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  1. 7/08/2017 1/24th Scale We ran 1/24th scale on the small track and again the carnage was a mere fraction of what it normally is on the big track . It is amazing given the paltry spacing just how well everyone passes each other without taking others out . Warren gave a master class in driving with his ultra rapid BMW . That said though Gangster kept him honest in his BMW . Steve filled out the podium with his Lamborghini now with a roof and two doors thanks to liberal amounts of durex tape only just edging out Bryan by less than one lap . Chris was a creditable 5th with the rest all also rans sadly . Tim had his new Porsche he got from MJ for Fathers Day and once sorted will be up there .. 1st Wazza 166 2nd Gangster 158 3rd Steve 150 4th Bryan 149 5th Chris 147 6th Kenny 134 7th Tim 127 8th Marc 110 9th Michael 49 Scalextric Rally Once again it was evident that to win in this class you need a Ferrari 308 with Gangster driving brilliantly exacting his revenge on Kenny for his second place in the last Scalextric Rally race a few weeks ago and Wazza in his Ferrari completed the podium in third place . The scary thing is James did not show up with what is easily the fastest Ferrari out there . The mid pack was a hotbed of cut and thrust competition with 3rd to 9th separated by only 11 laps . Good to see Cam make an appearance again . 1st Gangster 172 2nd Kenny 170 3rd Wazza 157 4th Bryan 154 5th Rod 152 6th Chris 152 7th Char 149 8th Steve 147 9th Cam 146 10th Tim 141 11th Marc 114 12th Michael 101 Porsche 907-908 Once again a really competitive race in the Porsches with Bryan reigning supreme over Kenny in a borrowed car ( thanks Ken and Dan ) and Gangster completing the podium . Wazza and Chris came next with both having issues preventing them finishing higher , both registered 24 lap brackets and were unlucky not to finish on the podium . If Rod didn’t have bad luck he wouldn’t have any luck . 1st Bryan 183 2nd Kenny 180 3rd Gangster 178 4th Wazza 177 5th Chris 172 6th Char 157 7th Michael 146 8th Steve 144 9th Cam 144 10th Marc 133 11th Rod 41
  2. 31/08/2017 Ken came up with an absolutely brilliant concept of a 3 legged BTCC race run on 3 separate circuits on the one night and the total cumulative laps deciding the positions . We ran on the mickey mouse track , the main track and the birthday party track upstairs . Most people had never even run on the birthday party track let alone raced on it and it must be said all acquitted themselves well after only extremely modest practice . Marshalling was a bit of a nightmare on this track due to the tight confines of the mezzanine but all in all if you don’t come off you don’t need marshalling . Chris is the new guy to beat in BTCC and by quite a comfortable margin too and it showed on all three tracks with him winning on two tracks and coming third on the other . He was easily the class of the field and left Kenny , Steve , Wazza , Bryan , Rod and Gangster to fight it out for the minors . Sadly Wazza , Steve and Gangster had bad luck which precluded them from finishing as high up in the order as they should have . Char also had to leave early due to an unforeseen work emergency . 1st Chris 597 2nd Kenny 538 3rd Rod 495 4th Wazza 484 5th Gangster 481 6th Bryan 459 7th Tim 437 8th Steve 431 9th Marc 411 10th James 397 11th Michael 329
  3. 24/08/2017 BTCC Chris has hit the set up sweet spot with his Honda Civic and has leapt instantly to the head of the pack leaving Kenny and Gangster in his wake . It is gratifying to see more people closing in on the leaders and making the racing so much more cutthroat and fiercely competitive . Marc has also made huge gains and is knocking on the door of the top echelon I this category . Kenny and Gangster had a knock em down drag em out fight the hole race long finally only being separated by a couple of feet at the finish . Wazza Tim and Steve had some real bad luck which sadly kept them at the bottom of the pack but they will be back , of that have NO doubt . 1st Chris 89 2nd Kenny 88 3rd Gangster 88 4th Marc 82 5th John 79 6th Harry 77 7th Michael 76 8th Wazzza 76 9th Tim 74 10th Steve 72 Formula One Woo Hoo , finally the return of Formula One . It is being run on the mickey mouse track as it is , like BTCC , a magnet class . Wazza ran away and hid with his rapid Brabham and left Kenny , Chris and Gangster to fight it out for the minors . It was a real dog eat dog race between father and son for third with dad finally reigning supreme but again only by footage . 