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  1. Will have a white kit and do one of the Aussie versions. Maybe not the Bathurst winning car as I am sure that will be on the Slot.it list.
  2. Vinno

    New Scalextric Cars

    Yep I have two and they have the same issue. Working on a review to post as well. A little wider than the 4 door and it helps.
  3. Hi  Vinno 

    I'm a friend of Jimmy and Cam and race over at Pagey's place 

    I have been waiting for you to move into your new house and only found out on Thursday that you had moved in.

    I have a track I thought you might be interested in but after reading your post it may be to large.

    give me a call 


    0402 096 158

    1. Vinno


      Hi Rodney

      Sorry I have not gotten back to you I have been a bit busy at work during the day. I am building a plastic track at the moment. Will give you a call in the next day or two though and have a chat. 

      Regards Vince

  4. Vinno

    Calderwood Valley

    We've moved house and no longer a Mountain Man but living in the Illawarra on the Southern Side of Wollongong. We've built a new house and I planned the Mancave from the start. 7m X 3m under the garage and fully waterproofed so the perfect spot to build a track. I am planning a music wall as well which will have a lot of my Metal and Punk vinyl albums from back in the day when I get the time. As I mentioned a while ago I picked up some Fleischmann track from a mate so thought I would add some Policar track with the adaptors available. At present I have 90% built the tables and set up a temporary track to test the new cars and have a bit of a play. I have about 22 metres of track in total so I should be able to build something of decent size but in the meantime I am enjoying just being able to drive some cars.
  5. Vinno

    New Scalextric Cars

    A couple of new Scalextric Cars have landed and one in particular is going to make some Aussies happy. The Brock Richards Bathurst winning A9X Torana looks fantastic although missing some sponsorship decals. Some differences to the 4 door Torana Scalextric have been punching out over previous years and all for the positive. The other car of interest to me is the GT4 Mustang. This is also well done and looks like a winner. I will add some detail later in the week on both cars.
  6. Thanks for the information Mark it’s sad another from the slot community has passed away.
  7. Pretty sure I saw one at The Entrance in one of the fun parlours they used to have there many years ago.
  8. We cover the cost of the forum ourselves, we have been down the advertising route before so a little hard for us to cover the cost of the data storage. The host is also family and we don’t really want to over extend our welcome Maybe one day when I am not so heavily involved in my job it might be time to dedicate the time to managing this place a little more.
  9. Welcome aboard Ken let’s see some of your builds.
  10. Vinno

    F1 Is It The Pits

    Would like to see it when it’s running.
  11. Bryan Thompson Volkswagen Chev and Frank Gardner Corvair. Got to my order in.
  12. Bathurst 1980 was a XD and year of the rock. 1981 he won Bathurst in a XD. 1982 was a blue XE and 1983 and 1984 was the Greenstuff XE which didn’t win Bathurst. The 83 and 84 cars had homologated larger 19 inch wheels so has a tougher look. The XF never raced in Group C as they went to the Mustang in Group A after that. The XF was 6 cyclinder only, never came with a V8.
  13. Yes please I’m in. XD pictures though.
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