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  1. Great news to hear the outhouse site is running again.
  2. Love the old GP Cars. You have done a great job.
  3. Thanks for the replys so far, keep them coming. I would like to use these chassis kits to build my first scratchbuilt slot cars. i would like to ease myself into this. I am using 2 of munters falcon bodies, to be used by myself and the grandkids, not to sit on the shelf. All opinions welcome, Greg
  4. bozcorp61

    Mjk Chassis ?

    Hi All I would be interested to hear any opinions on the chassis kits that MJK sell. Good or bad. Greg
  5. The older I get the faster I was.
  6. Another excellent read. Keep them coming Greg
  7. bozcorp61

    55 Chev Nascar

    Fantastic bit of modelling, can't wait to see the finished car Greg
  8. Great article, and great to see all those historic race cars.The more of these meetings the better,the new race cars 1:1 or slots all look the same to me. Great job you blokes keep it up. Regards Greg
  9. Has anyone replaced the tyres on these side cars, if so what did you use for replacements and where did you get them. Thanks Greg
  10. Thanks David, I will read more carefully next time. wouldnt want to upset that gazza bloke. Damn fine bit of painting anyway. Greg
  11. Great Paint job. Did you mask that up with tape ? Greg
  12. Had a chance to have a look at one of these cars yesterday at Red Racer. The car was delivered RTR ,what a Beautiful piece of kit.Very simple, very well assembled and Great handling and very,very quick. These cars are a credit to you and you can be very proud of your work building these cars cam Regards Greg ,
  13. Great collection , and the set was a real good score. This new vintage section is a great addition to this forum Greg
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