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  1. hi no instruction came in post just the cable and receipt. 4 x High Sensitivity Infrared Darlington Transistor Sensors with 2m ribbon cable terminated to 25w Male LTP connector.......................................................................................................LAP TIMER 2000 SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION: The following settings are the settings that I have found to work on most notebook computers. 1.Select FILE / OPTIONS/ENTER 2.Select SETTINGS / TICK INVERT LAP SWITCHING LOGIC (Other settings depend on your computer) try the default settings first. 3.Select PORTS / TICK PRINTER Select LPT1 TICK TRACKMATE SENSOR CPMPATABILITY HARDWARE TYPE: Any windows based PC or Notebook (Excluding WIN 7) - HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: The computer must have a 25way parallel printer port (LPT) - SOFTWARE TYPE: We recommend LAP TIMER 2000. - An overhead light will minimise any false counts found some instructions still cant get it to work
  2. neeed help i bought the 4 lane starter kit that plugs into the printer port photo-sensors wired into the DB25 bought from armchair racer cant get it to work at all on laptop or desktop pc running windows xp what are the port settings???????????? getting really annoyed with it
  3. yeh that is a good track well layed out
  4. jasonh

    Armchair Racer

    is anyone going to armchair racer any time soon from shellharbour/dapto. local illawarra? with my back condition i cant drive that far and need a favour to pick up a few things will chuck in for petrol
  5. thoughts on this for a light sourece for the start line? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2-x-Motorcycle-5050-SMD-6-LED-light-Strip-Stripe-AMBER-/110550248611?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item19bd4eeca3
  6. http://www.ebay.com/itm/JK-Cheetah-7-Mercedes-CLK-S16D-RTR-Slot-Car-1-24-9-/250996684616?pt=Slot_Cars&hash=item3a70917748 how are these to race and can bodies be changed on them
  7. jasonh

    F1 Cars

    http://www.ebay.com/sch/onsmbeach0yr7/m.html?hash=item2a1d4db852&item=180880259154&pt=Slot_Cars&rt=nc&_trksid=p4340.l2562 check these out some good f1 cars and other stuff
  8. yeh they are good bunch out there..and heplful
  9. thanks richo99 iam way down south wollongong way yeh just pm me what you might have for sale later on ha ha the begginer car i bought is a scalextric autoart citroen xsara. $26.00 to my door i guess for that price i should have bought another for spares lol
  10. gee thanks didnt ask a question to be ignored with all the bitchn............................................ well heres my say as long as everyone stick to the rules for there class of car they race and what they can and cant do .if you change a part cause the quality isnt there and it is in the rules to be ok. i bought the worst car possible to begin with so i can learn how to tune and race..
  11. ok thanks will try just for fun i might make a front wheel drive only car see what happens
  12. hi just wondering how hard is it to change the spring on the motor? i have a fly alfa 147 gta
  13. hi guys wow you all have nice cars.. i have a real begginers car coming that needs a lot of work to set up.... but later on i would like to buy a good car to race where would the easiest place to get one from?
  14. thanks dangermouse have to start somewhere as long as we can race against the other cars 1/24 should be fun at dapto?
  15. scalextric autoart citroen xsara wrc 1/24 me and a few mates bought some..ended up getting them for $26.00 au to our door we are just starting out in the 1/24 scale racing i want to find out about this car why so cheap and how they go on the track?
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