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  1. Hi guys, I haven't been on here for ages but its good to finally get back on.... Can anyone tell me if Ninco Digital is any good? I have a huge ninco track collection at the moment about 35m and can only afford 1 digital conversion kit....... any yays or nays i should know about before i do the deed?? Thanks Sim Oh I have moved up the mid coast as opposed to being around the corner from Rick....
  2. My son was just over 1 when I bought him his first Ninco set with 2 cars and controllers and a small circle of track, he loved it so much he wouldn't stay away from it, I had to tape an eraser to the handle of the controller so he could just squeeze the trigger and not come off the track. Now he is 5 he races on my track ( partly his 4 corners and 2 straights) and he has 1 kit bashed 34 rod, scx audi lemans croc car 2 scx gt cars and a SCX Montero long drop arm ( Called the JUMP CAR! Dad!) Every time he see a car he wants it ! Not a bad racer either when he can concentrate for more than 2 laps Cheers
  3. Dave I have no Idea but please keep us posted with what you find. Cheers
  4. Sim 999

    Scx Montero

    Q1 - Does anyone know if SCX is going to bring out some more models of their off road vehicles????? Q2 - Is there a dedicated SCX reporter ( someone in the know) in AUS that would like to bring some much needed news??? Q3 - Does anyone else have some cool track Ideas for said drop arm car???? Cheers
  5. Ive ticked the box baby
  6. FANTASMAZING!!! Other wise saying it looks really good!
  7. Sim 999

    Scx Montero

    I'm Cool with that Nice work great idea.
  8. Fly's seem to go better with use and age?? My certainly do Or maybe its because i use fly spray on them - -uhuh huh huh ( not really Funny is it)
  9. THATS IT ! HOW MANY OF YOU ARE GOING OUT WITH MY WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And can I please have my pocket calculator back :(
  10. Excellent work Rick, Keep going you are doing Auslot Proud!!!
  11. Hey Gaz / SlotsNZ The jump looks great Gaz I have successfully jumped mine about 35-45cm on the fly with a beautiful reslot to beat the young fella and I am still stunned! SlotsNZ I have at least 30 gram inside the Ninco and SCX raids and they handle pretty good now, just getting them to slide on the Ninco track which is pretty grippy as you know. Yeah now I have the computer going again I wil get back to seeing what I can do about drop arms for the ninco's Speak soon Sim
  12. Prey tell Vinno Does one have any photgraphy of this wonderous event??? I would be most pleased to plagerize your most inventive ambidexterities. (Yeh right, can I have a look please Vinno!) Sim
  13. Sim 999

    Casula Raceway

    I'm Still In Gaz ! I have cashed in a couple of domestic fly buys. N
  14. Welcome Doc You seem to have all the kids in a flutter over your arrival. I assume you can teach us a thing or 2. Cheers
  15. Sim 999

    Bmr's Rally Track

    excellent work BMR! NOW GET UP HERE TO SYDNEY AND SHOW ME HOW TO DO IT!! hehehe
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