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  1. Just trying to order one but they're asking for a tax I'd number?? Anyone else have this?
  2. Nice, but dunno about the caliper position on the front wheel!! Lol
  3. Garry, Post 10, I'm sure they wouldn't miss it for the world. Hopefully they can stay local and join us for a meal and a few drinks.
  4. Johnson system, very good too!
  5. Well said! Im opening a website called AntiBook.... hopefully thell buy me out!!
  6. Dont have facebook!! can the photos be put here where it was promoted please?
  7. Well done to the Jokers for a deserved win and thanks to everyone that was there and made it a great event. Thank's to Jan and Garry J for making the trip down from QLD. Special mention to my 67 y/o dad Jeff whom had never driven these cars before or been on that track and still managed to out qualify me with my own car in the sprint race and would have placed better than me if it wasn't for some nasty knocks !!
  8. Happy birthday Mark, hope you had a good day.
  9. Friday night racing is on again this week from 7.30 pm onwards. Classes NSR mosler NSR classics NSR gt Open LMP Hope to see you there.
  10. Happy birthday Mel, hope its been a great day!
  11. Well the R18 ran great tonight, 1st place with a Slotit Lola close behind. Tha car felt good but needs a touch more grip but that's my fault, tyres were not trued completely. Had some lead placed under the rear axle and in front of the motor and under front axle, spacers on the front axle and grub screws in to adjust front axle height.
  12. Thanks, Not before and after, probably 6 mths In between photos taken last summer. I built it from ground up in 1998, and it's never been buffed, just hand polished with stuff my brother gets ( detailer) although it is in need of a buff or clay now.
  13. I've spent close to $30000 on my Prem (and still spending) but would be lucky to get half of that if I had to sell it!! Needs new rear door now and I want to change or add to the motor ( supercharger) !!
  14. Just arrived today and its in pieces on the bench atm for racing this Friday night, I'll let you know how it goes.
  15. Here's a few from last week, in there boxes...!
  16. Happy Birthday Mark, have a great day.
  17. Seems riding bikes is popular. Rob, when you get one let me know and we'll do some laps at Lysterfield.. best bike ive had!!
  18. Davnic74

    Jimmyslots 1950

    Happy Birthday Jimmy, hope its been a top day.
  19. Friday night racing is on again this week from 7.30 pm onwards. Classes NSR mosler NSR classics NSR gt Open LMP Hope to see you there.
  20. What other hobbies do you have besides Slot cars? I've just started Mountain Biking again after selling my old bike and buying a new Giant Xtc Carbon hard tail, and honestly I'm loving it ATM... Been riding 3-4 times a week and planning on buying a dual suspension for the more serious trails in a few weeks. I really wouldn't be concerned if I never raced or built a slot car again.
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