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  1. it only takes 2 people that want the same item for a bidding war to start. you usually find that when someone lists and sells a slotcar for hefty price, another seller will list the same car within a week and it usually sells for less. that being said, I love ebay from a collectors point of view.
  2. is that new Zealand for fetch
  3. what surface tony. ferrodore or gloss?????????????????????????
  4. waytofast


    hi, does anybody on here do iracing. if you don't know what that is check it out on youtube
  5. this Saturday sounds like a good day for a blatt. "I mean test run"
  6. we are lucky to have such a talented track builder in our club.
  7. waytofast

    Ninco Noise

    Hi all, does anybody know if the new Ninco porches with "motor sound" effect, actually sound good or are they a fizzer. I'm hoping the sound is awesome so it adds a new dimension to racing.
  8. i have raced on all of andrews tracks and they have all been great fun. the build quality is very high too. if anybody wanted a wooden routed track built, andrew is the man.
  9. hi clevo, you have inspired me to get cracking on my inventory but it will have to wait till after the school holidays as im looking after the grandkids. collecting hothweels was a real bad addiction i had. i decide to stop when they chaged the size of the card a couple of years ago. that was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, i can now walk past the hotwheels section and not feel my heart pounding. i have sold about 800 hotwheels to fund some of my slotcars. nascars are my main passion, i have all but 4 nascars produced by all slotcar manufacturers. how long have you been collecting slotcars. cheers, steve
  10. hi clevo, a great collection you have there. i too have to catalogue my collection (about 1,000 cars) i have kept all my reciepts so i know what i paid for them. i intend to have the prices listed in my catalogue, so if anything happened to me the wife knows what their worth and wont sell them off at a dollar each. my other addiction used to be hotwheels, have over 4,000 of those little buggers. cheers steve
  11. Good to see friends honouring a mate. well done fellas.
  12. you could call or email mark at revheads slotcars. they are in albury, nsw.
  13. great looking car, you did good. ya cant beat american muscle cars for sex appeal
  14. i use this from mobile raceways in dandynong. http://www.mrslotcar.com/category84_1.htm#2287
  15. loved the early sixties. the cars had personality. my favourite car was the valiant R-Series. i was 9 years old when i saw this car in darwin. always wanted one from that day. when the kids grew up and left the nest i had a bit of extra spending money, so i bought an S-Series and did a ground up restoration. could'nt afford an R-Series. it still is my favourite looking car.
  16. Hi all, I heard a rumour that aussie company MJK will be producing steel chassis to suit all fly model trucks. (sisu, mercedes, man and buggyra) also in the pipeline are the impossible to get metal wheels and tyes. i hope the rumour is true, these are terrible out of the box and with these upgrades should make them a pleasure to race. cheers, steve
  17. i blame my addictive personality.
  18. around $85aus plus postage, might wait for a review first.
  19. for me, about 5 minutes. walk into the garage, look at the cars and track, decide its to cold and go back inside to the fire. when the warmer weather arrives, i will spend hours and hours out there. i love my slotcars, but not the cold. cheers, steve
  20. you finally got a (stolen) pic posted. for those that are interested, andrew has been on my back to post a pic of my new 3 laner. track dimension is 21.3 mtrs. all hand built. took 7 days to build. no plan, just all in my head. copper tape with one power tap down the main straight. UR3 for timing system. 75mm garden edging from bunnings used for boarders. to the right is a 3 lane tri oval that is also new. although im not happy with it. maybe andrew will post a stolen pic of that too. cheers, steve
  21. being a nascar fan, i collect nascars. i have every nascar made from all manufacturers except for 2 scalextric cars that i will eventually find on ebay at a reasonable price. not really a fan of the aussie V8's, but i have all of those too. my total collection is over 800 MIB cars and about 100 that i play with.
  22. i will check to see what fuse i use now, all i know is it hasnt missed a beat since changing it. even slot.it admitted the fuses they did use were not rated high enough. as i said, this was 4 years ago.
  23. i have the first release slot.it controller and it was blowing fuses all the time, so i got fuses rated a couple of amps higher and have not had any issues since. that was about 4 years ago.
  24. yeah, one day soon andrew. just gotta get my arse into gear.
  25. if you look at the pics i posted at the beginning of this thread it shows a jig i made up for doing radius's and straight edges i used after i did some radius's with saucepan lids. always do your corners first, then your straights. a jig is the easiest way to go, especially for your first attempt. the lexan strips were from bunnings, but i think its a discontinued line now. If ever you get to canberra contact me and i'll show you how easy it all is. cheers steve
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