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  1. i recently received the martini this week and did you notice if you have it, the wheels do not sit centre of the wheel arch. even in the armchair picture you can just slightly see the rear left in the wrong position. if fact mine was quite disoriented out of the box. the only way to straighten it up is to possible shave off one side of the chassis
  2. Can i also clarify 1/32 GT bodies do not include the porsche cup and RSR and about to be released. Audi's LMS
  3. Key Features The Acer Aspire XC-230 Desktop comes with 4GB DDR3 memory as standard, ensuring quick operation. There are 8 USB slots in total (6x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0) for the Acer desktop, letting you use several USB peripherals at the same time. Guys this question reflects my absolute inability to comprehend computers, but my old HP desktop has died. I am running race co-ordinator and plan to move to arduiono as well. will these acer Aspire XC-230 Desktop ibe sufficient??? Featuring an AMD E1-7010 1.5GHz dual-core processor, tPre-installed with Microsoft Windows 10, t
  4. i just wanted to add to this topic. 1. i agree with a mission statement , for a commercial operation is good . BUT any organised slot car group should enforce the rules in a consistent manner. In Melbourne we need to be better at this aspect. Sometimes the poor commercial owner has to flog the new stock cause the manufacturer puts him in a position where he has no choice. But where new replaces old, lets not get rid of old forever, cause those less fortunate or less inclined to make the effort to change may not be able to upgrade and you don't want them to miss out. they may still enjoy racing the "old" configuration (they may even still win) 2. I am hoping that Mr Slot Car can keep enticing new racers to the scene , without a substantial cash outlay to become competitive despite the change in product. With guys, like Jason, Brett, Dimmers, Chris and Greg all being happy to share knowledge and coach guys in set up, its makes it easier to get up to speed quickly 3 in relation to aesthetics i admit i am a atheistic type and like to see different grids. Yes the McLaren may have won again, but Audi was second; ford was third and Honda was 4th. The last three all on same laps and 2 laps behind the winner. did this make for close racing i think so. 4 i have to begrudgingly admit that i favour the lexan cars on a large scale track as i really don't want to damage my GFK & model kit bodies in a wipe out. i am very much a hard body fan though.
  5. IS there is news around as to why we have not seen the recent releases that are out overseas, such as the Javelin and Ford daytona from scalextric. And as an aside; does any one have any news on the carrera Ford GT 3 which is well past its due date??
  6. A note of thanks to James from Hornsby for opening up the centre and being a true gentleman through the weekend. Also special tribute to Garry J who after recent surgery, managed the entire weekend's proceedings under difficult conditions. To our competitors, thanks for a great racing weekend, in general most were very respectful on the track. For the marshalls great job under at times difficult circumstances. As usual a few "characters" came to the fore adding to the spectacle. Special thanks to Jason who prepared our "viper" which whilst looking very sad at the end, still got us into fourth. (thanks Dimma). We learnt a few things along the way and hope to be back next year. We hope wise heads prevail and keep this series alive, with the new cars scale auto are adding this year, hopefully we can see a challenger to the supremacy of the Viper. Also thanks Brooksy for stepping in to assist in the LMP event. see you next year lastly congratulations to all the winners, each of you were very deserving. see you all soon
  7. looking fwd to coming up there. its been a while since i was there. Still looking for a saturday co-driver. perhaps Jan might visit for the day heh !!!!
  8. Yep i think you should so that all are encouraged , you've been looking for Vic interest for year so now you have it don't lose it.
  9. Not much feedback about this event. Whilst numbers were down the racing and the marshalling was enjoyable and clean . Peter organised a good event . Finally enjoyed some decent track time with cars that behaved themselves. We had a good spread of winners and podiums. looking forward to the next one.
  10. Lets hope so Jan, at moment we have a good formula. i understand the need for progress but it always seems to come at a cost. scale auto seems to be the only class that does not cost an arm and a leg to have multiple competitive cars.
  11. can i clarify the group c? is it mini-z or is it the traditional hard body 1/24 kits. if so, is there a link to the rules for these. the above link refers only to group c mini z >???/
  12. Tim possibly a sunday is the best time for us or an evening after work. Would be keen to have a look at the track.
  13. Gee Dave Sledging your fellow Victorian racers is really a good way to gain favour for future events. Whilst i have a interest in this hobby to does not really extend to events such as these. As to why, its none of your or any-one else's business. I chose not to go because i don't want to. Perhaps its mainly economics, perhaps its other reasons. Yes Peter has done a good job, i have had run on the track its very good. I'm sure there will be plenty of time for the "garage hero's" to have a run on the track in due course. As for you axman, i already know how good i am, you see i have knocked off " davnic" the 4 times national champion many times on many DIFFERENT tracks. So i must be good hey !!!! Good luck to all those participating i am sure you will enjoy.
  14. looked like a great event. unfortunately i could not make it. interesting to see so many Nissan GT1's in the mini Z's obviously they must have an advantage. Good to see familiar faces but also some new faces on the rostrum
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