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  1. Looks pretty nice Gazza, I am waiting to get the Senna Lotus sent once the Geoghegan Mustang turns up. Will wait for the earlier P34 before I get one.
  2. Unfortunately a lot of groups are on Facebook these days.
  3. Honestly for me if I want to do on screen racing I use my simulator and race on simulated real race tracks. I would have to agree with Gref on the slotcar side. I can see a use for the track software and agree with others comments here. Don’t be disheartened by our comments though as the input might give you some ideas to focus on.
  4. I personally have not seen posts on any other form of social media only the comments made on here regarding them being made. Of course it depends on what groups you are involved with and I am not on any race groups on Facebook so don’t see any comments in this regard. Pretty sure it is the same for the others who moderate here.
  5. I apologise but I have read the last two posts for this topic and have hidden them. Those who have read the last one in particular will understand that it is quite a sensitive matter and is best taken off line. Sorry to those who don’t agree. The posts aren’t deleted and I will chat with the other moderators about them. Regards Vinno
  6. Thanks I need to get back to some slotcar stuff I have a few builds sitting dormant.
  7. Love the Vette Mark that’s a great class of car to run. I had a bunch of those 16k SRP motors but used most and let a few go to others. Can you still buy them they were great?
  8. Vinno

    Really ?

    Calling the Mach E a Mustang is just plain wrong. They should have called it the Exploder. Sorry Explorer. I drive a Mustang and ride a real pedal powered mountain bike. Mark I know you enjoy your e bike and I can’t really knock them but they aren’t for me.
  9. Vinno

    NSW Floods

    Thanks Mark it’s been tough for so many people. It came up so quickly this time no one thought it would hit so hard. The first 24 hours was very bad in the Illawarra and surrounding catchments so when it finally moved into Sydney the catchments were over full and Warragamba was spilling. Then Sydney copped their lot heavily adding to the problem. Tough times for so many people.
  10. Sad to hear another legend of the hobby passing.
  11. Geez 5 minutes of being a sandgroper and he has wiped his NSW heritage.
  12. Nice Dick Johnson Maserati LOL
  13. I like the raised lettering.
  14. Nice work on the wheels. I bought some a few years ago but can’t recall of it was Pendle Slots or RS Slotracing that made wheels that small?
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