1st Wazza 83 2nd Kenny 79 3rd Chris 77 4th Gangster 77 5th Harry 72 6th Marc 68 7th Michael 44 8th John 30 Muscle Cars Was the story of breakouts with both Kenny and Steve who were easily the fastest guys out there losing out with a few breakouts in 2 brackets each which ended up dropping Steve just out of the top three and Kenny to second last after taking a to hell with it and just drive flat out to see what the car is capable of approach . Kenny had already changed to a slower motor but still not slow enough . His Dodge handles so well it exacerbates the breakout problem as he hits the straights so much faster than anyone else . Bryan drove brilliantly to hold out John who kept him honest the whole way followed by Wazza and the hapless Steve . 1st Bryan 224 2nd John 222 3rd Wazza 218 4th Steve 209 5th Gangster 205 6th Marc 203 7th Harry 189 8th Michael 186 9th James 182 10th Chris 182 11th Tim 178 12th Kenny 176 13th MJ 165
  4. August 17/08/2017 1/24th Scaleauto John made un unexpected return to racing on a Thursday night which was most welcome . So good to see him again . For the first time 1/24th was run on the 1/32nd track and given the minute separation it was envisaged it would be pure carnage . Nothing could have been further from the truth with virtually no crashes , certainly a lot less than on the big track also partially due in no small part to the much slower terminal speeds . Wazza cleaned up with his BMW beating gangster in his BMW followed by Kenny and Chris who were only separated by less than a lap . Marc entertained all with his drifting Datsun . 1st Wazza 225 2nd Gangster 218 3rd Kenny 211 4th Chris 210 5th Steve 200 6th Bryan 191 7th Tim 139 8th Marc 99 9th Michael 25 Group 5 This was indescribably hard fought and was tight all race long between Kenny , Bryan , Wazza , Chris , Tim and Gangster . Kenny went into the final bracket with a relatively comfortable lead but crash after crash after crash soon saw him fighting for his life and the win . In the end he just beat Bryan by less than a lap with wazza hot on both their heels . Chris and Tim were only separated by footage at the end and only marginally ahead of Gangster . 1st Kenny 218 2nd Bryan 217 3rd Wazzza 215 4th Chris 211 5th Tim 211 6th Gangster 207 7th John 194 8th Marc 170 9th Michael 161 10th Steve 94 BTCC Again an indescribably close fought battle between Chris , Kenny and Gangster . Chris got his set up just right and it instantly propelled him to the sharp end . He and Kenny were never separated by more than a bees dick the whole race long finishing on the same lap with only footage separating them , gangster had a bit of bad luck which saw him fall ever so slightly off the pace of the lead two . John did and incredible job in the only car in the field with NO magnets . 1st Chris 84 2nd Kenny 84 3rd Gangster 82 4th Wazza 72 5th Bryan 67 6th Steve 66 7th John 61 8th Marc 60 9th Michael 58 Yours in Slot Cars the Ferret
  5. August 10/08/2017 DTM This was once again a Wazza benefit with his ultra rapid Mercedes totally outclassing the field . I suspect he was sandbagging a bit too only going as fast as he had to to maintain a comfortable gap . Gangster and Rod filled the minor placings with Kennys new ( OLD ) Ninco Alfa 155 experiencing the same problems as Wazzas Mercedes when it was new and was involved in a struggle with both Chris and Tim for fourth place . 1st Wazza 201 2nd Gangster 193 3rd Rod 185 4th Kenny 181 5th Chris 175 6th Tim 174 7th Steve 153 8th MJ 147 9th Marc 147 10th Michael 141 11th Harry 140 Group C Kenny finally put a 23K motor in his old Mazda 787B and it paid immediate dividends powering him to a narrow victory over Gangster , Wazza and Harry . He and Harry had some absolutely Titanic battles and Harry actually had his measure but suffered from a couple of unfortunate offs most of which he was an innocent victim in . 1st Kenny 206 2nd Gangster 199 3rd Wazza 197 4th Harry 195 5th Michael 180 6th Rod 174 7th Marc 169 8th Chris 168 9th Tim 163 10th Steve 154 BTCC Back to the Mickey Mouse track we went this week its flood damage having been rectified from the previous week . And as well as a return to this track we also saw a return of Gangsters Passat to being a front runner once again. We knew it would not be long from the previous weeks aberration. he well and truly kept Kenny honest the whole race long . Wazza and Chris also had a titanic battle for 3rd and 4th and an even more intense battle for 5th to 10th between Rod , Marc , Harry , Steve , Tim and Michael . 1st Kenny 118 2nd Gangster 114 3rd Wazza 105 4th Chris 103 5th Rod 98 6th Marc 95 7th Harry 94 8th Steve 93 9th Tim 91 10th Michael 91 11th MJ 74 Yours in Slot Cars The Ferret
