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  1. Hi guys It potentially would be possible to stage several rounds in the Isle of Man next year, if the current situation of no community-transmitted COVID-19 continues. We are able to freely travel and mix within the Island and the Club runs weekly race sessions. I cannot speak for the Manx Slot Car Club, as although I am a member, I am no longer an officer of the Club, but there are currently 7 routed wooden rally tracks in private houses here, plus one at the Club. I will be building another in the New Year. All these can be run in reverse too, to the best of my knowledge. I am sure there would be no problem in us finding the time to do our bit for a series, if that helps. Sadly, Barbs is now permanently in a care home, as a result of her dementia, but it does mean I am able to pursue this hobby more readily. Cheers Dave
  2. We really do live in difficult times folks, don't we? Most countries have or have had some form of lockdown. In the Isle of Man we had a lockdown initially but we are now able to live our lives "normally" and mix freely. We have had our borders closed to all but essential inwards travel since late March. This has meant that we have only seen cases here in recent weeks in those that have been to the UK(which is now in lockdown again) and returned home here, or in their family or close contacts. There has been no other community spread of cases. We have been allowed to meet to race slot cars from mid-summer. It's very hard to organise a world-wide series with the ever-changing COVID-19 landscape, which I think most of us will acknowledge. However, I'd be in favour of trying to stage something, if it is deemed possible within prevailing restrictions, and would be happy to enter and do what I can to assist. Cheers Dave
  3. HI guys I'm interested too. Cheers Dave
  4. Hi guys Sorry the cars didn't make it down under....just to clarify, the IOM rounds will go ahead as scheduled. As several of us are retired, it gives us plenty of flexibility as to when in the week we hold the various stages, so don't panic...! Well done to all contestants in Round 1. Cheers Dave
  5. Hi Mel Entry fees paid. No tyres required and will post the cars later this week. Any news on a potential schedule for the various rounds? Cheers Dave
  6. Hi Mel, will pay tonight. The cars just need a gentle fettle and running in early this week and they'll be on their way. Cheers Dave
  7. Hi guys Barbs' car has been lightly serviced and is running OK again since I've tightened the screws up a bit, from where they were when it arrived back. My car is running OK-ish but still too tippy, so I have a bit of work to do on that in the next week or two. Do we have a potential start date yet? My messages on this forum do not currently work for some reason, so e-mail is best at the moment. Cheers Dave
  8. Hi guys The two Manx Audis arrived today....thanks for sending them back. Cheers Dave and Barbs
  9. Thanks Mel. Good luck with the op tomorrow, just take it easy afterwards. Cheers Dave
  10. Thanks Alexis Good to see that there is still competitive rallying in Greece. I've enjoyed watching the progress of the various stages and there are some cars which clearly cope well with all types of stage. Well done to those guys on the set-up! I've learnt that we need to look again at sprung guides for next year...! I had tried one but had too many offs on flat tracks, so had canned that idea. Seems I might have been wrong - and the cars need some development in that area...! Must try and cut out the yo-yo-ing. So....how will everyone get on in the final rounds in sunny Australia...? Looking forward to the antipodean rounds...!
  11. Thanks Alexis. Pleased you held it as a tribute to those who were lost at Mata: a really awful story. It's hard for us to imagine what it must have been like. What on earth happened to Barbs' car...? Mind you, mine wasn't much better.... Well done to cars 4; 59 and 74 on the podium. Cheers Dave
  12. Hi Alexis Thanks for this round, some surprises through the Stages, but overall the quick cars are up there in general. Well done to cars 74, 7 and 27 for their overall podium spots. Delighted with 8th overall and 12th for Barbs - and with my 3rd on Stage 3. Thanks once again guys.
  13. Great stuff Alexis...! Well done to the top guys, with the first four a decent gap in front, but only 10 seconds between 6th and 16th....lol So, all to play for on the next stage. Good luck folks...! Cheers Dave and Barbs
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