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  1. Good morning gentlemen. GE112A and GE112B are the two first 'home racing', positive polarity cartridges that we made. Stuttering can happen for two reasons 1 - self protection when the controller reads a current value which is greater than about 3A. 2 - broken power supply wire. Make sure that the three red/white/black wires are not broken - they may look OK on the outside but broken inside. In particular, we've seen this happen on the red (GND) cable and, oddly enough, the controller can work through the ground connection running through the car, albeit badly. For point 1 above, if you accept the risk you may remove the protection. You will also notice an improvement in performance, but you run the risk of burning out the power MOSFETs in your cartridge. If your power supply is at most 3A per lane, then you're running low or zero risks - if you have 30A available, than things may be different. So if you decide to give it a try, shunt the two resistors marked '050' in the back of the cartridge, near the cartridge's connector, one on each side, with a piece of wire... (the 'legs' of a capacitor, resistor, etc. will do nicely). I can't post pictures apparently, so I will give it to someone to post it for me.
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    Sorry but I have had people asking so I have to explain: You may know how much I love the P34 (my 2nd favourite car, the 1st one being a Chaparral 2J), and my collection can be seen here: It has slightly grown since. However, we have no plans at all to make a P34. Now 1fslots is a welcome addition to my collection. We will make a 2J at some point in the future though, and with working fans I also have a McLaren M23 with 6 wheels Me in the 2J (I kindly asked Mr. Jim Hall to sit inside the car at Midland museum) Regards Maurizio, Slot.it
  3. TMAS!! Tiger Milk's Appreciation Society!! That was 10 years ago, I was working for Ferrari (1:1) ... You've come a long way, Baby! Maurizio
  4. Hi. Yes it is SIPA18-Pl I can confirm I from time to time visit this and other sites :-) Kind regards Maurizio
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