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    slot cars of course, and beer, plenty of it.
  1. If you have lost the passion, then you may as well sell them. I made my own slotcar selling page on facebook to sell off some of my collection. Sold a few hundred cars over the 2 years on that page. Better than ebay with their ripoff fees. Link your selling facebook page to all the other slotcar pages.
  2. I have had a go of this VR racing. It is a whole new dimension to slotcar racing. Well done Pat, but dont give to many secrets away. This could be the next big thing to hit slotcars.
  3. Nice work Chunda, a lot better than some of the other efforts i have seen. Might get you to build me one.
  4. I think its disappointing when a retailer sells rare cars on Ebay. I rang this particular slot car shop to buy the Mad Max Falcon and was told he was sold out. next thing there are 2 of the Mad Max cars listed on Ebay and selling at double the rrp. Yeah, they can do what they want, but morally its wrong.
  5. Does anybody have any information as to Scalextric doing any more Aussie V8's or are they gone forever.
  6. that track has WOW factor. very nice and great workmanship
  7. I have 1,200 new in the box slotcars. All brands, not just scaley. Plus about 200 used ones. some are doubles to sell or swap.
  8. the cheapest way to get wire for your track is to buy a 20 metre extension cord from Bunnings, cut the plugs off and strip it. its colour coded and heaps cheaper than buying colour coded rolls.
  9. waytofast

    Only $39.99

    When I owned the Slotcar shop in Canberra, I was amazed at how many husbands hid their new slotcar purchases from "the wife". a favourite saying of my father-in-laws, "if you get enjoyment from something you shouldn't have to justify it".. I wonder what else you do behind your wife's back.
  10. exactly why I don't post here anymore. the most user unfriendly site ever.
  11. Sorry I couldn't reply to you Garry, I have been away with the family. Back I town now, so tell our son to give me a call to come and check it out. ph 0410 507 265 Cheers Steve
  12. Hi all, my 3 lane wooden track is for sale. 7.5 metres x 2.2 metres. lane length 21.5 metres. 100mm lane spacing, suitable for 1:32 and 1:24 scale racing. ferrodore surface for superior grip. Copper tape. Adjustable leg height. Easy to pull apart and re assemble. Will break down to a flat pack for easy transportation to your place. Pick up is in Canberra. No power supply or timing supplied as I need these for my new track. $800 or make an offer.
  13. does anybody know if NASCAR will be televised on free to air TV this year.
  14. Looks the goods, Now on to the next model.
  15. In my opinion the Torana's have been a huge disappointment. Especially with non magnet racing. I remember the first release was pretty much sold out within days of release. Now, they sit on the shelves for months cuz they're crap. The Falcons are a winner in every respect.
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