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  1. I am very sorry for that it is the first time this happes since we moved into this apartment in 1992.I have 23 cars including 2 mine
  2. Hi Keith In Greece things are good so far counting around 50 molestations /day ,the majority being tourists,death tollin total to just over 190.The critical month will be August when it will be hard to convince citizens to abstend from traditional open air festivals .Another unknown is the impact from the tourist flood expected (we have to take the risk as we need the money). Post wise it seems things are improving, last parcel to UK took 12 days versus 3 weeks previously and 6 days during pro covid era. I keep the cars in 3 boxes ,safe from dust,temperatures <30 deg ,siting on their sides to avoid flat spotting the tires Starting now i think it is impossible as most clubs(at least the ones i know in the UK,Southend,Wolverhampton,North London) are closed Options: - to wait until October as by then it would be clear whether there will be a new explosion of the pandemic or not and if things are good start then. -use the existing local tracks (4 Ninco ,1 wood ,1 Policar) running solo the 6 (or 7 if we run Nick 's track untilockwise also )rounds (my cars will run but will not get points) then return the cars -return the cars now I am open to suggestions,should we vote?
  3. Unfortunately I forgot to shoot a photo berofe starting.It was hanging in my to trash box as it was a bare body ,painted with some red- brownish stuff which flaked off in places bt where it did not it was almost impossile to strip the paint,I had to sand it off.As I like very much the shape of this car regardless of dimensional accuracy,I decided to give it a try ,I wasnt so bad in the end. I used nail extensions for the lenses and fake diamonds for the headlights.Decals were some very old pattos ones which wrinkled just when I coated with floor pollish ,I would nt dare use lacquer on top of that.I used glass from a good one as a mould to vacform windshield and windows. Underwear A comparison to the original one
  4. The only Metro i have is the MSC one.If it is close (dinension wise) to the Scalextric one then ic ould try to make you one
  5. Hi Chas cockpit weights 1.6 grams and body total is 19.5 grams (lightselectronics removed)
  6. SCX ,new tuning package: adjustable ride height front and rear ,sprung guide, rims with incorporated puleys, suspension, lightweight cockpit(not so good) image widget
  7. I had lost hope but surpirse ,my Lancia and goodies showed up today,i think its a couple of days more than 4 months,thanks Mel.I hope you find the renergy to run another one in 2021
  8. I am sure that someone on this forum aked for tips on printing rims but could locate thepost so i started a new thread.I have tried PLA,PET,ABS and nylon.Nylon is good but very difficult to remove supports.ABS provides the best finish but grub screws chew threads.PLA is not strong enough.These leave us with one choice PET.I managed the first 4 rims so far with 100% success.Data: -the axle hole in the rim has a dia of 2,58,because i cannot ,so far,control the elephant foot effect inside the hole -the grub screw holes have a dia of 2.34, i am using m2.5 grub screws ,with m2 thread was too fine. -i have created my own supports Pins are .2mm dia and stand .1 mm off the rim body. So my print consists of 5 parts:2 support rings,insert and spinner and rim Assembled \ To remove supports i put the print on top of a suitable tube and tap the center ,this removes the outer ring.Then squeeze the inner ring with a pair of pliers and cut it off
  9. Curef's car entered the quarantine zone today,it was posted on march 12
  10. Today Curef's IPS car arrived posted from OZ on march 12. And on top of everything else i was surprised to pay 11euros /parcel to UK instead of 6,50 before .
  11. Progress report,3 to go to the lacquer shop onerescued from junkyard The decals were a nightmare despite the fact that I protected them with liquid decal film the rear number cracked as soon as it set ,Will have to print a replacement one Part of the same junkyard as the Alpine,Chevy 55 Alpine A210 1/24 Heller static kit part of a box full of broken static kits I bought some years ago ,this is the second one I managed to recover (the first one was a Rambler ) .I was lucky to remove all glass in (almost) one piece and repoped them vacforming them
  12. Progress reportJaguar E type LM 62 progressingFerrari 275 GTB LM 69 got a chassis and paintAnother Ferrari 360 Modena Ninco got the tratment,lightweight cockpit&glass,poded chassisAnd another Porsche 997 NincoAnd the Rover SD1 finished heading straight in to the "to be redone" drawer the photo was shot from a distance to cover up what i f8*&d up
  13. Until a few days ago Hellenic post did not accept anything apart from objects headng to Germany,Belgium and a couple of neibhouring countries.My WRP entry was posted back in March but has not shown up yet.One of the IPS cars took a little less than 2 months to make it from Hawai to Athens
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