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  1. From one racer in the US. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tnhphj07i...nVr_9XLfa?dl=0
  2. Is this the future of slotcar manufacture? There could be a time where you just purchase a programme (or design your own) and print your slotcar at home. Should be able to print the chassis and the body, then attach some running gear. Here's one example - http://www.scruthetrack.com/plastic-car-racing.html
  3. Tim, Don't think it is ferrador, I think it is a satin flooring paint, same as the King(Bill/Chris can confirm?), but agree it does'nt grip like a gloss surface.
  4. Thanks guys, parts definately missing.
  5. Just been building a White Kit for the race Saturday and noticed there was no rollcage or headlight/tailight covers included. Just wondering if this is normal.
  6. One trick I used on rebuildable motors in the 70's was to polish the comm with Brasso, then clean it off with shellite etc. We used to balance our hand wound arms on razor blades which increased performance, no dynamic balancers in those days. I use my Guitar Tuner to check and compare motor revs at certain voltages.
  7. Other than the jar it looks like (as the Scottish would say) the wee diode brake pot on my controller (a Ruddock).
  8. The British Slotcar Racing Association have some excellent info on track building, they favour smooth track surfaces for both hard rubber and sponge tires. http://www.slotcar.org.uk/trackbuild/
  9. And don't forget to clean with dishwashing liquid/warm water, makes the paint stick much better.
  10. Looking at the photos I think I would put on a few kilos. http://www.slotcartalk.com/slotcartalk/forumdisplay.php?174-2014-St-Maarten-International-Championship
  11. Garrry, But a great feeling if the long hours and effort is rewarding. A lot of success in life are a result of the work you have done, R&D, etc . You have been at the cutting edge over the years. and have a major contribution to the hobby/sport (Tracks, carbon chassis, race systems, electronics, race directing, etc etc) BTW Those long hours of cutting out chassis resulted in quite few championships which can bring more enjoyment than just spending big dollars on manufacturers stuff. I admire people who put in the effiort and want to advance the "tech" side of our hobby no matter what class.
  12. John, Laser cut chassis did'nt stop me making my own, but one has to have a lot of patience to design and dremell/grind/file/polish out a chassis out of a spring steel plate.
  13. Neil, thanks for the laugh that's a good one, but did'nt you know It's illegal in S.A.? I also liked your other comments, the only way to improve and learn is to compete with the best. I certainly learnt a bit in my trips to race in the US, Belgium and Holland. Most top racers are only too willing to help and give you tips.
  14. John, I think you have it the wrong way round. Getting back to your. original concern I can reassure you that after much experience that IMO there is no advantage treating foam tires, just keep them true (and "fresh"). Everyone should have even grip straight out the packet with the same tires. There may be fractional differences in hardness depending on quality control. The OPPOSITE is true of solid rubber tires where expert treatment can make differences to grip and lap times. We even found this out in the late 60's. I have never treated foam tires. Foam tires make for a much more even playing field, quicker times and on a smooth track last much longer than rubber tires on old style "sandpaper" tracks.
  15. I also really like the Ruddock as used by Paul "Beuf" Pederson the best wingcar racer in the US. I can use my Ruddock DR40 on everything from nsr/scalectrix, Scaleautos, , Flexis, etc to open group 7 cars due to it's very wide range of sensitivity. Has the ball bearing trigger, 30 bands, diode brake pot etc. I bought it due to it's reputation for reliability (virtually indestructable) and no mucking around with resistor boards etc Uses common automotive fuses for proection (not that I've ever had to replace them ).
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