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  1. Just ordered my new pre 65 :). Looking forward to its arrival. Watch this space ;)....Oh will be there Thursday
  2. Will be there but may not be there till 7:15. Can you put me last on the roster for the first race please
  3. Cant make Thursday Friday or Saturday guys. Wish I could but have work commitments
  4. Doing Night shift this week so no go. Will grab the Red Chev if its available.
  5. Hi guys. I wont be at racing for a couple of weeks. I have a lower back strain which is causing a bit of a problem atm.
  6. Should be there. Anyone have a spare pre 65? If not no worries
  7. Will be struggling to get there guys. Only just got home. Sorry.
  8. Hi I can get there but I must be away by 8:30. Another date
  9. Sorry Paul. Would love to be there but have a dinner date that night
  10. Hi all. Anyone have any old Scaly Corvettes sitting accumulating dust. PM me if you want to sell them. Cheers
  11. Sorry all. Will miss tonight. Have had a tooth pulled and Im a little sore. Left cheek rather swollen atm
  12. Will be there but no cars in those classes. Still working on my Fly Classic. Will try and have it ready
  13. Hi Mark Yes its mine. Will pick up some time this week. After three as I finish early this week
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