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  1. Burglar

    Bwa Wheels

    I use the CB Design brand wheels from Slot Car Corner and I can confirm that those are hubless. You can find them on ebay Not sure what other brands are. Some have a small hub, others a full hub.
  2. Like Holly on Red Dwarf, who says 'Oh Gordon Bennett!!' regularly, thus underlining his middle-aged status
  3. Burglar


    I had to laugh when I was watching one of the later episodes of Battlestar Galactica (2009) the other day and they were using a Foredom SR like mine in surgery. It's a great tool for jewellery or woodcarving but no way would I use a flex shaft tool in dentistry or surgery! Although I have heard it done in some countries. I also see my Paasche H airbrush turning up in science fiction, most notably Blade Runner.
  4. Now that the Chinese workforce is starting to unionize, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of production didn't move to countries that are more effectively able to repress their labour forces. We've seen this already with textiles of course. The sad fact is that you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. The managers of companies in China are often very unscrupulous - for example the scandal a couple of years ago with the chemically processed cardboard used instead of pork in pork buns - and see the customer as a very abstract entity, as often none of their product is consumed locally. Scalextric are finding out about just how variable the product can be with their releases of the last couple of years and seems like others are too. Good on you Jules for keeping standards high.
  5. I fitted a Sloting Plus standard screw fit guide in today and it seems fine without using a B-NOVA conversion, as the Sloting Plus guide is a little bit thicker than the Slot.It guide once you wind the screw in. The screw with its integral washer seems to help too. I've yet to rewire it and check the self-returning aspect but I think it will be okay. Also I removed the magnet under the axle and placed it in the empty holder in front of the motor. I'm not sure but I think that the offset magnet might contribute to some of the problems. Also for the life of me I don't know why they designed it with the motor offset like that. They could have had it in a more central spot to improve weight distribution, avoid the problem of one wheel being further out than the other, and allow wider tyres to be installed. Also, it is a good thing that the groove inside the tyre is wider than the rib, as the ribs on at least one of my wheels are not cast straight ... Reminds me of the wheels on the Carrera Petty Torino
  6. I seriously doubt that Scaley's Mk 2 Escort will run as hard as the one by SCX. Also it seems that they are taking most of their new ideas for the bigger cars from RMS Resins and Carrera. I hope that the Daytona is not a travesty like their Charger 500 with the tunnelback window and recessed grille.
  7. Welcome to Scalextric post-2009. If you had bought the Smokey Yunick Mustang or the Todco Camaro you would not have been surprised. Also check out the new Charger 500 lemon they released recently in the USA. I'm not impressed with this XB either. I'm sure after $50+ of additional parts it will run okay, but the days of Scalextric cars being great out of the box are long gone. Now they are no better than Monogram, and require almost as much tuning. On a more positive note, Carrera seem to have improved since 2009 (or at least improved their basic design).
  8. Burglar

    Moffat Falcon

    My prediction is that there will be some XC race cars and a Mad Max Interceptor. I will have to change out the guide for a B-Nova conversion and do something about the tyres before mine will race
  9. I got one today. I think that sanding the tyres will make a big difference. Also my passenger seat was loose, but I just glued it back in. I thought that the deslotting might be due to the new guide design. I adjusted the screw though and it didn't seem to help. I also increased the radius on the front of the guide blade but that didn't help either. It might just be the tyres.
  10. Cut the 'diff housing' off. It hasn't hurt the car at all and it goes around my dad's humpy track well
  11. As flat as possible, I'd reckon. Higgledy-piggledy in a big heap on a workbench with other stuff lying on top of some it is probably the worst way to store it, but that's how my dad left it for months.
  12. My old man's track is warped. He left the pieces in a big pile on his workbench for months. Bad move
  13. No-one seems to have mentioned this here but I have found out that you should always make one small modification to the Scalextric Cortina. My dad has the safari rally model and after having it a while found that it would catch on the track and spin its tyres. Looking underneath I noticed the large lump over the crown gear, which seemed to be what was hitting the track as the tyres wore down slightly. I ground this away with a sanding drum (with the rear axle out, of course) and then cleaned it up a little with a hobby knife, so that the gear is now exposed but the track clearance is considerably improved. The gear does not really 'hang out' so it doesn't hit anything, and I haven't noticed any problems with it picking up mess off the track yet. I made the same modification to another Cortina that my sister gave him for Christmas.
  14. Burglar

    Moffat Falcon

    I seem to have really bad luck with Scalextric - my Camaro and Mustang were both terrible - so I am half expecting my Falcon to be a lemon and everyone else to have a better one than mine, and then everyone gripe about aftermarket parts when I try to fix a bad rear axle etc
  15. Burglar

    L34 Torana Handling

    Scalextric cars generally have a heavy plastic 'glass' that can be lightened considerably by cutting out the centre of the part under the roof. I did this with both a Mustang and a Camaro. It made the biggest difference on the Mustang. Also sand the outside and underneath (the part you can't see when assembled) of the interior. The main benefit of grinding the underneath is that it might give more room to stick lead sheet to the chassis. Also get rid of any tangly wiring or plastic lumps that prevent you sitting lead flat on the bottom of the chassis. Install a B-NOVA guide conversion and find some way to lower the front a rear of the car a little bit. Swap out the rear axle, bushings, and wheels for quality aftermarket parts and align the bushings properly. These are the basic things I have tried with Scaleys. If you want to get fancy install axle blocks up front, otherwise just grind the tyres right down until you have the front end sitting as you want it
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