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  1. Will be late. Hopefully there by 7 so leave me last in first round please
  2. Can be there by 7 so put me at the latter end of the line please
  3. Nice to see you are performing Snake. Every car that you have shown me re builds are right up there with the best. As per your comment that you have been following the Thunderslot Masterclass build procedure I take my hat off to you as your performances are starting to upset people. Oh well never mind but I think its called being competitive???? Keep it up matey. Build a car and build it well.
  4. yep might be late so put me in at the middle to back end of the line please. appreciated
  5. Grrrrr. Last\ night NW callback so wont be there sorry to say
  6. Night Watch this week so wont be there dammit
  7. Hi guys. Just a thought. How would you feel to having one more week on the roster where whoever has it for the week can choose whatever class. Just to add a bit of spice to the roster. Means something like the NSR F1.could be run . Just my thoughts
  8. I will try to be there. Might get lost lol
  9. sorry guys cant make it....Night Watch
  10. Hi Mac. Will be close to 6:45-7:00 so put me in at the back of the first race if you are starting early.
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