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  1. 68Deville

    Nsr Mkiv Rescue

    There are people who like to complain about the way things are. And then there are people who do something about it. While lots of the time, I fall under the former category, when I dug this NSR MKIV out of THAT pile of cars - you know THAT pile .. the one that holds purchases that looked mighty fine on the web but was such a disappointment when brought home - and I set out to do something about it, goddammit! Sure, Salvatore and crew labored on it on their kitchen tables but I think that in their cottage industry approach, there were a few details that were left out. The headlights for example were ridiculously large, the paint job ugly and the interiors sloppily executed. Obviously, not high on their priority list but a challenge to my fine aesthetic sensibility - it sent my coattails in a twist. So rather than rant about this grave offense on the web, I decided to set an example of what it should have looked like. Salvatore, are you taking notes? Got a pencil? Here's an example of refinement and detail. Awe in its beautiful simplicity. Now you must go and learn, little grasshopper. You will not be allowed to leave the kitchen table until you have mastered proportions and pin-striping. Nesta
  2. 68Deville

    356 Porch

    Love to see it. Nesta
  3. 68Deville

    356 Porch

    Well I got the little modified guy done so I could send it away to its rightful owner before the year was over with. Here is some pics of the finished car. Before and after pic's. I guess the car will have different wheels and maybe turn down originals wheels. Now its time to build a Cuda for me with a brass chassis. wink.gif This car was made for the guys in 1:32 scale. Thanks for looking Nesta -------------------- - 68Caddy aka 68Deville Nesta Szabo In this bright future you can't forget your past. BMW (Bob Marley and the Wailers) Where is Mike S. I was much younger back then and my body is falling apart. One day I will learn how to spell.
  4. 68Deville

    Racer P4 Done

    Thanks munter I came to visit but you know where to find me? Nesta
  5. Things to do? 1:I got one Morgan to do. 2:Revelle 1965 Cuda 3: Racer 935 4:2010 Camaro 5:Proslot Porch. 6:Jaildoor F1 cars 7:Ferrari FXX 8:D3 Coupe cars 1:24 9:Alfa Romeo 33/3 10:Camaro 1970 Nesta
  6. 68Deville

    Racer P4 Done

    Done, next one is going to be a Racer 935. Some pic's. Track pic's. Thank you Nesta
  7. Sorry to say this but if you want the best build cars in 1:24 you got to buy a chassis from the guys from BPR but they race brass chassis build cars? Do you want to race plastic cars or the real deal? I don't mean to be arrogant but if you want to race good cars in the 1:24 scale go here? Click hereMaybe this is not what you are looking for I understand. I just to be really into the 1:32 scene, but I got hooked on the old school of old Cali style of racing in LA. There is a couple of guys from this forum that is over at this forum that I posted the link to, that could help you out. What ever you choice is have fun with it and good luck. Nesta
  8. Dear Stu I'm getting burned out on slot cars some times, I got to many of them and where am I going with it? I fell like I'm a housewife bragging about things that don't mean anything. The state I'm in now is people is more important then little cars, I sure love the guys that are into this or whatever? People is what makes this hobby great not the cars. Well I guess this little googly go car is going to be OK but it doesn't matter for me because I do it for fun, and I do this to talk to you guy's which is more fun for me. Its all good but... see ya when it's finished. I got to get over to your neck of the woods before I go belly up? : Nesta
  9. Ops I got lost a bit? I hope to finish this one of this week because the guy that I promised is waiting its been a couple of days? I'm almost done with the body but I did have to paint it silver so I can see where I messed up. Yea the guys at BPR did kick my a** still numb. Things left to due on the ride is paint some more sanding and interior and to get it shipped to the owner. Nesta
  10. I don't think Fly is going out of business if so, I got a bunch of them on my walls for sale? Have to say I never been lucky with easy money, so don't worry. Lola's are way to sweet I got some of them. Nesta
  11. Taking a break from the Porch due to the fact I have a big race in LA at BPR. Mike Steube has a new class called Jail Door. So I'm working on my Jail Door chassis, I'm almost finished just need to solder a drop arm and I'm ready to Jet. :arggg: They will kick my butt. :alcohol: Nesta
  12. Thanks guys. Lot of cool ideas, but Slots I can't see what you mean please explain more? Got some Pic's for me so I can see it. Nesta
  13. I was thinking of vents for the brakes? Also I was think about a small spoiler like Porch would do nothing big but maybe I should keep it traditional? Nesta
  14. Need your guys help, question should I have air vent in the front or not? Also should I go radical rear spoiler or not, please I want taste full solution please. Two pics the front and the back still have some tweaking to do. This car is already butch up so it needs to be rescued? Rear is going to get some more massage. Nesta Factor
  15. Eno, I move like a snail. Still sanding, but I think this is going to be one of my best ones. I hope I will finish it of this weekend at least the rear part, next front fenders. Nesta
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