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  1. Hello folks, Here's some photos of a track we're building. After some digging and concreting finally ended up a room. Then some drawing and routing. Some lane colours. Coming together, starting to look something like a track.
  2. I just use Testors plastic-prep. First soak in a warm detergent bath for 10mins. Then rinse and air dry. Then get an old tooth brush and scrub with generous amount of plastic-prep. I believe they use a "mold release" so the cast releases from the mold, and paint don't stick to good to that ? I think rubbing them back takes away from the detail . You shouldn't need to undercoat ,unless you are doing a metallic?
  3. Yeh, I often get beat by cars I set up. It gives me great satisfaction seeing my cars overtake me, then seeing the smile on their face after the race is all worth it.
  4. It started a couple of days before the final round of a series at W2F. A friend of my misses(lets call her "Helen") said to her that she thought a friend of mine(we'll call him "Peter") was kind of cute. Anyway, after I got wind of "Helen's" comment, I couldn't resist a jab at "Peter" about it. So, the next day when he came over, I ribbed him about it and told him I was going to use this to my advantage next time he was pushing me too hard in a race. So, you wouldn't believe it, the next day we were racing and it was the last minute of the last race of the night, "Peter" was pushing me really hard for the last four minutes, we were on the limit, I only had to win this race to win that class. Then I remembered what I had planned for this sort of occasion. So I yelled out "HEY PETER, HELENS HERE TO CHEER FOR YOU!" Well, he took his eyes off his car to look up and then crashed, which let me get about a half a lap in front and went on to win. We all had a good laugh, even "Peter thought it was funny. I did warn him!!
  5. I put used MJK's on the front of some of my cars, just glue 'em and true 'em, and they do good. I don't put superglue over them though. Then again, I use low grip low profile slot-it tyres on some of my cars too , and they do good as well. I have a few slot-it cars with original front tyres, which are pretty grippy, and they go like the clappers too! Is it a case of different strokes for different folks? I would try no glue on tyres first, then try glue on tyres if you aren't quite satisfied. It might be a silly question, but why is grip on the front not a good thing? Is it a resistence thing? Is it more load on the motor pushing grippy tyres in the corners?
  6. Thanks Andrew, I probably just got a dud. All good.
  7. Going by the times at Way2fast,(wooden tracks) using MJK's, the NC-5 and NC-14's would beat scaley's, the NC-9's are a good match for the scaley's times. So going off the numbers(IMO)the NC-5 or NC-14 would be too strong for the scaley's.
  8. Hello folks, I am interested in some feedback about DS ELECTRONIC RACING PRODUCTS. I have a mini car bench( that works most of the time) , a pocket checker ( which I have replaced once already and works sometimes) and our club acquired an expensive testing bench( which don't work). I thought these products showed great potential. So is it just my experience with these products, or are there others out there having the same problems.
  9. Beautiful looking car. I've been waiting for its release since I first seen it. Cant wait! Triggy , I used Tamiya Italian red TS-8 for a coke car once. It was pretty close. Great looking paint jobs too chrisfromcrewe.
  10. supercharged

    Grefhurst V2

    Great looking track you got there Shane. I like the hump and banked corners and the pits. Totally awesome.
  11. I reckon it would take Andrew about a bourbon a lap? lol. Looks like fun, good stuff.
  12. Brilliant, I'll never buy another plastic tree again, and they look more realistic as well. Thanks for that. oh yeah the track looks like fun too!
  13. Raced it tonight as you seen, jumped the start(6 laps down straight off the bat) then crashed on the first corner,great debut . Other than that it went well, considering it hasn't been on a track until tonight. Things can only get better.
  14. Thanks heaps for your kind comments. Mobbzee, that reminds me of that Darryl Waltrip's lap around Bathurst on youtube, bloody hilarious . Steve, I actually found Woody in the gutter at the local shop, I seen Toy Story with my grandson, so I could'nt leave him there.Woody lives on!
