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  1. I usually backfill thin sections of resin bodies with 2 part epoxy if it’s on the inside. Nice and strong.
  2. Ride height and weight probably make all the difference. I’ve thought about trying a twin motor car but I have a lot of stuff I want to build so it will have to wait.
  3. I have ordered some Olifer parts and Pendle Slot stuff last week. Both have shipped so I will see if they come. I should be moving house in 6 to 8 weeks so they may end up getting redirected after I move.
  4. Tap on the time posted at the bottom of each topic and it will take you to the last post.
  5. I’ve got one I can post. Need to dig it out or find a photo.
  6. I’m glad we finally got the upgrade done but it was in the planning before COVID so I am guessing we would have picked up some interest anyway. I hope it works for a while as it needs to be there when I finally retire of semi retire whenever that is.
  7. They come from Shapeways too. Amato Ninco XK120 Chassis
  8. Hi Vinno. I may be jumping the gun but when will we be able to access Member lists. Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)

  9. It will take a week or so for everything to load back up, this is what happened with the test forum we were using too. The software just needs to re link everything again so it takes some time.
  10. G’day Wylde I have an Aussie mate who moved to NZ Sth Island also. Invercargill of all places.
  11. I do have a number of Munter bodies and Patto decals waiting for the time I can do them. At present it is 2 a year with the working life being so busy but as I am getting closer to 60 years old I know the time will come when I will have more time to spend on these.
  12. Just thought it worth re living this topic as it was something many of us never really thought would happen. Now all we need is some Monaro’s, LC and LJ Torana’s And Chargers and we would all be reasonably happy in Australia.
  13. Best thank Jacob I just nagged him until he realised I was never going to stop.
  14. Oh how it has changed. I recall the topic we had for years with a petition for Australian Cars.
  15. They used XR3’s with a Greenstuf paint scheme which they sold in a Bathurst track from memory. Others too as I think they used a Mondeo as an early Shell Falcon too.
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