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    Really ?

    Calling the Mach E a Mustang is just plain wrong. They should have called it the Exploder. Sorry Explorer. I drive a Mustang and ride a real pedal powered mountain bike. Mark I know you enjoy your e bike and I can’t really knock them but they aren’t for me.
  2. Vinno

    NSW Floods

    Thanks Mark it’s been tough for so many people. It came up so quickly this time no one thought it would hit so hard. The first 24 hours was very bad in the Illawarra and surrounding catchments so when it finally moved into Sydney the catchments were over full and Warragamba was spilling. Then Sydney copped their lot heavily adding to the problem. Tough times for so many people.
  3. Sad to hear another legend of the hobby passing.
  4. Geez 5 minutes of being a sandgroper and he has wiped his NSW heritage.
  5. Nice Dick Johnson Maserati LOL
  6. I like the raised lettering.
  7. Nice work on the wheels. I bought some a few years ago but can’t recall of it was Pendle Slots or RS Slotracing that made wheels that small?
  8. I think it will be back but groups are really only starting to get back racing this year so maybe that is the starter. As Also many people with either reduced wages, lost jobs or working hard just to survive or keep their company afloat have meant hobbies have been pushed back a little.
  9. Vinno

    Racing At Syds

    Great to see you getting out for a race already Gaz. Need to reach out to my locals I think.
  10. That looks awesome I really need to get going on the cars I am working on at the moment.
  11. That’s a really nice car I am so looking forward to retirement when I can spend more time on builds.
  12. Love it. I have one or two of these also to work on when I get time.
  13. Just found a build topic that might help you get some ideas.
  14. G’day Shano welcome aboard. Probably the easiest way is to go back to the front page of the forum, go to the Forums Tab and scroll down to Members Home Tracks. Once in there go past all the state pages to the start of the topics down the bottom. Start with page one and just start going through them. The early ones are from the start of the forum when us moderators were also new to it. There is a heap of topics on routing and routing strips. There are many ways to do it and some great ideas. Some topics may have lost their pictures due to the photo host deleting them or just expiring but there is plenty to go through. There are also plenty in the state pages but most of the hints are in the other pages. Enjoy.
  15. Haven’t heard from Paul since the bad weather we have had so hopefully all is ok.
  16. Haven’t seen that one. I didn’t get any sound but some great cars on it.
  17. I’ve ordered two each of the XU1’s, two of the Moffat XB, one XY Police car and one Geoghegan Mustang. Police car is ok by me just for something different to a race car. But yes there are so many Falcons and Torana’s that could be done, especially some obscure cars. Next year we need a Charger to add another Aussie car to the group. Slowly getting there Scalextric. Southern Models you are doing a great job in getting the local cars produced. Thank you.
  18. A Dick Johnson Torana will be cool. Glad it isn’t the same one I did with Munter’s body. Glad to see the XU1 though I will buy all of them. Moffat Falcon is cool but would like to see some Carter XB’s and XC’s. Like the Mustang too that will be welcome and will grab a police car too.
  19. RAT is only as good as the person using it. They have just let us go wild now but so many people picked it up in December and January that it has slowed down a bit. They still expect us to get it at some stage though.
  20. Is interest flagging because 2 years of COVID and everything slowly opening had meant work pressures are back? I know this is the case for me at present.
  21. I had some of those MRRC barrel controllers years ago. We’re a step up from the standard Scalextric trigger controllers from the mid 80’s.
  22. I made one up but converted it to a RS 500 as the Ninco ones were the first Cosworth.
  23. Be interesting to see what the 1/43 scale cars are like.
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