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  1. Thanks to Alexis, Nick and the rest of the gang for the round. I always enjoy seeing and hearing of our visit to Greece. What a pity the Policar track wasnt ready in time - I'll probably put something together for a Policar stage next time the cars come to Wales.   Have a good Christmas folks, cheers.
  2. https://i1314.photob...zpswrlbwxez.jpgRound 6 Special Stage 2, Deadman’s Gulch One car threw a braid and another the gear, so I will PM both drivers to explain what happened. The track drove well when I threw my test cars around (a few of my old SlotRally GB cars). I always do this when I assemble a track, to ensure alignment of the joins, continuity of the joints (and this particular track is crossover central!) and to clean the track ready for racing. As this is a bit of a demanding track, I give each car five or so laps before the event to make sure no guides stick in the slot and how they perform over the start-line/watersplash section – lots of gradient changes and some bumps in there. Time to clean the tyres and braids, and off we go! There you go lads, zapped the cacky watermarked photos.
  3. Lets try again! The actual track has been used each year I have run a round. It is about 9' by 3'6". I'll put some SS2 photos up soon, if I can keep the browser connected to the site long enough!
  4. Yes, it's been used every year I've hosted a round. There is a video f al the cars in action on it one year when I had I in the dining room. How Ma Snurfen enjoyed that!
  5. Round 6 is under way folks - SS1, Pinewood, saw the arrival of guest driver Andi Burt, all the way from the Isle of Man club! The cars were in fine fettle as we rattled them through shakedown , though Johnny Nobbers has a wobbly rear and Splitrims braids have seen better days. Also T102 sounds to have thrown a weight. and the pics are over here on Faceache
  6. Looks like father Christmas driving my car - poor bugger needs some face paint! AS for the shakedown notes, I dropped it on the garage floor twice, that's why it drives so well!
  7. Bugger me, turning up for the first round does help a lot! Well done Mel and team for getting us underway in 2019, and I'm well chuffed to stick a toe on the podium, and a SS win to boot! Top Pom - is that a bit like being "tallest man in Japan" or "lightest bloke in Samoa"?
  8. Hurry up and arrive, you little bugger, don't want to miss Round 1 for the second consecutive year! (MIGHT just have been a little bit late getting it in the post - bolleaux).
  9. Car RS200 again, No 59, Snurfen, like Peer Gunn, possibly in a bunker in the post-brexit-apocalyptic wasteland/ Dosh to same Paypal account as last year? I've messaged Mel, but he's probably half way up the Limpopo or on Lake Titicaca, given his cruising history.
  10. It took a while to respond to this topic, but bugger me it takes ages getting all these layers of coats, jackets and mittens off to be able to type! Look forward to the rules coming out (if they havent already), I reckon my little RS200 could do a place or two better if I send it to Aus in time this year! I love the look of that S1, it's such a shame that none of the Audi's liked my Deadman's stage in 2018. If you do host a round in Farnham, please promise me you are not going to use that bloody Ninco(?) rope/swingbridge or that stage where the cars fell down a hill about 7' tall More than welcome to use your Red Arrows stage again though, I enjoyed that.
  11. Car arrived back safe and sound this morning Mel, thanks mate. Gaz, the Mrs says the mini skirt is yabba-dabba-doo! Fits perfectly. Pictures to you via PM.
  12. Good fun again this year and the picture of the top ten had me nodding, pretty much what I would have listed as the top ten if I had been asked. Some great cars, some others a little interesting to drive. Well done all, getting a car together and running for a jaunt around the world is an interesting experience, especially for a slotter who doesn't get out to clubs very often. I hope the notes along the way have helped entrants understand the setup needs of their car. If anyone wants a more in depth analysis of their car next year when it visits Wales, I'm happy to give them another drivers viewpoint of how the car behaves on a tight bumpy track. Gas41T, you have to enter next time, I always enjoy driving your cars!
  13. Wow, thanks guys, I'll take that! Like a Stradavarius and a good fart, my car is getting better as time passes! Bit of a bugger with Rossko's car, all that good work scuppered by a cracked hub :( Keep on the mend Mel, and next time you are in Blighty doing your Boaty McBoatface thing, make sure us Poms have enough notice so we can meet up and look at Little Ern's scar. Heed Leo's advice, do bugger all like the Doc told you.
  14. Gudonyer! as you colonial types might say. Hope "Little 'Ern" buggers off without too much fuss. Good luck recovering.
  15. Nice touch calling it Mati Beach. I'll take P2 and fastest lap, efharisto! thank you very mach!
  16. Glad to see the next stage under way - hope you have as much fun as I did, and I agree with most of your reviews. Some of these cars are a joy to drive. Have fun guys, yasso!
  17. I'll take a 5th place! Alexis, what's the stage name? "Ouzo Taverna car park"?
  18. Splitrim has taken a weeks sojourn in Greece. Lucky beggar, he'll be back soon, I hope!
  19. Took a trip up last weekend - my co-shennanigators were dubious that Marty Wilde was the singer. Google, I thank you! Walked up the Skirrid and (over)rehydrated at the Skirrid Mountain Inn.
  20. Sounds like you guys had a great time - I love running the cars too. I've driven both tracks - Aldersley takes a while to master, but is a very very clever build incorporated into the Aldersley road race track. Orleton Park is great fun, when you have worked out the balance of the car, you can really nail it around the banked bits, and it really zooms under the bridge in a very dramatic fashion. Glad to see them both in use! I was No1 for the previous running of the championship, but someone else took the title off me last time, so I revert to my normal running number of 59. Have fun in Greece, and don't forget, you still need loads of sunscreen, even though its a bit cooler at the moment. See you in Abergavenny.
  21. How much fun did you have driving them all, Simon?
  22. I cheated and followed Kevan's method. Started a thread on Slotforum, then rightclicked the pictures and sables etc and "copy image location". Then I clicked on the icon 11th from the right in this "reply to this topic" window and pasted the image location in there. It's actually easier to post the pictures on Facebook to the WRP Rally Proxy page, then the tables on Slotforum. EDIT: On SF it's actually "Copy image address" WRP page is here
  23. Glad they turned up - all safe I hope? Get your braids changed too, mate! Have fun, there are some lovely cars in there.
  24. As with every visit, it was great fun to see all the cars - biggest surprise this year was how differently the cars ran on different days! Some loved it moist (oooh errr missus) whilst others preferred it bone dry. Dave, nobody more surprised than me to see your stage win - it just decided to play the game for 3 minutes :lol: So the cars have gone to shipping, no details yet, but I'll get them to Splitrim as soon as I get the tracking number. Here are my findings AFTER the completion of all stages. One or two to keep an eye on for braid condition, but on the whole, not looking too bad so far in their circumnavigation. Good luck for the remaining rounds, lets hope we see some more shake ups before the final chequered flag drops.
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