  15. Here's a falcon I just finished painting. Found a hiker. Set up for racing next. Added a couple of extra lights.
  16. Classic collectable, special edition, limited edition bla bla bla. If it has 4 wheels and a motor it gets the same treatment as any other car I have.It goes thru the same prep as the rest of the cars then gets put on the track to do what it suppose to do, get used! Lets face it,you are not going to be able to retire when you sell them. I've never been a collector, if I am not going to use it, it may aswell stay in the shop where I can look at them anytime,without cost. But that is only my opinion. Each to their own!
  17. Very nice Tintin,the cars look schmick.But I think your wooden track needs some work.
  18. wow. that kool one is exactly that,cool! i love that colour, what colour is that? good stuff, keep it up.
  19. thanks johnsxr8, i've put an airbrush on top of my shopping list. on the #9 car,did you start off putting a few really light coats over the decals and gradually increase the coats as the decals were sealed? it looks like it must have about a dozen coats or more to get a finish like that. cant wait to see some more of your paint jobs.keep up the great work. thanks again.
  20. hello tintin, nice work on both cars. keep up the good work.thanks heaps for your photos and info on airbrushes, looks like a good airbrush is next on the shopping list!
  21. Thanks Johnsxr8. I just love the finish on #9. Where do you get Debeers clear coat from? Was it sprayed on with an airbrush?
  22. Thanks for the comments Tintin, looks like I will have to get myself an airbrush! I have just been using Tamiya spray cans. As everyone knows they are a bit hot on decals(clear). Are airbrushes user friendly, are they easy to clean and learn to use ? Still waiting to see the Gis's car !
  23. G'day folks,I bought a speed checker a few months ago and am curious about other owners car speeds.Here are some speeds of some of my cars were that tested.Getting them to go fast in a straight line is the easier part, it's getting speed in the corners that is the hard part. The cars were run at 13.5volts.(Everything original unless stated) Make and Model ...................... Gears.................. Motor ............ Tyres............. Speed(kph)......Time(over100m) Revell mono. '65 ford galaxie - 11:36(metal slot-it)- Revell-Mono. - MJK.4237 - 42kph - 8.78sec. Carrera dodge charger - 9:27 - CarreraE200 - MJK.4247 - 31kph - 11.43sec. Scalextric Torana - 9:27 - Mabuchi FF - MJK.4237 - 40kph - 9.18sec. S.C.X. Aston MartinDB9 - 9:27 - RX42B - MJK.4231- 33kph - 11.06sec. S.C.X.BMW.M3 - 9:27 - RX42B - MJK.4205 - 31kph - 12.25sec. Sideways Riley - 9:26 - Slot-it V12/3 - Slot-it PT27 - 35kph - 10.93sec. Slot-it Ferrari F40 - 9:26 - Slot-it V12/3 - N.S.R. 5211- 42kph - 8.93sec. Slot-it Porsche 962 - 9:26 - Slot-it V12/3 - Slot-it PT27 - 39kph - 9.09sec. Slot-it Ferrari 312PB - 11:34 - Slot-it V12/3 - Slot-it PT27 - 40kph - 9.62sec. Scaleauto ToyotaGTone - 11:26 - Slot-it V12/3 - N.S.R. 5217- 43kph - 8.56sec. Scaleauto Radical - 11:23 - Slot-it V12/3 - N.S.R.5217 - 41kph - 9.00sec. N.S.R. Corvette C6R - original - N.S.R.King evo - N.S.R.5209- 49kph - 7.53sec. N.S.R. Porsche911GT3R3- original - N.S.R.King evo/3- N.S.R.5211 - 47kph - 7.68sec. Scalextric Impala Nascar - 11:36 - Mabuchi s/can - MJK.4239 - 35kph - 10.62sec. Scalextric Falcon - 11:36 - Mabuchi s/can - MJK.4237 - 36kph - 10.21sec. S.C.X. Imapla Nascar - 9:27 - RX42B - - 30 kph - 11.78sec. Ninco Mercedes SLR - 13:31 - NC-9 Sparker - MJK.4205 - 34kph - 10.84sec. Carrera Mercedes SLR - 9:27 - Carrera E200 - MJK 4205 - 34 kph - 10.68sec. There's a few to get the ball rolling.
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