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  1. Wow! Did the postman cycle all the way to your door? He'll be back in Oz just in time for the start of the Christmas rush ! SÌmon
  2. I'm in guys, let me know. Simon
  3. Mel, a package arrived a couple of days ago! After the recommended period of UV quarantine, I opened it today and was pleasantly surprised to find the trophy and the screwdriver! Many thanks for running the event again, after a quick look at the car it appears the rear tyres are fine, could probably do all rounds again. The problem is obviously the fronts re. Deslotting, they've worn quite a lot, and most of the "anti-grip" coating (nail varnish ) has worn off! There must be a better way..... I don't remember the weight, and can't put my hand on the micro scales to check it . It obviously needs more weight towards the rear. Oh well, you live and learn. Stay safe everyone Simon
  4. Mel, a package arrived today, now quarantined in the greenhouse, as the postie that delivered it was not wearing gloves! I'm recovering from cancer, so can't be too careful. I'll let the UV smother the coronas. Hope everyone is OK in these challenging times. Simon
  5. Well done Keith great to see another Brit on the top of the pile!!! As you said , a slow start, quite the opposite of mine....... the words Tortoise and Hare spring to mind. Well done to everyone, it seems like everyone's prep has been good as I don't recall any major fails ?!? Better luck next year Bov, Chas only 2 points above me ! Next year maybe and Snurf , I'll get you next year too. Leo and Alexis, I got ya both this time Well done Mel, I know a lot has been going on and I'm sure we all appreciate your hard work. Thank you ! Our thoughts are with you as we share the bad weather. Simon, on a hill, 2 miles and 100metres above the flooded River Severn. In England ( not Wales lol)
  6. Had a similar problem myself, the battery tminal swerve corroded, don't know how , the battery wasn't. So for 5 years I've been booting up in safe mode resetting the date/time and it runs fine. For me the key would be to leave it switched on 24/7 global warming and all that. Pesky Snurf seams to have done me over again. GRRRRR VBR Simon
  7. Dam that pesky Snurf........ Mondeo man certainly has been the class off the field Well done to Keith for second Simon
  8. Hope everyone is OK down there while it's hots up . Keep safe all Simon
  9. I know , you just need to be careful not to have any exposed smooth velcro !!!
  10. Thanks for totting up Bov Looks like I'm going to be settling for the middle of the field , again ! Let's hope I can pic up a good result in the final round (s) , and leapfrog over Snurf lol Simon
  11. I'd agree with you there Chas, even though it displaces me, making you 4th unless there are other errors...... Sadly having checked three times, mine are correct :( Simon
  12. Check my previous post, number 5 , I think the track takes up the area of a normal house door, approx 2'6" × 6'6" I'm not sure if Martyn had it last year, but it might have been used in the past when it was the SCX wrp. Simon
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