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  1. You could try ringing them or is your finger still up your nose?
  2. What's this facebook you speak of?? ... I'm not on it, and tired of the links for this and that to view something and now every phone/ipad app is involved...
  3. Friday 19th is the start of 1/24 scale model racing at Mobile Raceways on the new flat black track. Classes will be Can Am (plafit) Miniz (plafit) Scaleauto Gt . Cost $10
  4. Happy Birthday Dick, hope you have a great day..
  5. Im sure your a champion at it..
  6. The first Friday night race event at Mobile Raceways was run last week and we had a good turn out with some Mobile Raceways regulars looking to join in the racing in future. There where some racers on the track for the first time and the feedback was great.. Classes were NSR Mosler, Jeff cleaned up in this class and has been nagging me to put up the results.. NSR Classic and Open LMP, All classes were run as per Nationals rules. Heres the results.
  7. Mark, Yes MR is our local track, and now with the new track installed we Greg C and myself are pushing for more racing at the venue starting this Friday and the 3 rd Friday of every mth.. On your earlier post you say open my wallet at the local shop, well I want to as for the reason for my first post.. But when the product isn't there how can I open my wallet..I'm always happy to buy from the local shop and have ordered cars and parts in through MR on many occasions. One thing I do know is when any retailer wants to make an order from a distributor the distributor wants to sell everything to the retailer not just the common parts/accesories which in turn makes it a very expensive deal for the retailer for parts and cars the shop may never move on!!!
  8. MR received a shipment of Scaleauto last month which is great but there was not one recent model car like the Audi and Z4 in the bunch.. I would have purchased the Audi there then. There were Porsches but not the RSR! I assume they came from leehmans, so maybe an online petition to show there is demand for new models and parts for Scaleauto to show leehmans?
  9. Anyone know of an Aussie retailer with spares yet ? I started blu printing my Z4 today to find a cracked front bearing holder..
  10. Sorry I missed this practice session, we are planning another soon..
  11. I wish it still looked like that!! Werner do you do repairs or rebuilds?
  12. Should be good, Greg and i are going for a test run this Saturday, i think? Edit from Jacob - please see second post in this topic for all event info. First few posts have been slightly messed up and out of order.
  13. Happy birthday Rob, hope its been a good day!
  14. Ok, So instead of a $15 class entry fee it will be $50.
  15. Mark, We know there's lots of good local racers out there! That's what I said wasn't it?? I Don't understand how this is not your thing, it was a few years ago.. Once every 3-4 years we have a major event local to us and it seems people make a point of avoiding it. No one asked for you or anyone else to spend the whole weekend there..! Just for some support whether it be 10 classes or 1. Yes you have won races against me on many tracks and that's fantastic, Lots of people have!! So Yes I have won 4 times, and finished second and third more ... Why make this a point?? Brett, thanks for your input!! Anyway the weekend was great fun and I look forward to the next.
  16. Happy birthday Cam, hope its been a good day..!
  17. Ian, the Nats has been run on Queens birthday weekend for the last 4-5 years! Seems a lot of near by locals are not coming to race next weekend, why is that? Love to know.. Awesome track which was wanted and now delivered but still all the backyard/garage/basement champions don't want to come out and play for whatever bullsh!t reason. Feel free to comment, I'm open to hear!!! Is it a case of ( I'm not going to win so why bother??) Is that what people teach there kids today? To hard don't try?? I had my 7 y/o there today doing laps so maybe he can run in the mag/am class., Plus tomorrow im building 15 odd cars which some are my 67 y/o dads so he can compete again.. Sorry if I offend anyone, but really suck it up??? I'm open to comments or pm's !!! I'm sure there will be none!!
  18. Looks like fun, but why don't you come down to dandenong and have a run in the Nationals Next weekend?
  19. Well... After driving on the new track today I have to say its a 1/24 foamie track... I had a ball with the scaleauto and Greg C MiniZ.. The 1/32 cars on MJK seem a bit unpredictable where as the NSR cars were fantastic.. It seems to favour the 917 NSR but with some testing this coming Wednesday (all day) with the P68 and lead we'll see what happens..
  20. As of 11 pm last night..up and running, the hrs of the last 2 weeks that Peter and the team at Mobile raceways have put in to get this awsome track ready is amazing, they were there till 2.30 am friday morning..and late last night.. This track is a welcome addition to the facility and is going to be veeeery well used for along time to come. Im going there this arvo for some laps, i will give everyone some feedback on how it drives tonight.
  21. Latest pictures, will be running tonight. The steele strips under the braid works perfectly with the magnet cars, the drivers stations need a few finishing touches (ledge for cars and hand controllers) the green button on the drivers stations is to reset the lap times for that lane. Cant wait to get the NSR Mosler,Miniz's and Scaleautos on to it tomorrow...
  22. Rod, I will upload some pictures tonight. It's almost fully braided and ready to go, electrics, timing is done, drivers stations need to bolted on and it's ready..
  23. What no annual leave Shane? Seems with all the comments and questions and interest on the forum is not reflected in the amount of entries!!! For years people where bagging the Kingleman, and now there's arguably the best 6 laner in Australia installed still no one wants to race... I know of at least 30 locals that aren't turning up???? Yes times are tough, I understand to well.., It's $15 to enter a class!!! Not to much IMHO ..
  24. Davnic74

    Premier Raceway V2

    It's the undercoat, with a good quality 5-6 mm tape on top the surface paint over the tape. When surface paint final coat is still damp remove the tape.
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