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  1. Great work by all involved. These bodies look great and Im looking forward to getting these two on the track some time in the future. Still a bit to do but having a break for the MCN and then back into it. Not sure of the Ferrari if I was marshalling but my favourite livery from Le Mans. The Porsche looks good and will have to add one to the collection when available.
  2. tintin

    Ferrari F1

    Thanks. Miveson the No 1 car is a Penelope Pitlane Ferrari D50 long nose resin body. Chassis by them as well.
  3. tintin

    Ferrari F1

    Actually have a PP 1512 in the cupboard and on the to do list. Just received a lotus 25 from Pre Wing - the to do list and the cupboard keep getting bigger ! I do like the look of those Ferrari's though
  4. tintin

    Ferrari F1

    Whilst a big fan of Formula 1 I have never been a huge fan of Ferrari - more a fan of a driver or a particular car during the season. A quick sort through the cupboard would suggest otherwise though. A few different makes and some I have made up from kits - some still waiting for a few parts. Nothing from the latest seasons but I forgot to add Kimi's from Scalextric to the pictures. Anyone else have the bug ?
  5. Thought I'd better post a pic of mine. Its hard work keeping up with the likes of Pagey who keeps raising the bar a little higher every week. Great racing and a reason to try harder next time - on and off the track. Will Davison's FG Falcon
  6. Looks like Lewis might make an appearance next year then. Another Mercedes to add to the collection but please a W196 - Stirling Moss. Your not holding out on us Brooksy are you.
  7. Wish I could be there. Will be a great night going by previous experience's. See you soon Tintin
  8. Oops just read the original post again 2pm for a 3pm race start Michael
  9. If theres room another team from Dapto would like to race in the LMP's. This is dependant on race start time though once the time table is out. Vito and myself are on standby. Michael
  10. Just a Quick word to ditto what Jason has already said. A fantastic weekend and many thanks to those who organised , came , saw and conquered. Werner, Akira, Andrew and Torque Ford, Garry and all else should be very proud of hosting a fantastic event and one I can't wait to attend again. A big thanks to all the Dapto guys who helped me over the weekend and have inspired me to get better and faster. It was great weekend. Michael
  11. Now I know your taking so many Jimmy I'll probably only need to take this one ! Looking forward to it.
  12. HI all. Has anyone dealt with Gridscale recently. I have sent them a few messages via their web site but have had no response. Am keen to spend a few dollars but not sure if their still operating. Any help appreciated Tintin
  13. Cam, Looking forward to rejoining the fun on Thursdays soon. Only a few weeks of cricket left and I'll be back on deck.
  14. The Puegeot 908 is a favourite of mine so after a much longer period than I care to think about I'm nearly there. A rear wing and some wheel inserts and away we go, hopefully quickly. Have enjoyed the process so far. Hope to run against the boys at Dapto soon, I know Cam will be building one. Tinitn ,
  15. Cam, PM Sent Count me in, will require a teammate or 2 though. Tintin
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