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  1. I would say timber for sure of you leave labour out of it and you do it yourself. MDF is quite cheap to buy and even a good size roll of braid and some paint does not add up to a huge amount when building a good size track. Of course a commercial size layout may end up costing similar if you pay for the build. And the drive is better on MDF. Plastic is handy if you want to change layouts.
  2. I lost interest in the weekly racing quite a while ago. And as you said Munter I have replaced it with other things but the slotcar bug stays strong. Might have a go at racing semi regularly once COVID is under control having moved to a completely new area and different racing going on. Weekly is a little too much for me though.
  3. I will be building a new one too now I have moved house. Going back to plastic actually in case I need to make changes and simpler to add to.
  4. Might get the MAP gas and solder out and make some cash.
  5. Vinno

    Ninco NSX Chassis

    Hi Charlie I have one from when we raced them in the group all those years ago but it is modified from memory. I think I added bracing to it so not what you are looking for really.
  6. You might want to check the body you end up with as I don’t know if the George Turner Jag and the Phil Jag are the same wheelbase?
  7. I found the Shapeways Scalextric Torana chassis perfect for mine. Or you could use the standard Torana chassis if you have one floating around as another option.
  8. I like it Phil, it is still not as wide as most cars but is good as it is lower than most.
  9. MRRC thumb controller there too.
  10. He had one from years ago but all gone now. I think the mold was done and I ended up with the last one.
  11. I think the Scalex cars are closer to scale than Fly, Ninco and Spirit in particular. I have a Jaguar XJS that is a little larger than the George Turner one sent to me by Phil. Munter’s cars seem spot on too I like the cars cars to be scale correct and Scalextric seem to be doing it reasonably well except the XW and XY Falcons which are too narrow. Phil’s resin ones looked better.
  12. I’m a detail guy so separate grille and bumpers would be good. I don’t have a printer though so would be paying for bodies.
  13. Hi NimROD you have some there that I would love. Probably starting with the Nissan DR30 which would help round out the top cars from the early years of group A. I have been trying to source a kit of that car but the pricing is crazy so I thought I would just concentrate on the cars available for the time being. Also the Starion and Alfa’s interest me at present. I do have quite a few cars I need to work on already but adding cars to my line would be good. Regards Vince
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