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  1. parma 16D armatures fit straight in. makes them go like a scalded cat.
  2. hi chunda, you have a good memory, yep i had a '63 beetle with an austin A40 bonnet on the front. painted in full metalflake deep blue. awesome little car. a real head turner. im thinking of doing my "uted VW" in a candy apple red. hey embs, this is the first of many models i intend doing, now that i sold the shop. cheers, steve
  3. My latest custom job. VW beetle chopped ute. 1. Cut the back off. Used the best tool ever invented, a Dremel. 2. Cut the roof off. Body paint was stripped using X55 in an Ultrasonic cleaner. Took about 8 minutes with no effort. 3. Lower the roof. Cut approx 3.5mm. 4. Make rear sill and ute cover. Used Evergreen Styrene. 5. Used Tamiya white putty. You will also notice i have converted the driver to right hand drive. Next job is to sand the putty and paint the body. Cheers, Steve
  4. several guys race these in canberra. they all go like a rocket. not sure on their set-ups.
  5. waytofast

    Haig Park

    wow jon, you have done a fantastic job on your track. keep the pics comming as you finish her off. have you picked a name for your track. cheers, steve
  6. awesome jon on the car and the chassis. great to see different slotties on here. i have some midgets i have to get cracking on. also some nascar trucks. love me oval racin. cheers, steve
  7. let me know if you have a trackbuilt when the great race is in town. 2 mad slotties from canberra will be there for a week. cheers, steve
  8. waytofast

    New 3 Lane Routed

    hey andrew, is your insurance up to date. if it falls on me, i will sue.
  9. waytofast

    New 3 Lane Routed

    no excuses now andrew, you have the braid. im just waiting for an invite to a social night of racing now im retired. hee heeee
  10. waytofast

    Haig Park

    getting close now. looks the goods. cheers, steve
  11. waytofast

    New 3 Lane Routed

    now i know what you mean by racing 2 a breast.
  12. waytofast

    New 3 Lane Routed

    i would like to know how many people went back for a second look at the pic with the twin peaks. i didnt notice untill jon mentioned it. must be cold in your garage judging by the look of those 2. detachable man boobs, nice one andrew. track looks good, hurry up and finish it so we can come around for a social night.
  13. waytofast

    Haig Park

    im looking forward to having a blatt around your track. looks heaps cool. well done jon.
  14. waytofast

    Haig Park

    nice job jon, saved some $$$$ by doing it yourself. you interested in selling me one of the routing strips?? i need to build another track for my new slotcar room. cheers, steve
  15. waytofast

    Haig Park

    hi jon, glad to see you making progress. look forward to updated pics. cheers, steve
  16. I just want to thank the 16 racers who attended the Carrera DTM enduro at way2fast last Saturday evening. We even had 5 guys come all the way from Wagga Wagga. It was a fund raiser for one of our regular wednesday night drivers young daughter. She is going through a really rough patch with ill health. We held a raffle, and auctioned off some cars. Raising around $1,000 for her. The Family will be taking her to Sydney Zoo and a V8 experience at Eastern Creek. What a tremendous effort to raise that amount with only 16 racers. Well done fellas.
  17. waytofast

    Cnc Routering

    did you just supply a drawing and they did the rest or did you do the computer programming. 2 of my 8 lane tracks cost $1,700 each to be machine routed and i thought that was pretty reasonable for all the work it saved me. not to mention the MDF dust everywhere. my other 2 6 lane tracks i did myself. steve
  18. waytofast

    Scx Future

    SCX makes some great cars, but also several duds. some of their decisions have been stupid. i believe one of their biggest mistakes is the inconsistant motor models and motor performance. RX42 motors in some ferrari's, porches and nascars, how dumb. these are suppose to be fast cars, not duds on the track. the other problem is producing silly unpopular models that sit on the shelves for years. shops dont buy cars to sit on their shelves, they need popular, fast, reliable cars to sell quickly. i hope that the new management listen to the enthusiasts, because its us that keep this hobby alive. my rant for the day. cheers.
  19. hey burg, being a nascar fan, i love what you have done to recreate the parnelli #15. im retiring at the end of june and have about 20 models to build, all nascars of course. cheers, steve
  20. wish i knew about MR doing a similar thing, i would have sent down my 500mm long "duck" slotcar. yes, i did say duck not dick cheers
  21. a heap of people said they would join the fun and build a slotcar out of anything. in the end i only got 3 entries. waldo's was a standout winner. a brilliant slotcar made out of a wooden tree branch. i did take photo's of it but cant find them anywhere. maybe waldo could post some, if he has any.
  22. Hi all, Just letting you know that a new slotcar shop has opened up in Albury. featuring one 6 lane track and one 8 lane track. Click below to see the local newspaper write-up. http://www.bordermai...th/2518886.aspx also their facebook page. http://www.facebook....RevheadSlotCars Martin, the owner, has had trouble trying to sign up to auslot.com so i have done this for him. Im sure that all fellow slotters wish Martin and family all the success for the future. Make sure you drop in and say hi when passing through Albury.
  23. i have seen this car in the flesh. the pics dont do it justice. one of the best works of art i have seen. not bad for his first attempt.
  24. awesome chunda, you did a great job. very creative. cant wait till your next innovative idea.
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