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  1. There is a bit of brotherly pride on the line for the last race, both Paul and I are tied at 5 wins each, bragging rights for the next year are on the line. My car has come on strong at the pointy end of the proxy, so I am super exited and can't wait until next week.
  2. I told you it was a long proxy, look at my results now.
  3. Yeah don't use sugar soap wipes on a rubbered up track, even if a good friend says it does a good job. It did too good a job, now we have the rubber back on the track.
  4. I fly mode1 suits me just fine. I fly pattern and 3D planes, but not all that well, as I'm sure you can relate. Fly fishing is on the retirement to do list.
  5. Funny you should mention RC aircraft, that is one of my other hobbies as well. I have taken the Dremel to the windows already, and removed as much as I feel safe with.
  6. I tried it without the interior, and yes 0.3 sec faster, so I modified an interior out of another car that was half the weight, and now it's about 0.2 sec faster than before. I've gone from 6.8 secs a lap to 6.6, and I'm happy with that. Cheers Andrew
  7. Yeah I just used the L34 tyres, and they are a good fit, but don't forget to round the outer edges. Good idea on giving it a run without the interior, I'll do that tonight and get back to you.
  8. I just spent the weekend working on mine, first thing that I had to do was true the wheels, one of the rears was terrible. Next the tyres, I fitted MJK rears and zero grips to the front. After trimming the chassis for float, I gave it a few laps, not too bad but needs ballast. Now for the lead ballast, there is plenty of room to add as much as you need. I put about 10gr down each side and 5 right at the back. Now I have it lapping at the times of the rest of my aussie muscle cars, but I think there is more left in it. Next I am going to start to take weight out of the body, there is a lot that can come out without too much trouble. Cheers Andrew
  9. Just for that, I'll see how many times I can crash your car tonight.
  10. I just ordered one, let's see what I can do with it
  11. Yeah, thanks for that.............................................
  12. Keep up with the times, I don't understand this 5 x 15.5, that track is 1800 x 4800.
  13. So far from the 6 tracks we have run on, only 2 were ferradore, this is another one I built and it uses semi gloss. And for interest sakes, I have had a hand in building 3 of the 6, and now this one as well.
  14. Peter I think you have done a great build, and I predict that you will finish the proxy on the podium. All Paul is doing is to give the unfortunate punters a better experience in a proxy, in that they still get a chance to compete. Yes, I know this is not how other proxies are run, but this is Paul's proxy and he is running it the way he thinks is should be. I think what he is doing is good for the proxy and it gives everyone the hope that their car will finish in a good working order and not in the bottom of a box full of dead cars. Cheers Andrew
  15. Have the protesters paid the mandatory $50 lodgement fees? If they have, I have a little something in a plain paper envelope for the stewards
  16. The last time I went to this track I took my proxy car and broke the lap record.
  17. Lucky I gave you all a head start after my penalties, but I'm on my way up the list now. Let's see if I can end up giving Paul a run for his money before the end of the proxy.
  18. The track is all prepped and ready for a great night of racing. Bring it on.
  19. Hi Dale It's 1.8m x 4.8m no banked corners. Surface is interior semi gloss. Cheers Andrew Ps: expect my car to do well on this track.
  20. Tell me about it.........................
  21. Page does not exist.............................
  22. I ordered some braid from MrSlotcar on the 20th and according to AustPost it still hasn't left Melbourne. Thanks Dan
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