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  1. No good news on the lockdown front sorry. We have at least another two weeks before any changes. We are aloud to have gatherings of up to five people, but only in open air places.
  2. Tinned copper with self adhesive tape is the ducks guts and is what I put on all the tracks I build. I get it from Mr Slotcar.
  3. HI I'm still building tracks, the braid issue is still current, but better. For any updates refer to my facebook page. Slotcar racing is still very much alive and thriving, as the demand for my tracks will prove. Keep on racing and keep the hobby alive Cheers Andrew
  4. We did wait until the end of the day when the track was well rubbered up before we attempted the test runs, I did all the driving and was very surprised at how quick some of the cars are. I am looking forward the the first race, my best guess is that it will be a real battle for the podium, I just hope my car makes it the the top. There should be a few more test sessions before we can set a qualifying order for the first race, stay tuned for updates. Cheers Andrew
  5. Paul brought a few cars over on the weekend and I am very impressed with at least 2 of them, I will have to fight for a place on the podium if they are any measure of what is to come for the proxy this year. And by the way, Pauls car will be lucky to get a podium at this rate with the quality of this years entries. Cheers Andrew
  6. Wishful thinking.................................
  7. After a test run against Paul's car last night, none of you have anything to worry about. His new car was all over the place, and my good old reliable was on fire. Also I have made a pact with the rest of the Canberra guys to help each other to the pointy end of the field. If I know my brother as well as I think I do, he will spend the next 3 months tuning and re-tuning his car until he over tunes it and in frustration falls back on his old car and does OK but not great in the proxy. Let's see what happens.
  8. I'm calling you out on this one. After all you didn't build this car, you bought it at a deceased estate sale on Saturday. And you only paid $15 for it............................................
  9. Well seeing as my car was getting faster and faster, all I am going to do is give it a good service and put it back on the track, I am even going to use the same tyres.
  10. Bring it on, and if you don't add penalties after the first round, it should be interesting
  11. WOW, that was the first track that I built, it's good to know it's still in use. How did it end up in QLD? I sold it to a guy from the south coast.
  12. I hope he pulls through OK, he owes me $130.................................
  13. Well, now that you mention it..............................
  14. You can drop mine off any time you want a cuppa, I'll get Debbie to put the kettle on.
  15. Come on Paul, where are the results? We all want to know who made it to the top 5, lots of very close racing in the mid pack. And the much awaited end of proxy opinions of the cars. And wait until you see the video of my cars first heat, a very funny moment.
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