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  1. thanks viv, have done a search for toy shops in the towns im headed for. so far i have 9 on my list. i might have to use vinno's strategy. cheers, steve
  2. i like your strategy vinno. i was gonna cut across from tamworth to port macquarie then down to forster-tuncurry but with only 2 weeks, i had to change it to singleton, maitland etc.
  3. hi all. im off on a 2 week holiday from may 5th. leaving canberra going through cowra, bathurst, gunnadah, tamworth, muswellbrook, singleton, maitland newcastle. (not sydney, been to the all the shops there before, and spent $$$) can anybody tell me if there are any shops in the above mentioned towns that may sell slot cars. i like browsing and hopefully find a car i dont already have. any help would be appreciated. cheers, steve
  4. if you want carrera cars, buy them offshore. heaps cheaper than oz retail. including postage. the 1:24 scale hotrods in oz $120 each. what a joke. i get 2 for that especially now the aussie dollar is going strong.
  5. the only people who get ripped of are the stupid ones who dont have a clue or dont do their homework first. im sick and tired of these people who list their items as "rare" when they clearly are not. i love ebay, but i only bid what im prepaired to pay. never go over that. if you miss out, another one will come along in a few days. some people bag ebay, but it has made collecting heaps easier and made the world a lot smaller place. i buy all over the world for the cars i want. found some real bargains too. i know for a fact that i can buy carrera cars cheaper in USA inc post than any supplier in oz. so whos making to much profit. the importer???
  6. hi. does your router bit have a countersink in it for the braid. i want to have a go at making a routed track and want to use magna braid. where did you buy the router bit?? any help appreciated. cheers, steve
  7. hi slots, i think you make a lot of sense regarding having a go myself. im sorta hoping a canberra track builder will contact me so i can pick his brains. i reckon i could do a flat track, but i would'nt even know were to start on how to make an incline or rise in the track. thats were i would like some advice. are the router bits available in oz for the countersinking of magnabraid?? thanks, steve
  8. Hi Steve, let's do lunch. Would welcome the chance to race with a fellow old geezer. I'm a rug racer and have Scaley Sport, both analogue and digital. I'm going to PhilR's shop in Finley for Rick's Scorpius test on Saturday so if you want a lift, gimme a call (check your PMs). Phil's concept of commercial digital racing , combined with Rick's Scorpius system, is the future of commercial slots as far as I can see and I'd be keen to do something along the same lines here in the ACT. hi chilla, thanks for your reply, i will call you tomorrow, (wednesday) about meeting up. cheers, steve
  9. hello all. if you live in the canberra region and have built or know a track builder, please email me at waytofast@optusnet.com.au or phone me on 6291 9197. i have always loved slotcars since i was a kid. now im in my early 50's, the kids have moved out and i have time to devote to my childhood passion. i have heaps of plastic track, both digital and anologue, but would like to get some help on building, or having one built for me, a routed 4 laner. any leads or contacts in the canberra area would be much appreciated. my ultimate dream would be to open a dedicated slotcar shop similar to sydney, melbourne etc. the kids and bigger kids in canberra need something to do in this boring city. cheers, steve
  10. hi slotsnz. i emailed carrera to complain about their change. below is the response i got today from the australian importer, zimbler. i like your story about your mate running his car the wrong way..... "Steve I understand your dilemma, however if you look at all electronic equipment (I pods etc) they all change in a matter of a few years. The reason Carrera have changed to D132 is that the ProX system was not able to be upgraded which has caused great concern. The ProX system in fact was not designed by Carrera but an outside soft ware house,. Thus Carrera had no control and again the upgrade problem. Thus Carrera have taken action now to make the new system which will allow upgrades to the cars & actual tuning via your Pc in the near future. Steve I understand your concern, but you will see more in the future as to WHY and with what I have told you the digital system will work far better and offer you more & thus I trust you will not now be that disappointed. Naturally many of your ProX items can still be used on the new system. May I suggest you discuss this with the retailer you purchased your ProX from as the new set are on the market with new cars in about 3 weeks" Kind Regards Jonathan Zimbler Zimbler Pty Ltd Melbourne, Australia
  11. i just done a google, and the basards have changed their digital system. check below for more info. Owners of Carrera Pro-X - Questions about Digital 132 Carrera Digital 132 is now expected in October 2007 Here are the key points of the new Carrera Digital 132 ... Carrera Pro-X digital: 1. For current owners of Carrera Pro-X track set systems, you will need to buy a new Digital 132 black box and a new Digital 132 transformer in order to race the new Digital 132 cars. 2. Pro-X cars are 100% compatible with the new Digital track system. So, if you buy the black box, and transformer, that should be the only extra expense to take an existing Pro-X existing track set and Pro-X cars and race them 132 Digital. 3. Pro-X cars will run as they always have if raced on a Digital 132 system, but they cannot do the same things because they have a different chip in the cars from the chip that is in the 132 cars, i.e. Pro-X could never run on Analog, only the new Digital132 Cars can run on analog and back on digital by switching the polarity switch back and forth. 