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    Top Gear Moving

    We heard that 9 bought the rights to the Aus version and Shane "Im an Angel, really" Warne will be coompare . . . . . . thats the end of that for me. Imagine them telling it how it is - advertising income down the toilet. Very Poor Form I'd suggest.
  2. Jack Brabham Alan & Stan Jones (cheating here) Jim Richards Vern Schuppan Frank Gardner Allan Moffat Peter Brock Larry Perkins Ross Dunkerton Lex Davison Many Many More To Be Had !
  3. Hi Guys, Thanks for the responses so far. To add - the car is the SCX FERRARI 360 GTC. I have two BUT for various reasons both of the chassis are stuffed ! We are always running on Ninco track so the setup needs to be magnets (sorry, I know) and adjustable and we have no class ! (rules). I like the look of the cars and wish to paint and decal BUT I am not good with brass or solder so my option is to buy adjustable. I hope this helps narrow the choices. Thanks again for the feedback, Craig
  4. Hello everyone, Does anybody have any suggestions regarding an alternative chassis to the standard one ie : I have two bodies without chassis' and would like to customise as well as race them. I know there are some adjustable plastic chassis available but I have no experience with this. Thanks in advance, Craig
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