  6. August 3/08/2017 V8 Supercars A titanic tussle at the head of the field was a treat to watch with Wazza , Chris and Steve trading blows all race long . Unfortunately for Steve he had one disastrous 22 lap bracket and lost at a minimum of 7 laps which would have seen he being an easy victor . From third it was daylight to fourth being a full 15 laps down . 1st Wazza 176 2nd Chris 173 3rd Steve 171 4th Michael 156 5th Kenny 153 6th Gangster 152 7th Marc 142 8th Bryan 141 9th James 128 BTCC Woo Hoo rain damage to the Mickey Mouse track saw everyone finally able to unleash their cars on the routed track and truly see what they are capable of . And boy are these things QUICK and with those magnets handle like they are on rails . All were heard to say what an absolute pleasure it was to run on a track where they could explore the limits of the cars . Kenny ran away and hid but the real interest was for second place with an incredibly intense race long duel been Bryan and Rod with the honours finally going to Bryan but ONLY just from Rod who put up a spirited challenge and kept Bryan honest all race long . Gangster was a shock last place experiencing no end of troubles with his normally rapid Passat , no doubt he will make a victorious return in due course . 1st Kenny 223 2nd Bryan 216 3rd Rod 215 4th Steve 181 5th Marc 175 6th Chris 172 7th James 154 8th Michael 141 9th Gangster 73 Yours in Slot cars The Ferret
  7. 27-07-2017 BTCC Gangster had a lacklustre night as for the first time since he got his Passat as he was off the pace much to Kennys delight . The race for the minors very quickly descended into low farce with wholesale good spirited cheating going on . Evidently both Bryan and Steve know a short cut which halved their lap times . Rod sadly had a disaster with a mysterious malady afflicting his car leading to him pulling out mid last bracket . 1st Kenny 139 2nd Gangster 128 3rd Tim 116 4th Marc 114 5th Bryan 112 6th Rod 105 7th Steve 104 8th Michael 92 Open GT Another incredibly closely fought race was the order of the day and lot closer than Kennys winning margin would suggest . This had a level of intensity close to that of Kennys and Tims battle 2 weeks prior in group 5 . The ONLY reason Kenny ended up with the winning margin he did was due to the other protagonists for the victory taking each other out in the dog eat dog take no prisoners fight they were engaged in . It was nice to see cam make a return to racing too . 1st Kenny 224 2nd Bryan 219 3rd Marc 218 4th Rod 216 5th Tim 212 6th Steve 206 7th Gangster 201 8th Michael 189 9th Cam 181 Scalextric Rally Gangster was driving his dads Ferrari finally with the correct rear tyres and its performance jump instantly breached the gap to Kennys Ferrari in one fell swoop and he and Kenny traded blows all race long with it finally falling Kennys way but ONLY just . This now makes 5 Ferrari 308’s that are all roughly on the same pace with the exception of James’ one which is noticeably quicker than the other 4 . One thing is for sure , if you want to win in Scalextric rally you have to be in a Ferrari . 1st Kenny 184 2nd Gangster 183 3rd Rod 169 4th Steve 155 5th Bryan 125 6th Marc 121 7th Tim 119 8th Michael 111 Yours in Slot Cars The Ferret
  8. 20-07-2017 BTCC Yet another total domination by Gangster and his rapid Passat was witnessed by all in the BTCC race . He is getting to make winning a habit and all the rest are going to have to lift their games substantially to live with him . He definitely has a feel for the Mickey Mouse circuit that no one else seems to have . Poor Harry was actually quite substantially quicker than Kenny but had tremendous amount of bad luck which impeded his progress . 1st Gangster 161 2nd Kenny 153 3rd Harry 146 4th Steve 143 5th Chris 141 Muscle Cars This was the debut of Kennys new Dodge Charger Daytona whos building was necessitated by the total destruction of his original one . All the lessons he learnt from the old one were integrated into the new one and it handles so well and gets its power down so effectively it was capable of breaking out on every lap including the initial standing start lap so a new slower motor is going to have to be found quickly . In the final bracket he broke out on every single lap testing just what he could coax out of it . Bryan took out the race in his gorgeous Allan Moffat Brut 33 XB Coupe from Steve in his Camaro with Tim filling out the place getters in a very creditable third . Poor Harry had an absolute disaster with his car lasting only one lap . 1st Bryan 168 2nd Steve 160 3rd Tim 152 4th Gangster 148 5th Rod 144 6th Chris 141 7th Kenny 141 8th Harry 1 Yours in Slot Cars The Ferret
