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  1. Welcome Druc..You can mention shops here we don’t actually have sponsors as such any more we have just left those that helped us in previous years up. It’s easier being relatively independent, there are less issues that way.
  2. Oh and when I say I heat the rattle can I generally either sit it in the sun for half an hour before or put it in warm water for 20 minutes or so. No fast heating or high temperatures.
  3. Yes with mixed results. I now hand paint Tamiya clear Acrylic over the decals first, let that dry and then spray clear afterwards.
  4. Hi Rosco Yes it is an aerosol can and lacquer. I just use cans and if I need a specific car colour go to an auto paint shop in Penrith to get whatever I need mixed. Spray cans are easy and heating the can up gives me the desired result. Mine are not perfect although I have to say I was happy with the Torana.
  5. It was a while ago but I think it was Tamiya TS34 Camel Yellow. I had already painted a Slot.it white kit McLaren F1 Longtail in it with Green stripes for a race car and when the Torana came along it seemed pretty close. When I saw the 1:1 version I think it was close enough that it worked.
  6. Mine is a Munter Torana, he did a vac form interior so I used that.
  7. So I get an email confirmation today that my order for the Skyline is official and due in August September this year. I am very much looking forward to this one and will have to get some Scalextric Sierra’s and M3’s set up with Olifer chassis in preparation.
  8. Vinno

    Nissan Bluebird

    I have spotted a 3D printed Skyline a while ago on one of the facebook slotcar groups but not resin. Can’t recall if it was that model or the previous one though. More and more 3D stuff popping up at the moment just need more work than a resin body. Also I think Nimrod who pops in here every now and then said he had details for a 3D Nissan but I could be wrong.
  9. Well we are the same year at least but I am 59 in August. I won’t retire yet but will need to do something different in a few years otherwise I won’t make 65. Thankfully riding the Mountain Bike as well clears my head.
  10. Vinno

    Sorell Creek Track

    Great work and love that pub. A bit of inspiration for my track I am working on.
  11. You can buy a Carrera Monza and do a repaint of that. I have one and the decals to do it just need enough time. I doubt you would see the Moffat one released as a product by anyone but you never know.
  12. I think the easiest cars to pick up will be the Scalextric XB, XC, XW and XY Falcons and L34 and A9X Torana’s. There are two Bathurst winners released recently there and you could pick up some others to strip and repaint. Any of the retailers sell them and what might be out of stock in a slotcar retailer might be available in a hobby shop. If you want Supercars you may be best to look around for Scalextric ones to repaint. England released some with generic liveries that I have been able to find on line a few years ago pretty cheap. Glad to see another new member and you building a track for the grand kids. I had my grand son on mine for the first time over Christmas and he had fun. Had to turn the power down but at nearly 4 he has some way to go.
  13. I think the bulging headlights are throwing off your view of the car. Looking at some side on shots they appear set back a bit further on the real car. To me your car is close now.
  14. Vinno

    Slot It N22 tyres

    NSR Ultra Grips are pretty close I always thought.
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