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  1. Hi Tank I thought that Jason Brooks was there, and made the finals for GTs and Classics, and won the Classics, but not included in the results ?
  2. Yes that is correct The Magnet Marshalls are all set up the same at the factory (I guess) but do vary a bit all the MM dose is measure in grams the force that the magnets from the motor and or the traction magnets apply to the tyres A pictures worth a 1000 words ( in my case 100 000) words
  3. I read all the post but I find this quote and quote below from Round 8 Alvora's to be some what contradictory 'Weight placement does not improve the overall speed in fact it tends to slow cars down , the more weight you carry the slower you are , physics Paul., the videos show 2 cars a lot faster than others that's the proof in the videos ."
  4. I am very happy to leave my car with Paul and finish the proxy series
  5. Hi Guys We haven't seen any videos or numbers for a while, so I thought I would do some numbers based on the data we have. So about the only thing I came up with is an efficiency percentage, based on laps you have done in the race and a theoretical lap score (TLS) based on the your fastest lap time e.g for 32coupe laps 60.43 fastest lap 5.623 So from that we can find a theoretical lap score (TLS), The time of the race 360 sec is divided by fastest lap 360/5.623 = 64.02 so then you can divide the actual laps by the TLS in this case 60.43 / 64.02 = .944 or 94.4% so here's the list Name Laps fastest lap TLS Efficiency percentage 32coupe 60.44 5.623 64.02 94.4% Sports Racer 59.88 5.666 63.54 94.24% Alvaro 59.84 5.682 63.36 94.44% Brooksy 57.97 6.014 59.86 96.84% Nev 56.57 5.851 61.53 91.16% DP201 56.09 5.983 60.17 93.22% old man 55.85 5.964 60.48 91.22% Lancelot 55.35 6.004 59.96 92.18% jimmyslots 55.27 5.964 60.36 91.56% Peter Gunn 54.47 5.903 60.99 89.32% bov 54.02 5.895 61.07 88.46% ArroldN 53.82 6.233 57.76 93.18% Dixie 53.60 6.143 58.60 94.46% Supercharged 53.54 5.973 60.27 88.75% sticks 53.20 6.078 59.23 89.82% Aloha 52.35 6.200 58.06 90.16% JohnnieE 51.54 6.109 58.93 87.46% Nonfractal 51.27 6.390 56.74 91.00% Shaynus 51.06 6.347 56.79 90.00% ALS 50.84 6.485 55.52 91.58% Pespsi62 50.70 6.454 55.78 90.89% curef99 50.10 6.652 54.11 92.57% BARacer 49.11 6.318 56.98 86.19% BrumosRSR 48.02 6.322 56.94 84.64% I hope is helpful
  6. sticks

    Post a photo.

    Thanks Gary your right it doesn't work for me
  7. sticks

    Post a photo.

    I try to post url, didn't work. try to delete the post didn't work no kids at home to fix it all up
  8. Hi Charlie I think the rubber belt is an "O"ring (circeluar cross section) if so should be able to buy them over the counter at an engineering supplier or bearing supplier ( if covid allowed) Take the broken one with you to get the right length and diameter most likely they will bring out a box with different sizes to pick from https://wallersindustrialonline.com/products/279pc-metric-o-ring-set?variant=13560138465315&currency=AUD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&utm_campaign=gs-2020-04-23&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2pXim7O_8gIVxJNmAh1rmQv9EAQYASABEgLy__D_BwE make sure you don't get one that is to long ( voice of experience) Good Luck Rodney
  9. Hi ALS If you have the tracking #, you may be able to track it from the Australia Post tracking site https://auspost.com.au/mypost/track/#/search I found some of my things from the US this way
  10. sticks

    The Asylum

    Good looking track Ding
  11. Two cars from jimmystols and sticks on there way should be there tomorrow.
  12. sticks


    It would also been nice if there were lights in the top beacon and in the tail pipe.
  13. Hi Paul Good to hear you are on the mend I'll would like to enter the green machine again Rodney
  14. Hi Peter My kit car for Pendel's arrived at the mail centre near Heathrow Airport on 28th of January, arrived in Sydney mail centre yesterday 5th of March I should get it Monday the 8th (I hope)
  15. Hi Gary I think that post is for the last Slotworx 1/24 V8 body I think he is looking for more info on the Slotworx- Slot-it Chassis
  16. Hi  Vinno 

    I'm a friend of Jimmy and Cam and race over at Pagey's place 

    I have been waiting for you to move into your new house and only found out on Thursday that you had moved in.

    I have a track I thought you might be interested in but after reading your post it may be to large.

    give me a call 


    0402 096 158

    1. Vinno


      Hi Rodney

      Sorry I have not gotten back to you I have been a bit busy at work during the day. I am building a plastic track at the moment. Will give you a call in the next day or two though and have a chat. 

      Regards Vince

  17. I think my tyres will be fine but judging by results and comments made i think my roof might be worn out before the end of the series!
  18. I have had my car on a diet all week I hope the tyres work better on the ferrodor tracks
  19. Thanks Paul for all your efforts, its much appreciated. I looking forward to all the racing Good luck to all the entries
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