  9. 13-07-2017 1/24th Scaleauto The usual crash em up bash em up melee played out once again in 1/24th Scaleauto with the only one left standing being Bryan who drove masterfully to avoid the maelstrom going on all around him to a well deserved victory . The less said about the rest the better . 1st Bryan 111 2nd Kenny 82 3rd Gangster 67 4th Marc 62 5th Wazza 34 6th Michael 21 BTCC Gangster held a master class in precise driving to pilot his rapid Passat to a decisive victory over Kenny who to be honest just was not in the same class as Gangster . For that matter no one else was either . The real battle was for 2nd to 5th with only 3 laps covering the 4 places and could have gone in favour of any one of the 4 protagonists right up to the death . The Mickey mouse track BTCC is run on is a real challenge to drive separating the men from the boys . 1st Gangster 111 2nd Kenny 100 3rd Marc 99 4th Wazza 99 5th Bryan 97 6th Rod 87 7th Michael 83 8th James 72 Group 5 This was one of the closest fought races that Penrith Slot Car Centre has ever seen and is ever likely to see . Sadly it is not reflected in the laps as Tim came off a few times in his indescribably intense battle with Kenny . For most brackets no more than 2 feet separated their two cars with the lead swapping on an almost lap by lap basis . If ever Slot cars are to be televised this was a race that would have all viewers on the edge of their seats . Kenny was heard to say after the race that he had left absolutely nothing on the table and had not had to drive that hard and permanently on the limit for a long long time . Bryan kept Tim honest in the closing stages but it would have been grossly unfair if he had passed him as Tim had kept Kenny totally honest for the entire race . This race is what Slot car Racing is all about . It was a genuine pleasure to witness it . 1st Kenny 223 2nd Tim 213 3rd Bryan 209 4th Gangster 208 5th Wazza 205 6th Rod 199 7th Marc 181 8th James 170 9th Michael 159 Yours in Slot Cars The Ferret
  10. 7-07-2017 BTCC 1st Marc 78 2nd Kenny 77 3rd Bryan 74 4th Steve 74 5th Michael 66 6th Rod 60 DTM 1st Kenny 209 2nd Bryan 183 3rd Tim 168 4th Steve 163 5th MJ 161 6th Marc 156 7th Michael 137 8th Rod 130 Group C 1st Bryan 206 2nd Kenny 191 3rd Steve 187 4th James 176 5th Rod 175 6th Michael 164 7th Tim 129 8th Marc 103 Yours in Slot Cars The Ferret
  11. 29-06-2017 Group 5 1st Bryan 192 2nd Gangster 182 3rd Kenny 179 4th Marc 179 5th Steve 173 6th Chris 162 7th Char 157 8th Michael 156 9th Rod 151 10th Harry 141 11th James 18 Porsche 907/908 1st Bryan 172 2nd Kenny 170 3rd Steve 166 4th Chris 166 5th James 158 6th Gangster 146 7th Marc 130 8th Rod 130 9th Michael 80 V8 Supercars 1st Kenny 162 2nd Char 161 3rd Chris 158 4th Bryan 156 5th Steve 151 6th Tim 144 7th Marc 139 8th Gangster 138 9th James 136 10th Michael 130 11th Harry 125 12th MJ 90 Yours in Slot Cars The Ferret
  12. 22-06-2017 BTCC 1st Gangster 57 2nd Kenny 54 3rd Harry 52 4th Marc 47 5th Chris 46 Open GT 1st Harry 143 2nd Marc 143 3rd Tim 134 4th Gangster 132 5th Michael 129 6th Rod 128 7th Chris 127 8th Kenny 113 9th MJ 109 Scalextric Rally 1st Kenny 139 2nd Rod 132 3rd Tim 123 4th Marc 120 5th Chris 98 6th Gangster 96 7th Michael 86 Yours in Slot Cars The Ferret
  13. 15-06-2017 Group 5 1st Bryan 188 2nd Kenny 183 3rd Tim 182 4th Char 178 5th Rod 162 6th James 159 7th MJ 156 8th Marc 154 9th Steve 139 10th Michael 137 11th Harry 129 Group C 1st Bryan 177 2nd Char 169 3rd Harry 167 4th Kenny 166 5th Rod 149 6th Marc 147 7th Tim 146 8th Steve 141 9th Michael 123 10th James 115 12th Gangster 105 Scalextric Rally 1st Kenny 158 2nd Steve 151 3rd Char 150 4th Bryan 146 5th Rod 139 6th Tim 138 7th James 133 8th Michael 124 9th Marc 122 10th Gangster 97 11th MJ 53 Yours in Slot Cars The Ferret
  14. 25-05-2017 Group 5 1st Kenny 177 2nd Gangster 176 3rd Wazza 165 4th Chris 161 5th Bryan 160 6th James 149 7th Marc 141 8th Michael 128 Group C 1st Gangster 168 2nd Bryan 166 3rd Wazza 159 4th Kenny 154 5th Marc 152 6th Chris 143 7th Michael 132 8th James 128 Porsche 907/908 1st Bryan 170 2nd Wazza 166 3rd Kenny 164 4th Chris 163 5th James 150 6th Marc 140 7th Michael 126 8th Gangster 125 Yours in Slot Cars The Ferret
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