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  1. For a Moffat Mustang you are probably best just buying a Scalextric Mustang and modifying. I’ve got two of the old white kits but one is being converted to the Moffat car just before he went to Brut 33 so it has larger flares. The other will be a Jim Richards car. I also have started a Pete Geoghegan Mustang.
  2. Have you got any old clear parts you could test it on?
  3. That’s a really nice job and great you have done it from scratch so to speak. That a bucket list car for sure.
  4. That’s very good I like it. What about the colour, what did you use?
  5. I’ve wondered about the self aligning bushes as I use the Olifer pods a lot. They have adjustable height also so you can play around a little more with ride height. The problem is you need to have them perfectly aligned and they can flop around if the pod is not perfect. Have you used these Chris I would be interested in your feedback?
  6. Yep. I think they use them in motors.
  7. Interesting that it is a sidewinder and not in line like most other sedan type cars they have done.
  8. It would be nice to have the offset gears with the teeth no imprinted on the side of the crown. I generally write on mine with a Sharpie as soon as I buy them so I don’t have to count them.
  9. I can see how handy the printer is the more things you make. Lots of filament in that.
  10. Red. Those vans look nice but I am guessing not cheap. Could make a Scooby van out of one.
  11. Area 71 prints are very good and don’t need 200 hours work. But as mentioned above there is the cost. But if it is for something normally unobtainable I am willing to pay but I understand the comment as I will retire in a few years and then money is an object. I note there are rumours of some Aussie Group C race cars coming from Area 71 with their relationship with Slot Shop in Sydney.
  12. For a quick rough up of standard tyres I confess to using sandpaper on the track but for a real true up I would throw it on the tyre truer. And I agree about the brushing of the tyre dust onto the track. Really?
  13. I can’t work it out as some cars come with it and others without it? Even Scalextric have had a car with the Marlboro signage and others without.
  14. Nice build and something different to what many of us do.
  15. Vinno

    Wacky Races

    Tell em they’re dreamin.
  16. Vinno

    Wacky Races

    Yeah I remember this on the Super Flying Fun Show with Miss Marilyn. Used to get kids to send in their entry and put them on a car to win the race. Must have been sponsored by Sports Bet.
  17. My only complaint is the wheels are too small. The rest of the car is great and I am well and truely looking forward to smashing it into Forests Elbow in the rain and driving my Dick Johnson Sierra past it. https://youtu.be/W9IBSJPadf8
  18. Yeah it would make sense. I have swapped the standard motor for SRP 18k motors which suit the car perfectly but you can’t buy them any more. I got some other motors from Phil K on the forum but I saw someone else has a similar motor on Slotcar Corner. I like using a shorter shaft on them too as they are a bit long. Means butchering the standard chassis with a motor Mount or something like that.
  19. I have all the Torana's too even though I am a Ford fan. If Scalextric make classic Aussie cars I will buy every one. Bring on the Monaro's, Chargers and XU1 Torana. Although am impatiently waiting for the Slot.it Skyline.
  20. I planned on posting this up a couple of weeks ago but didn't quite get there. Scalextric have sent us another 2 new Aussie race cars which are always appreciated. Both cars have very attractive liveries and the Falcon in particular a nice change from the Red works Ford Falcons of Allan Moffat. Moffat was my favourite at the time but it is nice to see this car in particular. The paint is stunning and looks fantastic on the track. The French car is the second place getter from Bathurst 1972 and the year Brock beat the big guns in the little XU1 Torana where the wet conditions played into Holden's lap. It was also Brock's first win and the first year the cars were allowed some modifications which was to stop the manufacturers building 160 mph road versions of their cars. The Brock car is another nice looking livery and his second win. Some very nice detail on the car including the Hotwire wheels which look very nice with some sharp detail down to the wheel nuts. My only issue with the Torana is the axles are a little narrow meaning the wheels sit a little too far inboard. I did run both cars with magnets seeing I have plastic track but quickly pulled them out and ran them minus magnet and with the standard tyres. With a little bit of a sanding the Falcon ran very well and prompted me to set up all my other XW and XY Falcon's with a little weight and standard tyres. They drive well and quite realistically although I have noticed half of my Falcons have loose rear bush mounts in the chassis so will fix them at some stage. The Torana tyres really can't cope with the slimline motors power and it is all over the track. So I will eventually sort the Torana too as I find them a challenge but rewarding when the are done properly. Thanks again Scalextric we love the cars and will keep buying them of you keep making them. Maybe a few more liveries during the year please as we just don't seem to get enough of them. And maybe some other Australian cars also I am sure they will sell.
  21. Probably the best car I have built as there was so much I did to it. Could do with a bit of work actually, I was thinking I could make it run better with a different chassis and new interior.
  22. My old 3 lane track.
  23. Split the cost buy a new one and share the parts.
  24. Vinno

    F1 2021, what a season

    Yeah it was a top win eh. Just goes to show why they need the rule changes though. It really does seem that whoever gets in front on most tracks can run away. His race strategy was great though and being in front meant he could get the best run onto the main straight with the best DRS zone so the tow meant nothing. Faultless drive let’s just hope he keeps it up. The previous race shows what a pig of a car it is though, terrible on the direction changes and undulations there. Maybe Mclaren will start listening to him on making it more drivable.
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