I mean 40$ for a new slotcar is not bad! In Europe they are about 70$... And I have to say I'm very impressed with the looks of the SCX Aston Martin, they've just improved massivly in that area! Had I bought an Aston back home it would by default have been the Scalextric one because there's no price difference. Are you coming to Geds on Tuesday, Eno? I hope to make it then but can't promise yet as we'll have a few relatives and friends to catch up to whilst here... By the way are you going to the MotoGP? Kind regards Toby
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