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  1. Just really worried about using something and going out to a track and given grief that i shouldnt use it.... lilke if it has silicon
  2. Hi all, I am still very new to slot cars, i am setting up a sclextric dbr9 pro performance car. the rear has bearings, do i lube these and what kind of oil and what do i put on the gears. Also is there any thing a should put on the chrome scalextric stripts to prevent corrosion. Sorry if this has been asked in previous posts. And any other tips please :-) Quainy
  3. All, I have designed a Clipsal 500 track in TrackPower for digital with pitlane entry, have always dreamed of having this track. The track is 18.61 meters in length. Been collecting the pieces needed for a couple of months and the wife is away for a coiple of days. Moved the furniture in the lounge room but still not enough room.... i think i have gone a bit over board in my design. i had to talk a couple straights out to make it fit in the lounge room. Plans are to mount it to a table in the shed and hoist it to the ceiling.... somehow.. lol
  4. Thanks John, your doing a great job, I have ran these things before and you get little credit when working but when it goes wrong everyone hates you. Thanks for putting in the effort into get this going. Michael
  5. Bugga! I did mine early so I wouldnt forget and they wont count :( not that I remember who I tipped
  6. Thanks Embs, So will the Carrera 1:32 versions run ok on the scalextric track and would i be able to convert them to scalextric digital?
  7. Hi All, My son and i have just got a Platnium digital set, took us a while to get the setup working but having fun already.... when we are allowed to setup in the lounge room :-S Riley is only 3 and thinks flat out and crashing is funny.... well it is isn't it? looking at all the options for connecting the powerbase to a computer is starting to do my head in already of whats on offer. Has anyone in adelaide got this running. would love to have a look. Currently looking for a car for Riley but can't seem to get a Lightning McQueen any where, looks like it's sold out ervery where, some on ebay but asking a small forturne. anyone know where i can get one? going to place an add in the wanted section... fingers crossed this is our track
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