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  1. I had designed this chassis a few months ago but I just completed the car(inserts when the new resin printer arrives),Seat 1430 SCX
  2. New chassis Mitsubishi Lancer WRC evo 7 Scalextric C2364
  3. I have been working on several projects in parallel making it impossible to finish any of them for some time.Here is the first one completed (well inserts are missing) ,3dp printed chassis and motor pod for Renault R8 SCX
  4. Second batch on the way home:12,19,99,5,66,86,40.Please drop me a line when they arrive
  5. The first batch of cars is on the way home signed for : 1,21,2,87,658,28,5,111,11,20 .Please drop me a line when they arrive
  6. Because of the covid situation i had decided to run 4 rounds in Athens but my plans failed: -The most interesting would be a brand new Policar track but the owner had to deal with serious(noncovid)health issues of one of his family members so i would not dare asking to run he race we had agreed -i could race solo a 3rd Ninco track, but racing 2 races solo proved quite exausting ,and one more Ninco track would not provide additonal information. Some comments: -the J _R motor seems more consistent than the BWA and my feeling is that the cars are more pleasent to drive with 1,5-2k of additional rpm.Exceptions --- (A)car #1 11280 rpm it is either a faulty motor or my tachometers error but especially on Creative Hobby track if felt slow on the long straight and --- (B) car #2 16762 rpm lucky you Kevan -it looks that gear ratio 9/24 is the way to go.The cars affected most by wrong ratio are 28,87,658,11,86,i have the feeling they could be fighting for podiums Below is a table showing scores after 2 races and car data.Please help me to fill the blanks.There could also be some mistake in pinion count ,please correct me,it wasnt easy counting teeth without removing which did not.Car 98 is missing pinion and crown data because it has a Policar gearbox and it is impossible to count without removal. Time to start packing. P.S. there a couple of cars we would like to keep permanently here but not his time: 21 and 87 for me and 5 for Nick
  7. Please PM me your return addresses IPS 2020 entries photos https://imgur.com/gallery/TYFSi9Y
  8. My versions of ff50 and fk130 motor pods FF50 AW fitted under a Ferrari 612 Dart body FF50 in line fitted under an Alfa Romeo monopsto Ocar body FK 130 in line fitted under a Lancia Fulvia SCX FK130 AW fitted under a Rover PreWing body
  9. And results Some comments -5 Daytona coupe loved the blue lane,it was the only one that scored over the 16 lap barrier -66 it was bottoming out and as tyre wear increased it became worse,I had push start on green and blue lane but when is deslotted the wheels were spinning in the air,thus the 0 score on white lane -18 as the race progressed the chainsaw noise became louder and louder indicating gear wear.I was lucky ii finished the race -the following cars would have scored better with a lower gearing:99-71-658-87-12 -98 very difficult to drive it deslotted many times -28 very good car but unexpected deslots is the catch -2 was the undisputed leader in front engine class -21 was the undisputed leader in slimline class Best Laps
  10. Final batch https://youtu.be/5Exx1DUAa-U https://youtu.be/rKnHl3nTpKo https://youtu.be/CldlVfwCo5A https://youtu.be/QXDTyJjOzEw https://youtu.be/-QNNwx77HtA https://youtu.be/x5UtdD-frKE Videos of cars 40&98 are truncated,it seems that the camera went off without me noticing it,i apologise for this
  11. https://youtu.be/1CbGyikq8ZQ https://youtu.be/mM5VA5xcz9Y https://youtu.be/LQ--ll8_1Ho more to come monday as daily upload limit reached
  12. https://youtu.be/z_ql810ngkc https://youtu.be/43IGY3aPYBw https://youtu.be/bK2jldURziI https://youtu.be/Rr5uWG0z1qo more to come
  13. Yesterday I run the final 2 lanes ,video https://youtu.be/Yzsu4k5ad_Y Painted green for this occasion https://youtu.be/OeEacyJPxOI https://youtu.be/3iHIT-rnr4Y https://youtu.be/k5H82polI1M more to come
  14. https://youtu.be/BmZN504lGvw https://youtu.be/oUWJc2hnf-Y https://youtu.be/QUJ2bu3Zt1c https://youtu.be/q7srxL7TtWs more to come
  15. Yesterday i raced solo the first 2 lanes ,it was quite a job.I managed to shoot video ,i missed half the cars but i have taked notice and will make sure i shoot them when i race the next 2 lanes. Link to the playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...eGkE53TjCfzhSl
  16. Friday i start racing the final round on Ninco track,i expect to race 2 lanes then continue monday.By the end of ext week i will start posting cars.As for 2021 i dont know ,the pandemic does not seem to slow down
  17. They look like urethanes but to be sure you should ask Dave West as i think he built both cars
  18. Race results and comments: Nick drove lanes black and blue and I drove yellow and red.Blue and red were the 2 inside lanes at the hairpin following downhill section which favored cars with good brakes: 658 ,the car that suffered most at the hairpin 111 good car 99 gearing seems wrong could use a higher ratio 98 a beauty but it got you by surprise and rolled 87 good car given the width and height excellent 86 needs a bit more attention to the front end could eliminate the offs 71 I dont think the sprung guide is a good idea 66 good car finished 12th in 2018 now 6th 40 too much body rock tyres rubbing the body 28 Alpine good car given the width and height excellent 28 Jaguar very good car but sideways braking gave 2 very costly deslots on straight line at the downhill section 27 good car but cound not beat 21 for slimlin class honors 21 I wish I could build chassislike this,if fited with a big motor it would be in a class of its own 20 the pinion slipped 3 times then I had to retire the car.The crown rotates out of round and I think this is the reason 19 needs attention to the front end ,it is the cause of so many offs 18 it was quite a surprise as I had not touched it after the 1000 laps test,it makes me consider making 1000 laps run in a standard procedure 15 hoping rear end needs attention 12 ery good car but sideways braking gave 2 very costly deslots on straight line at the downhill section 11 very good car 5 Lotus front end needs attention 5 Daytona,very good car,Nick loved it 2 Very smooth and considering front engine perfect 1 Very good car but I takes a couple of laps until you feel cnfident Results
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