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  1. Will be there but may not be there till 7:15. Can you put me last on the roster for the first race please
  2. Cant make Thursday Friday or Saturday guys. Wish I could but have work commitments
  3. Doing Night shift this week so no go. Will grab the Red Chev if its available.
  4. Hi guys. I wont be at racing for a couple of weeks. I have a lower back strain which is causing a bit of a problem atm.
  5. Should be there. Anyone have a spare pre 65? If not no worries
  6. Will be struggling to get there guys. Only just got home. Sorry.
  7. Hi I can get there but I must be away by 8:30. Another date
  8. Sorry Paul. Would love to be there but have a dinner date that night
  9. Hi all. Anyone have any old Scaly Corvettes sitting accumulating dust. PM me if you want to sell them. Cheers
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