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  1. Probably the best car I have built as there was so much I did to it. Could do with a bit of work actually, I was thinking I could make it run better with a different chassis and new interior.
  2. Split the cost buy a new one and share the parts.
  3. Vinno

    F1 2021, what a season

    Yeah it was a top win eh. Just goes to show why they need the rule changes though. It really does seem that whoever gets in front on most tracks can run away. His race strategy was great though and being in front meant he could get the best run onto the main straight with the best DRS zone so the tow meant nothing. Faultless drive let’s just hope he keeps it up. The previous race shows what a pig of a car it is though, terrible on the direction changes and undulations there. Maybe Mclaren will start listening to him on making it more drivable.
  4. Hi All After discussion between myself, Gazza and tsmsoccer, (Charlie) we have decided this thread needs to be locked until we have had further discussion. It is unfortunate to have to take this action but there are a number of issues and we have let it slide for too long. Maybe if I had acted earlier it wouldn’t come to this but unfortunately this is the way it will be for now. It is now becoming too difficult to manage as we are just a hobby forum and it really shouldn’t need constant monitoring. The forum is there for all slotcar enthusiasts to use to share information. It was never the intention for a manufacturer, supplier or similar to take centre stage with multiple updates daily. There have been a number of questionable posts that have had to be edited and some that have not been edited but probably should. Some of these have resulted in people walking away from Auslot as we have been seen to be friends with Rick. While this is true it is probably bad management on my part to not act sooner and Rick has probably seen the inaction as a green light. So Rick I apologise for doing this but we need to take a step back and get Auslot back to where it started. I will call you at some stage during the week once Gazza, Charlie and myself have reconvened.
  5. Yeah my brother in law Boslot built it and sold it to another member. I saw it either on Facebook or somewhere else recently still flowing along.
  6. Hi guys Just an FYI, we can’t read PM’s they are encrypted or something like that so unless added to a thread we have no idea what is going on Seeing the forum has been around for so long and has no affiliation with any company, advertising or anything like that I would prefer we all just get along and share information and skills. Obviously people have differences of opinion and it gets personal but I am no HR manager or legal professional so hopefully we can sort things out and keep on our merry disorderly way. Regards Vinno
  7. Love that Catalina Park footage and Moffat in the Escort.
  8. Yeah now you’re talking. I am moving towards just Aussie cars or cars that raced here now as I just have too many that don’t see the light of day. I need to retire as my list of projects is growing and currently the time to work on them is not enough.
  9. The Falcon is brilliant Gazza.
  10. The last 15 odd years I have bought most of my cars from one shop. They have everything I bought on record I wonder if that counts as it is a financial record also? Charlie I think you just need to record it on a spreadsheet anyway what else do you old retired blokes have to do?
  11. Vinno

    Different Brands

    Also go through the club race results that are posted on here to see what people are running. The Kiwi’s have a great thread going where you can get a lot of information in this regard.
  12. Vinno

    Different Brands

    Hi Warren The easiest way is to join your race group and see what race classes they have. From there it will be looking at results to see what works for those classes. Although I haven’t raced for a number of years I think NSR has always been one for the Can Am, Le Mans, GT 3 etc classes. Always a front runner. But many can be modified to compete. Slot.it and some of the newer brands like Black Arrow are great also. A big topic really with a lot of input from experienced racers on the different car classes.
  13. Tempting, I have always wanted some of these but some of these are tens of other cars.
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