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  1. Hi Paul At the moment i trying put a Ninco Merc on a Slot-it HRS chassis, not sure what short can motor i can or should use( any suggestions) Rodney
  2. Hi Paul I was wondering if there is room for one more slow car to run in the proxy? Rodney
  3. Love the car well done Chris
  4. Manually Stephen did a great job, all by himself
  5. Thanks Guys for your information, its what I thought before I started this project After a couple of hours of trying to make it work I put it into the too hard basket I will try again when I get an old lap top with a 25 pin port Thanks again
  6. Hi Guys Has anyone ran Start line hardware with Race Coordination software through a usb to com port adaptor and if so which track set up did you use. If anyone could help it would be appreciated. Rodney
  7. Yes the overall results are posted there https://www.acehobbi...157863987150705 But it would be nice to have all race results posted
  8. It would be to nice to have all race results posted
  9. I hope I don't have to charge a pinon, I'm going for four days
  10. Hi Robbo I understand that we will be running the track for the APC in the reverse direction, so my question is, will the track be switched or will we have to change over our lead wires. Thanks Rodney
  11. Hi guys I agree with every Axeman wrote Just one more thing to add I had ACD pros but swapped to Carsteen mainly because of my driving style with braking. the Carsteen braking control range is 0% to 100% The ACD brake is set at 50% minimum, so braking control range is only from 50% to 100% Most of my 1/24 racing, brake is set around 30% to 60% but 1//32 is usually much less and if racing magnet class, brake can is set at 0% I hope this Helps Rodney
  12. sticks

    Tyre Durometer

    I find this hard to believe you can ban a set of tyres based on,(smell and feel) ? :huh: There is no mention of tyre hardness in the rules! And if what you say about tyre treatments only lasting 20 laps is true, you may save (say) about 0.3sec a lap X 20 = 6sec A good lap time is about 5.2sec you save about 1.2laps in an event that will go for about 1450 laps I don't think its worth the worry
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