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  1. I will not get to the venue until 6:50 wherever it is. One more question regarding muscle class. Can we expand the years on this class? Pre and post 70s. I have the IROC which is 80s but I would love to run later versions of the muscle cars etc etc. Just asking.
  2. For me it would make my LMP obsolete. Why not include all the GT classes together. It would expand the field considerably. One thing Im a great believer in is field mix. Some of our classes have similar cars because its the go to car. Ferrari 250 in pre 65 for example. Im all for greater mix of cars. Just putting thoughts out there guys. In the end what decisions are made will be all good. Another way of doing this is actually trial runs of the different groupings. See how they all go.
  3. Im all good with this. I will be retaining the V8 Mac. Who knows we may race them later on some time. I think Mac if you help tune the ones that need tuning then V8's would be great now and then. I dont think the LMPs will compete with GT1's to be honest. 65-80 sport would. They have comparable times as JK runs his as a GT1 and performs very well. This would allow GT1 class to be wide open for choice. OR Merge GT1 with GT2 and GT3 cars. And have GT1 rules???? Yeah baby
  4. Well my two cents worth I guess. Ever since that Auckland fella who came down to MACS for the weekend and show all how to build cars I have seen a major increase of competitiveness across the whole range of classes. There is a concern that when the classes were set that it allowed everyone to focus on getting these cars and some of them would have been fairly expensive. So why not do a rotation.?Just swap them out and on occasions race the not so favs. Everyone has their favorites but for me All the cars are not bad cars. Maybe the new guys and Im talking been in the club for up to a year have help tuning all their cars so when the racing nights arrive its down to the person behind the trigger. Just a thought. The new F1s have a lot of power behind them. They are awesome but without guidance from the pros there will be big blow outs. So if we are going to introduce them then I think we need to learn the set of skills required to run them. A lot of us have them but we haven't raced together as yet. How about doing a 2 hour race with the first hour at 10 volts. Im not keen on losing any of the fast classes. That is what kicks my Adrenalin in. That is my legal drug . I look forward to winding out my cars especially down the straights. Everyone is into there own way of perceiving what is best for them. For example Dave Once upon a time you relished speed. Your thoughts are on least favs being my favs. Some of them I struggle to get right but Im always trying to right it. If I have a failure I go back to the drawing board and reassess what and where and I going wrong. Thats what attracts me to this hobby. I dont care who wins or who loses but I always try to get the best out of my cars to compete. Pioneers need to come in on the roster. I dont know why they are not thereto be honest. A fun car and every time I see them race which isn't really enough there are huge smiles on everyone's faces. Say no more. I think Pre 65 should be 18k or less with limits to torque. I have noticed a few guys consistently winning this class. And of course I dont take anything away from you top blokes but it seems two of you are winning by a country mile to everyone else all the time. Maybe this is having an affect. Just my thoughts.
  5. Sorry guys I will not be there. I have two at home with Covid. I guess in this case sharing is not caring
  6. will try to get there. Dont finish work till 7 Count me out for first round.
  7. Yeah Mac a good night even with the hiccups. Got to test some cars and a couple with a big thumbs up. Motor order on the way from Pendles
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