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  1. nice collection. the james bond aston's are my second favourite cars. nascars are my first.
  2. someone has been biten by the slotcar bug. i started like you, now i have just over 800 MIB cars and over 100 that i play with. cheers, steve
  3. hi josh, you seem keen as mustard but a bit hesitant to have a go at a wooden track. beg, steal or borrow a router get a sheet of 12mm mdf and have a go. route depth of 8mm is recommended. use anything you can find as a template. i used saucepan lids etc for my first track, then i got a lexan strip for my other tracks. i had never even routed anything before i sarted my first track. now i have built 6 of them. some were braided some copper tape. word of advice, dont do it in your garage, mdf has the finest dust and it gets everywhere. cheers, steve
  4. i didnt have to solder any of my joins, neither has anybody else in our club. if your not getting any power through your joins you can jab it with a craft knife a couple of times. all i know is the tape i got is faultless and much cheaper than here in oz. cheers, steve
  5. hi gref here's a better tape and one third the cost. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-1-Roll-Single-Conductive-COPPER-FOIL-TAPE-5MM-X-30M-/130683355862?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e6d55c2d6 i have used this on 3 larger tracks without any issues. i have also told other members in our club about it and they have also used it without issues. takes about 2-3 weeks for delivery. cheers, steve
  6. clever idea with the tilting. just waiting for an invite to come play. as for theme music "yothu yindi"
  7. dont use double sided tape. even more so if its copper braid. it doesnt work. the best stuff is selleys quik grip. ask knoath about tape, his was a disaster. he ended up taking it off and using quik grip. he said he was sorry he didnt do that in the first place. whatever you use, make sure you clean the brain with shellite first.
  8. i think you should display this at the national gallery. it would nearly pass as an aboriginal tribal painting.
  9. wow, you did get the maximum amount of track on your board. looks like it could be a blast.
  10. oops, doubled up on the scanner. here's the 3d printer.
  11. thanks fellas, now i understand a little more about these. below are links i found on youtube for those interested. a 100 micron printer sell for around $2500, not sure how much a scanner would cost.
  12. i love the pic from the rear where you have woody's head turned to face the camera, classic.
  13. waytofast

    3D Printers

    hi all, has anybody seen a 3D printer in action. i just heard about them and checked them out on youtube. they can produce amazing items with excellent detail. what i dont understand is how do scan an object to get a 3D model. the possibilities for scale modelling are endless. any information on this technology would be much appreciated. cheers, steve
  14. hey chunda, that metalic blue came out awesome. the parking and interior lights is a great idea. and the passenger (woody from toy story) is a classic. cheers for a job well done.
  15. good to see some nascar fans here in oz. they are by far my favourite class. awesome job on all your cars cam. keep up the good work. cheers, steve
  16. good to see your having fun with the kids and the lego scenery. better than my elephant turds. cheers, steve
  17. waytofast

    New 3 Lane Routed

    i really like the flow of this track. not to busy and some great open corners. well done andrew.
  18. yep, it was metalflake blue. cost $500 just for the 4 litres of paint back in the mid 70's. that was about a months pay on my apprentice wages. i would hate to think what that would cost these days.
  19. hi paul, yep, that was my VW. had some great times back in the 70's.
  20. Hi all, way2fast in Canberra is hosting an 8 hour charity endurance race. All proceeds will be donated to JDRF. Junior Diabetes Research Foundation. Why not put a team together and head to Canberra for this great event. Futher information is available via www.way2fast.com.au Cheers, Steve.
  21. Gday waytofast, Since you had both track systems why did you sell the Carrera. i`m 130ks north of townsville. i sold the carrera track because i went routed, still wanting to offload all my scaley track.... building your own 1;24 scale slotties is one of the best parts of this hobby. i have bought several kits from ebay for around $15 plus $10 postage. chassis can be home made or bought. like scrjon said, they dont make some of the cars we like.
  22. i race a fury in canberra. not as fast as the revell stockers but handles really well. non mag with a bit o lead and mjk tyres. not allowed to lower any of our classes. i came 5th in the last series, not to bad against 24 racers. in my opinion, the best looking car on the track.
  23. another great job. any pics of the chassis? cant beat the mopars for looks. this car was featured on foxtel, with chip foose. american icons.
  24. hi col, and welcome to the world of slotcars. carrera track is a lot wider than scaley, so you can run 1:24 scale cars. 1:24 scale is fantasic and carrera make a great range of these. they have actually come down in price from a few years ago. as stated above, not all shops stock carrera. so most of your shopping would be online from one of the auslot sponsors. 18 volts is a lot of power for 1;32, but perfect for 1;24. carrera make some of the best looking cars on the market, the quality is also excellent. both carrera and scalex sports track in my opinion is very slippery. if you use magnets, its probly ok. just to put a spanner in the works and make your decision even harder, have you considered ninco track. by far the best surface for grip. they do analogue and digital. plus you can race 1;24 on it. their cars are ok, after you tune them. if your any good with a router, a wooden track is by far the best and a whole lot cheaper. i just sold $1,000 worth of carrera track and accessories for $350. have a bucket load of scalex sport track i want to sell too if you decide to go down that path. where abouts are you. cheers, steve
  25. cool idea. can you also run analogue without much drama. cheers
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