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  1. Gazza is away ridding the world of the Easter bunny this weekend. With the wet weather we have had I think it will be a tall order.
  2. Thanks Peter great to have you back up and posting.
  3. Vinno

    Calderwood Valley

    Yeah John I work out of our Moorebank office it takes between 1 hour 5 minutes and 1 hour 15 in general so while further than when I managed our Sydney CBD teams it takes less time than driving to the CBD from my old house which was closer.
  4. Vinno

    Calderwood Valley

    Landscaping done mate and swim spa on order. All planned before we built. No pergola needed we have a 7x3 metre covered balcony and same size covered verandah below. Nothing more left after the swim spa and couldn’t add more to the yard anyway.
  5. Yeah you may be onto something there.
  6. Vinno

    Calderwood Valley

    Another one I need to catch up with. Jimmy only lives across the Illawarra Highway from me but I am still settling in a bit so haven't dropped him a line yet. After work on a Friday it is grab a beer, sit on the balcony and chill out chatting to the misses at the moment.
  7. I assume most here have already spotted the news regarding the 5 Australian releases for Scalextric this year. Being an Aussie forum this is probably most important for any die hard Touring Car Fan here and its great to see some different selections. Normally we would hope there are a few more as there are so many livery possibilities to chose from in the Aussie cars Scalextric are producing but considering what most companies and people in general have been through over the last year it is nice to see we have not been forgotten. The liveries for this year are great and it's nice to see two Privateer Falcons and another privateer Brock model. The Brock car was his 1977 Bathurst car that eventually finished forth in the Great Race. A very good looking livery that will no doubt look the part. Murray Carter is apart from Moffat himself is one of the most recognised Falcon racers who flew the Ford flag along with Moffat and John Goss for a number of years. The car Scalextric are producing brought Murray 2nd place in the Australian Touring Car Championship. John French was another loyal Ford racer who did get a Bathurst win with Dick Johnson in the Falcon in 1981. The Purple car here was his 1972 race car which finished second to Peter Brock with the Torana XU1. John could actually have won that year but got a puncture early in the race and dropped a lap. He did climb back to 40 odd seconds behind by the end. The John Goss 1985 Bathurst winning Jaguar XJS is also a great addition and a new model for this year one that I am surprised Scalextric have waited so long for considering they have been producing a number of Group A cars. This was one I couldn't wait for and ended up building a resin version a couple of years ago. And finally a road going XB Falcon Coupe as well to top out the range. Can't wait to spend some more money.
  8. Vinno

    Calderwood Valley

    Yeah mate would only be an issue if Noah was floating past we are pretty high up where we are.
  9. Vinno

    Calderwood Valley

    I was in Emu Heights, didn't take chances.
  10. Vinno

    Calderwood Valley

    Having moved from my old stomping ground of Emu Heights and into the Illawarra I had always planned a Man Cave and track. As we built a house this time I thought it a good idea to incorporate the Man Cave into the house rather than a separate shed. Also modern housing blocks are smaller so there isn't a huge amount of room for a shed outside. So I had a fully lined 7m X 3M area included under the Garage and behind the lower floor of our house. Perfect to make some noise with old Metal and Punk music and building a slotcar track. A good mate of mine is Dutch and had track he bought as a kid so gave me a pile of Fleischmann track after I moved out of my old house. I bought some Policar and adaptors and with a few different trials set up a track somewhere around 24 metres length with a combination of both brands of track. Below are a few pictures of the setup so far. I have made up some sliders for temporary use but Policar and Flieschmann corners are the same radius so I will eventually replace them with Policar borders. Next is setting up elevation changes to make it more interesting and then start on landscaping it. Give me a few years as there are 1,000 other things to do at the same time. Over the weekend it has been pretty wet so I did get some time to set up my timing system on the track so I have some benchmarks to work on for my cars now too.
  11. Thanks, I look forward to your articles in AMC its' my favourite magazine. Just picked up a 63 Galaxie and planned to make the black Chris Strode version one day. Plenty of builds when work is not so intense.
  12. That looks spot on did you do your own decals for that or does Patto do them? I think I might do the same car after seeing yours. Better than having a shelf queen sitting there looking pretty.
  13. I did a review of the original SCP-1 in 2007 and there were comments about blowing fuses. I noted Mark mentioned at the time about loose braids causing shorts and this has happened to us. The SCP-1 was different to the latest and only had a low rated fuse. Possibly a minor short from errant braids are causing the over current issue? Here is the review with some minor text issues I have no idea how they ended up there?
  14. Hi Vince

    Would be good to catch up & talk 1/32 slots as my main group are predominately 1/24th.

    I can be reached on 0407103581 & I'm retired so any time suits.

    Cheers Jimmy

    1. Vinno


      Hi Jimmy

      That would be good. Going up to Sydney for the granddaughters birthday tomorrow but next weekend or Friday night might work out. I’m not retired yet I’ve got about 5 to 7 years depending on how long I can put up with it. 

      Reagrds Vince

  15. Nice job. Just noticed your profile says Tullimbar. I’m in Calderwood just across the road.
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