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  1. Hi Oldskool, I have recently moved away from the Blue Mountains for the Illawarra. Welcome aboard there is plenty of information available here.
  2. Vinno

    Track Number 4

    That’s a beast of a track there Charlie looking good.
  3. Old Nissan’s are called Datto’s. Like the Datsun 1600, 180B etc. I think it went to Nissan shortly after with the Bluebird with the rear wheel drive which became the front wheel drive Pintara.
  4. I’m not home this weekend so can’t check but I’m sure it isn’t l lacquer thinner it is the acrylic thinner you use with the acrylic paints. Same jar as the acrylic paints. I only use that to keep the clear nice and thin so it coats the decal smoothly. Learnt this from not thinning it as it makes it brushed on. It soaks into the decal nicely. As you say experiment with some decals first So you work out a technique for your special builds.
  5. I just use the 10mm bottle of Tamiya acrylic clear which is X22 and use the acrylic thinner in it too.
  6. I use Mr Mark Softer but only leave it for about 30 seconds and press into body grooves with a tissue. Then I wet another tissue with clean water and dab off the decal softener. I then brush on thinned acrylic clear once the decal is dry just over the decal and have no issues spraying on Tamiya enamel clear after that has dried.
  7. Vinno

    Godzilla anyone ?

    Bruce does a few of them. Not number 1 though
  8. He does have an odd system. If you are willing to paint the body yourself and put the stickers on try this. Under F in his links and look for this Frd Flcon - McLeod Frd - John Goss - 1974
  9. Rosco the MJK L34 tyres seem a good fit, I did give mine a run with some but took them off again to enjoy some sliding. I will end up putting the MJK’s back on I think as the standard Falcon tyres trued are just too grippy so I need to even the cars up at some stage.
  10. Sad to hear of your loss.
  11. Some great tips here thanks for posting.
  12. Hi Rosco Yeah might be an idea, I think I should be able to move your stuff if you want. Call yours a tuning thread or something like that. Regards Vince
  13. From what I can see on the internet the screws are M2 but they take an odd size Allen key. Might be best just using a standard M2 Slot.it grub screw. If you have any see if they fit. Only issue with the Slot.it is they are 2mm standard but I usually swap for 3mm. Good luck.
  14. They look promising I might buy 10 and see how they go. Cheap enough.
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