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  1. Will be there but no cars in those classes. Still working on my Fly Classic. Will try and have it ready
  2. Sorry guys. Im out for dinner with my daughter Thursday night.
  3. Hi Mark Yes its mine. Will pick up some time this week. After three as I finish early this week
  4. Will try to get there. Been super busy at work. Plenty of OT
  5. Hi guys I was looking around for a new muscle car and I came across this one. Does anyone in the HB club have any objections?
  6. Yes will be there. Have Group C but not the others which is all good
  7. Hi all. Im a little rusty myself and was wondering if anyone would allow me some time on a track. Just to see my cars are still working how they should. Have done some tuning at home on my circular test track but I want to open up the throttle to see if the tuning has done its job. If not hey no problem.
  8. Hi all Hows life on the track. To be honest I do keep up to date with what you are doing . Guys I'm looking for any spare Slotit cases that come with the cars when purchased. Or scaletrix cases and with bases if possible. PM me if you have them available. Much appreciated.
  9. Hi guys Just to let you know Im now a Grandfather. Yes getting old lol.
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