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  1. Saw that a couple of days ago. The detail right through it is amazing and I can see why it cost $225,000 to have it built.
  2. Vinno

    mclaren gtr

    Ok just your email was a UK email in your profile. I will have a look and check the engines I can’t recall what they had? Will come back to you and send a couple of pictures.
  3. Vinno

    mclaren gtr

    Mine are brand new cars I don’t want to part out, sorry mate.
  4. I have a decreasing radius Policar corner with R4, R3 and finishing in R2 onto a 5 metre straight. It’s a challenge braking just the right amount to get a nice fast exit for maximum speed on the straight.
  5. Vinno

    mclaren gtr

    I have both the Gulf and Ueno Clinic Mrslotcar versions almost new in box. Probably done 50 laps between them.rear tyres were rubbing so have wear on the edges and I never spent time setting them up. You are in the UK though aren’t you? Might be painful getting them there.
  6. Yep will replace the motors with 16k ones I think.
  7. Liking the 65 Mustang Not hback and Rover Group A so far.
  8. Area 71 did one of them but showing out of stock at Slot Shop. Would drive very nicely with the chassis setup on them.
  9. That’s running nicely.
  10. N22 tyres, or tires as spelt in the Slot.it catalogue are still showing as current spares.
  11. Vinno

    Casula Raceway

    If you are a backpacker you can get into WA and bring COVID with you.
  12. Vinno

    Casula Raceway

    I will take care of it.
  13. Vinno

    Xmas Time

    Merry Christmas to all of you. We are already waking up to screaming children riding scooters in the streets. Nice to have a little bit of normal for a day.
  14. Not looking so awesome unfortunately. Appears to have not made the trip south when we moved I am guessing I figured it was no longer going to be of any use. Had to get ruthless with a few things I had way too much stuff that would sit in a box for the rest of my life.
  15. I will see what I can find but I think it was a 2 lane setup.
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