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    Family,slot car collecting and racing,motorcycles (own a 1996 Kawasaki zx9r), fishing, friends,scratch building, drag racing,motorsport, car shows and anything remotely envolving engines, wheels or speed.........now where did that blow fly go with the number on it.....lol
  1. Gday Team well as the topic says I will be without computer and internet access for about the next 6 months so I am leaving the forum and this slotcar information world to you all to keep safe for me until I return...........it is going to be pretty hard not talking to all you guys on the daily basis that I have for what seems a lifetime now but I cant wait to see the improvements and the extra friends we will have onboard when I return, I may even get some time to start my track now......so until next time thanks for all the good times and laughs............cant wait to see how my proxy entry finishes up.........adios amigos u..........I'LL BE BACK...............CHEERS MAGOO :( :( :( :( :( :( :whip2:
  2. Mr Magoo: Second biggest distance for me. More than anything it was smooth and easy to drive. great work with this round of the proxy guys and a worthy 13th position finish for me, a little lower down the food chain than I was hoping but again look how close the end results are, WHAT A RACE, WHAT A SERIES, WHAT A BLOODY GOOD TIME, watch out sports I am coming for you next round old son.................go you good thing......congrats again guys top shelf effort :haha:
  3. when you say similar to scalex are you refering to roll cage mouldings and stuff or just seats and dash..............these things are going to be awesome
  4. Same thing that occurs when the missus is in the kitchen using the mixer or in the bathroom using the hairdryer.........every time you are trying to watch the v8's on telly, the lines are caused by the electrical interferance being drawn from the track.....I use to think the missus had a secret switch that she flicked to stop me watching telly and drinking beer(scratches belly and adjusts one self)........lol .........but she didnt its all power and current related
  5. Gday Tim Adelaide is still the Slot Capital of theworld so you sure are in the right place.........quite a few guys on the forum from Adelaide you have already heard from Hoffy and Triggy, both great guys until you hand'em a slot car controller, great to have you back onboard oldtimer, kids are a great excuse to race slots its just all the other issues they cause.............lol...welcome again Magoo
  6. I use a simple plastic box with many individual compartmants and write on the bottom of the compartment.....just need to keep control and put the right tyre back in the right compartment each time...........also gives you something to do on rainy days when they get mixed up
  7. mr magoo

    Slot Radio

    Enjoyed program 2 the most, its a little interesting to hear different peoples opinions and views on slot cars, but the story that Garry talks about when his little boy joey asks to use the track is pretty inspiring and something we can all learn something from thanks for the link Smallnails
  8. Pyro , the best method we have found with plastic track is to wipe track plastic with wd40 then leave it for about 20 mins then wipe with a dry cloth, to remove any excess, the rails are best cleaned with a metho dipped rag for the okay bits and very fine emery paper to remove the rust etc, unfortunately metal rails will rust over time no matter what you do but a little maintenance now and then goes a long way, temperature and condensation are the two evils for plastic track so always cover your track when its not being used, even inside the garage its amazing how much dust floats around so do what you can to keep it off your track..............cheers Magoo
  9. Craig I look forward to reading the different responses that you are going to get to this question, there are a number of aftermarket chassis that you can try when you start to explore the market the ones that instantly come to mind are Plafit, MJK, Slot-it, Parma and recently I have been interested in building some myself (have a loooooooooong way to go here) but there are some great things to be learnt, brass is a wonderfull thing but scratch building is an art form in itself, I would either go a light weight aluminium chassis or a Plafit (still learning to set one of these up properley myself) but the other guys are racing these chassis very succesfully so will have a more advanced view on this gear................good luck mate the options are HUGE
  10. Gday Emil, welcome aboard mate, some great info can be had from this lot..............it's amazing but they actually know a thing or two so dont be afraid to fire away with all the questions you will have love the track, even in modified form you can still have a fantastic layout and already have some great looking scenery there too.........hope you enjoy whitteling down the hours on here as much as we all do.......cheers Magoo
  11. great work mate already have my paintwork sorted just need to order some decals..............looking sensational
  12. Yeah mate you are probably right, they just appear so daunting as one would be led to believe that with all the screws and springs that they are a next level car with lots of adjustability, havent had mine that long but just cant seem to get it right :mosh: just another learning curve I guess........still any chance to tinker with a slot is a good thing :bday:
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY .....................hope you had an awesome day, and that all your pressies were slots :bday:
  14. Just been discussing the idea of an after market chassis (eg) plafit etc and the crew chief say "IF IT AINT BROKE DONT FIX IT" I reckon the current format allows both novices like myself and experienced tuners to compete on a level playing field , I think the average costs of a competative proxy car say around $120 is doable for most and I have certainly got my monies worth... I own a plafit chassis and for the novice there are just too many variables and tunabilities built into these chassis...great for the more knowledgable guys but too much for me.... the other thing to remember is once the car has completed the series you will still be able to re-use and abuse most of the components for next year (eg) wheels, axles, etc and the other used parts will be transplanted into my other cars that need not be race prepared...... this is the best series ever but i am really pleased people are thinking about ways to make it more exciting...and I will certainly have a more competative masterpeice to contend next years "BATTLE" from what I have learnt....
  15. 5TH Mr Magoo 6.30 Another fast Lola T70 fast,smooth,easy to drive (AUST) SA YOU BEAUTY .........ANOTHER TOP TEN........ . great work guys the Magoo Masterpeice is still snappin at their heels, cant wait for this round, is my little girl getting home sick
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