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  1. Hi Gary I think that post is for the last Slotworx 1/24 V8 body I think he is looking for more info on the Slotworx- Slot-it Chassis
  2. Hi  Vinno 

    I'm a friend of Jimmy and Cam and race over at Pagey's place 

    I have been waiting for you to move into your new house and only found out on Thursday that you had moved in.

    I have a track I thought you might be interested in but after reading your post it may be to large.

    give me a call 


    0402 096 158

    1. Vinno


      Hi Rodney

      Sorry I have not gotten back to you I have been a bit busy at work during the day. I am building a plastic track at the moment. Will give you a call in the next day or two though and have a chat. 

      Regards Vince

  3. I think my tyres will be fine but judging by results and comments made i think my roof might be worn out before the end of the series!
  4. I have had my car on a diet all week I hope the tyres work better on the ferrodor tracks
  5. Thanks Paul for all your efforts, its much appreciated. I looking forward to all the racing Good luck to all the entries
  6. Hi Paul At the moment i trying put a Ninco Merc on a Slot-it HRS chassis, not sure what short can motor i can or should use( any suggestions) Rodney
  7. Hi Paul I was wondering if there is room for one more slow car to run in the proxy? Rodney
  8. Love the car well done Chris
  9. Manually Stephen did a great job, all by himself
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