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  1. I am out sorry.I just realised that with the new customs laws as of july 1st ,geting the car back will cost me at least 25 euros (custom clearence expenses and duty) which i consider unacceptable.
  2. I am glad the Alpine is progressing. We survived the 3rd pandemic wave,number of new cases is declining as well as of deaths and hospitalisations, vaccination is progressing well but as most scientists say we must reach 70% for safety,which might prove difficult to achieve with all these fools who resist vaccination.IPS 2021 is not a possibility but IPS2022 looks promising.
  3. Is there room?If yes i would like an entry please.Possibly an Alfa
  4. https://greekherald.com.au/news/australia/greek-flag-projected-sydney-opera-house-greek-independence/
  5. It has been some time the idea of an iso chassis was torturing me ,then someday a similar chassis arrived I the post from a friend but it was too wide.At the same time a customer from downunder asked for an adjustable chassis which I had already started designing.2+2=4 the next inevitable step was this chassis. 3d printed 69 to 76 mm wheelbase,adjustable pivot point,43.5 mm wide Next step squeeze a boxer motor into this chassis
  6. I last raced the 1st week of september 2020 and before that i think i London in february .For Greece it is the 3rd (long) wave,it started in october and with ups and downs goes towards a new peak
  7. We are now dealing with the 3rd wave of the pandemic, in lockdown.This week we broke the 1 million barrier of people that have been vaccinated (out 11 millions total population).Apart from that we had a twin earthquake (main earthquake followed by one of the same magnitude with epicenter on the other end of the same rift) 5.9 magnitude in central Greece fortunately with no life losses.
  8. 4 versions of the same car,Peugeot 307,from left Revell easykit(static),Scalextric,Carrera,Ninco.The 2 in the middle are fitted with new ISO chassis.The other 2 are fitted with "classic" motor pod chassis.
  9. New ISO chassis Escort RS Scalextric,from now on ISO chassis accept flat motors too
  10. Narrow version of the ISO chassis to fit under rally cars like the red Subaru .The red one is faster by .2" as fastest lap and faster by 5" over 20 laps ( 87,258-82,152)
  11. Good that you chose the 3dp chassis Keith.I bought last year the Pilot RTR one,i consider it my worst buy and my last from Revo Slot.Or maybe not now that they sell body kits.It sits in a drawer ,i was so disapointed i did not want to design a chassis for it but now i might change my mind
  12. The first 3 cars fitted with an ISO chassis,Scalextric,Ferrari F430,Jaguar XKRS,Camaro [/size][/background]
  13. We did very well last spring with less than 100 losses but things have changed brutally since ,we have over 5000 losses since it started.But still not so bad as we have 2% of the population vaccinated so far and we are under 30 losses and 1000 new cases daily . If we get enough vaccines we could be in good shape when sunmer arrives ,if not we will be in financial trouble as we cannot afford losing tourists for a second year in a row. Stay at home as much as you can and wear a mask it is the only protection.Cheers
  14. I had designed this chassis a few months ago but I just completed the car(inserts when the new resin printer arrives),Seat 1430 SCX
  15. New chassis Mitsubishi Lancer WRC evo 7 Scalextric C2364
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