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  1. Hi Guys, Viv here, bad news for those who arn't going Wellington, l won't be able to open my track thurs,other commitements sorry
  2. Hello happy campers l hear its at my place this week,alls good,don't forget to wear your thermals,its predicted to be a wee bit chilly
  3. Sorry l had to leave early team,but l was feeling like crap still trying to shake off the lurgy,hope the rest of the racing went well
  4. You would'nt be gloating like that Mac if l was in your team!
  5. Hi playmates, l have a surplus Professor Motors controller, check your boxes and see who is missing it, cheers Viv
  6. Hi Guys see you all Thurs, will get track cleaned up and ready to go. not fussy how we run the trucks,but good to see them,as this will be only the 2nd time they haverun on my track
  7. Hi Guys, happy to have racing at my place if nothing else is organised, just let me know, cheers Viv
  8. good evening Gentlemen,have been out of circulation for a while,due to work pressure and other commitments, but am hopefully back in the world of the living,so the track is avaliable this week if other plans have not been made, Great to hear that you are on the mend Pat,John has kept me up to date on your well being, not sure what classes,but definately pre 65 for one of them. will confirm the other classes .tomorrow. if it's all on l will give it a good clean up in preparation,,just let me know. cheers ,
  9. Sorry about the delay in getting back , had a few family disasters of my own late last week, consequently slot cars were put on the back burner yep just stick to what you have picked Mark, see you all Thursday
  10. Hey Dave,what did you mean when you said the motor was in the right place, how do you expect to get traction if its not over the back wheels
  11. Thought that might wake you up young Smithy! The Chevy looks like it's good to do battle with lead sledge,cool car Dave
  12. i'm reluctant to get involved in these debates, but Smitty, you are talking a load ot shite, the Corvette is a bad handling plastic good for nothing all american sports car,its the only goddam one that they have, and every blue blooded good old boy will stand up there holding his stars and stripes with his hand on his heart and vouch for it
  13. Sorry, can't do it tonight playing with real cars,l've got to go and bench test run the rebuilt motor for the 356 this evening to check it out before fitting to the little beastie,it's been a bit of a mission,as l had the motor rebuilt sometime ago,and when we gave it a quick once over before installing it ,we found a lot of anomolies,its now been stripped right back,line bored , and completely rebuilt with new heads etc(it had new barrels and pistons on its original rebuild) if you are not interested in real cars,just ignore this.
  14. Great night thanks playmates, thanks for all the food etc,it was just having a birthday(on second thoughts it was my birthday)
  15. can race at my place, 6.30 onwards, bring everything and we will sort out some classes when you get here.
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