3. New benefits of the Digital 132: * You can race up to 6 cars now, instead of only 4 * You can add another driver/car without resetting the system * You can have multiple cars in the pit stop lane * You can set the Digital car as a pace car by running it and pushing the lane change button once, and it will run by itself * The new Digital cars use a plug-in chip * You will be able to race 1/24 analog cars on your Digital 132 set by purchasing a converter chip and 1/24 digital transformer. 4. You can only race Carrera 1/24 and 1/32 analog slot cars (with converter chips) and Carrera Digital 132 cars on the new Carrera Digital 132 Tracksets, or the Carrera Pro-X track sets, not any other brands. 5. New Carrera analog cars can be converted to digital. New 2007 1/32 Evolution cars can be converted with the chip, because the chassis has a spot for the eye and the 1/24 Exclusive cars with the new swing arm assemblies that were introduced in 2006 can be converted as well. In the old cars our Carrera contact told us they expect that hobbyists will figure out a way to put a hole in the chassis and fit the chip into it and be able to race the older 1/32 Carrera analogs too. (let us know who figures this out and we would love to add this info to our digital info page!) 6. The polarity switch on the bottom of the car which is tied into the chip can be flipped so a car can go from digital mode to analog mode and back again. 7. Wireless works on both Pro-X and Digital 132, but with Digital 132 you can operate wireless at the same time that you are using a plugged in digital hand controller (Pro-X you cannot do this) 8. Pro-X hand controllers and Digital 132 hand controllers are the same, except one has a red handle and the other has a blue handle. 9. You can run the new Carrera Digital 132l slot cars and the Carrera analog Digital Compatible cars (digitally chipped) on your Pro-X track system, if you like. They will run of course just like the Pro-X cars, no extra digital features will work. 10. The Pro-X lap counters will only work on the Pro-X system and not the Digital 132, because they are different. Pro-X counts only 4 cars and Digital 132 counts 6 cars and has a different system in how it works 11. Some of the new Pro-X Sets sold last year have the new Transformer and we will be advised that # when Digital 132 comes out in in 2007. 12. NOT ALL of the new 2007 Carrera analog 1/32 cars are digital compatible. So, we have created 2 catagories for Carrera 1/32 analog cars to help everyone keep this straight. You will see a category for Carrera 1/32 Digital Compatible cars. (All the 2007 1/24 cars are digital compatible) 13. All Carrera 1/24 cars produced in 2006 and after are digital compatible. ExclusiV cars with the new swing arm assembly should all have chips in them and should be able to be converted to Digital 132 by using the ExclusiV digital chip that is in the catalog and on the price list. Earlier 1/24 cars will not be digital ready. NOW IAM REALLY PEEEEEEEVED OFF. i think that carrera should show some good faith to people who bought pro x digital and offer a free change over to the new system. we should not have to go out and buy a new transformer and black box. that sux.
  12. hello all. has anybody heard about carrera changing its digital system.?? the reason i ask is, i was searching ebay and came across a seller getting rid of his carrera pro x cars. stating they will run on the old carrera digital system but not the new one. i have spent over $1000 on carrera digital track and cars and if they have changed the system then iam gonna be peeved. if you have heard anything about the change, please let me know. cheers, steve
  13. hi steve. thanks very much for the idea and cool link. that is a great suggestion and i will give it a try next week. cheers, waytofast
  14. hi all, could anybody give me some ideas as to how to reduce the power supply to the track so as to reduce the accidents and damage to the cars when the smaller kids are racing. iam running the track off a car battery. ideally i would like to be able to have adjustable control for each lane. (its 4 lanes) i have heard a potentiometer (spelling???) could do the trick, but dont have a clue as to what ohms?? would suit. thanks in advance for any suggestions. steve
  15. I have a carrera digital set-up. After years of analog racing, nothing compares to digital. Lane changes & up to 4 cars on the one track. Awesome. There is no way i would go back to single lane racing ever again. My 2 sons, both in their 20's were never really interested in my slotcars.. Now they spend hours on the track. Make sure you at least try someones digital system before you make up your mind.
  16. c'mon fellas. its MOPAR all the way. bring back real car racing with all breeds and classes running around bathurst. i get bored watching the same 'ol same 'ol ford v holden. get some real interest back in motorsport in australia.
  17. hi guys, i have purchased my 1:24 scale carrera hotrods from the states. i can buy them cheaper including postage than anywhere here in aus. do a search on ebay for nicdeals, he is in florida. i have never had any damaged cars from him. his postage is the best price you will get. ask for it to be sent airmail letter rather than normal airmail. its cheaper and just as fast.
  18. hi magoo. he has a shop in florida and also sells on ebay. do a search for nicdeals. his scalextric prices are on par with oz, but he has all the american carrera releases not available here. he is a very honest and trustworthy dealer. i have bought several carrera cars off him and not one has been damaged in transit. his postal cost is $18us for 2 cars. hope this helps.
  19. yep, real nice cars, i have those two as well as most of the carrera mopars. cant wait for the new hot rods later this year. there are quite a few carrera muscle cars that are not released in the land downunder. i buy mine from a guy in florida. cheaper than i can buy from our local dealers, including the postage cost. who is making all the profit. cheers, steve
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