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  1. hi all, SCX in their infinate wisdom have decided to use yet another motor. have you bought any new SCX car with the new RK motor in it. ie the new Mercedes and Bass nascar. whats your thoughts on speed compared to the old RX-42B. Im a bit over all the motors they use and the inconsistancy in performance. You cant even change the RK motor for an RX because the pod is also different. Not to mention the motor and pod are not offered as a spare part. (as yet) cheers, steve
  2. waytofast

    Eastside Raceway

    hi, just came across your track thread. WOW. absolutely awesome. great job on everything you have done. especially appreciate your progress pics. i have built 2x8 laners and 1x6 laner and know how much work is involved. well done. cheers, steve
  3. hi all, thanks for the kind words. slotbaker, they perform around the same as BRM 1:24 scale cars. mobbzee,yep, i know they need drivers, just dont have any at the moment. i have some more models on the "to do" list most shops sell MJK tyres but not many sell MJK's other lines. its a shame as they are great australian made, quality products to me, their wheels in both scales are much better than the imports. try this link for their catalogue. http://www.mjkeng.com/ cheers, steve
  4. sorry will try another way to uplaod pics.
  5. Never tried my hand at building slotars from plastic models. But gave it a try and now am hooked. Using the aussie made MJK chassis and running gear. see pics below. http://i1107.photobucket.com/albums/h390/slotracer22/IMG_1076.jpg
  6. no chassis restrictions. what ever you can get to fit your contraption.
  7. no speed rules at all. height restricted to 90mm. originality is the what we are looking for.
  8. an excited john holmes wouldnt fit under the bridge either.
  9. great job fellas. nothing like painting up your own cars. i have done a few nascars too. if i remember, i will post some pics thursday. steve
  10. hi embs, as long as it can do 5 laps under its own power, you can build whatever with whatever.
  11. For a bit of fun next March, we are holding a "build a slotcar from something" competition at way2fast in Canberra. Things like a cordless phone, toilet roll, coffee mug, beer can, etc, what ever you can turn into a slotcar. If you get my drift. It would have to be around the size of 1:32 - 1:24 scale. No more than 90mm tall. Must be able to do 5 laps around the commercial 8 lane track without falling to pieces. There will be 4 cash prizes up for grabs. $100 for most original idea. $25 each for the 3 runners up. Open to allcommers. Free to enter, but if you want your contraption back you must provide funds for return postage. C'mon, get your thinking caps on and join the fun. Photo's will be posted after the competition finishes. More information will be posted at www.way2fast.com.au by the end of November. Cheers, Steve.
  12. if anybody wants a ford or holden ute, i have a few of each breed i want to offload. pm me if interested.
  13. yep, go to www.way2fast.com.au click on JDRF Enduro tab. the winners did over 4,000 laps. equivilent to over 100 klms in real terms. cheers, steve
  14. hi all, i have read most of the post regarding removal of paint and tampo's on off the shelf slotcars. most seem to rub back with wet & dry or soak in caustic etc. has anybody tried using an ultrasonic cleaner and prepsol. is it a safe way of removing paint, tampo's etc for repaints. cheers, steve.
  15. oops, typo. delete corvette's. should have read camaro.
  16. Hi all, Way2fast in Canberra, is hosting an 8 Hour Endurance Charity Race to help raise much needed funds for Junior Diabeties Research. Race Starts at 10.00am sharp, finishing around 7.00pm, Saturday August 13. We do have some rules, but the emphasis is on having FUN. Minimum of 4 people per team. you can have more if you wish. Cost. $80 per team. ie. 4 team members = $20 each. Fuel Management with pit stops, racing 60 minutes in all 8 lanes. Cars that ran at Bathurst between 1965-1975 are all eligable to enter. This includes, Mini Cooper's, Torana's, Escorts, Cortina's, Mustangs and Corvette's. Motors: FF-18,000rpm, Mabuchi 18,000rpm. Magnetic Downforce not to exceed 160 grms for FF and 320grms for Mabuchi powered cars. (Magnetic downforce will be tested with our Magnet Marshall before the race to make sure its legal) Gearing: Inline 9:27, Sidewinder 11:36. (this is standard gearing in Scalextric Cars) Free choice of tyres. All cars must be presented at least one hour prior to race start for scrutineering. Repairs can only be done under race conditions. The Car body and Chassis must be the original ones you started the race with. We strongly recommend you have 2 identical cars, one to race and one for spares. A Sausage Sizzle and BBQ will be operating all day. There will also be some Cool Custom and Classic Cars on display in the carpark. Any questions regarding the race, rules or if you would like to make a donation of cash or prizes please email way2fast@iinet.net.au or phone Steve. 0410 507 265
  17. loved your response rick.
  18. hi all, does anybody here own and run a scaleauto 1:24 scale slottie. just want to know your thoughts on quality, performance on the track etc. cheers, steve
  19. hi otf, definiately non mag. probably a class or 2 from each of these manufacturers. scalextric scx ninco slot it cheers, steve
  20. the guys in canberra use slot.it chips. much more reliable.
  21. The shop is located at units 4-5, 80 Wollongogng St, Fyshwick, A.C.T. The closest Accommodation is less than 5 minutes away. http://www.csmp.net.au There is plenty of after hours entertainment but with different types of slots. (and a lot more expensive) Looks like the event is more likely to be held first week-end of November 2011. More information on classes, rules, etc over the comming weeks.
  22. pictures of the track we plan to run the A.C.T. championships on. track length 27.2 metres. ferrodore surface.
  23. Hi all, a few of the way2fast shop racers are considering running the first ever A.C.T. Championships. As winter time in the Capital is freezing cold, the event will probably be held in October, 2011. Classes and format have to be finalised. We have 1 x 6 lane track and 2 x 8 laners. all routed timber with ferrodore surface. I will post some pics of the tracks in the next few days. Would any of you guys be interested in attending. cheers, Steve
  24. thanks to bry and mark. your help is greatly appreciated. i will give it a go and report back on its success. cheers, steve
  25. yes, it was your post. i was surprised that there were no responses. any help you can give me would be much appreciated. cheers, steve
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